Debbie Flint

A day up London with mum and sis and Theatre! Plus sneaky peeks of the next week on QVC.

Outside Harrods

What a smashing time we had this week with one of our annual trips up London together. We’ve been doing this for many years and it’s been nice to reinstate the tradition after a couple of years gap – for obvious reasons. 

lunch in the food hall at the seafood restaurant

First stop was a bit of shopping in Harrods, and a lovely lunch in the food hall at the seafood restaurant. And we bought a couple of baubles – sister always gets the one with the date on it! I’ve got a little nutcracker that was turquoise to go with my tree. 

outside the Phoenix Theatre

Then it was off to the Phoenix Theatre, to see “Come From Away”. This is a brilliant retelling of what happened in the small town of Gander on Newfoundland, a musical, full of emotion, happiness, laughter, and drama. When 9/11 happened and all the planes had to divert to what used to be the biggest airport in the USA in the days when planes could not reach all the way to the west coast and had to stop to refuel, on a little island just off Canada, before they travelled on their onward journey. Which meant that it could accommodate 38 jumbos landing and all the people that entailed, when this tragedy unfolded and all the planes had to be grounded as soon as possible. It’s a story of how the islanders pulled together over the next six days and helped their fellow man. Really uplifting. 9 out of 10 for sure.

We had such a lovely time, and guess what – we are going to see Bugzy Malone at Alley Pally in about a week’s time as well! Yay! 


First Christmas card

First Christmas card!

My first Christmas card arrived at QVC and how specially chosen was this?! With all the doggies lined up watching Santa fly over. Thank you so much to David & Elaine Coldwell. Very kind 🙂

Xmas Tree of the Week

Xmas Tree of the Week

This was an easy one. We had our AGM for our flats this week in the Banstead community centre in the horseshoe. And afterwards my friend Diane and I took this one! It’s a lovely big tree and well decorated. They have a smashing little café in there too, well worth a visit :-). And for those who have been following the saga, the good news from me in that meeting was that our electric vehicle charging points are finally going to be installed as we’ve done everything we needed to do! Yay!

Gatineau mask

New Mask!

Well, here’s the link to the new Gatineau mask video, where I trialled their brand-new mask, launching as part of the new today’s special value this Monday night/Tuesday. I will be doing a double shift on Monday, and I’m really glad that the 9 o’clock and midnight will feature Gatineau, one of my favourite beauty brands at QVC. It’s not like work! Check out the video here and join me 9 pm Monday! 

Please note if you subscribe to my newsletter on my website, you will have a picture of the whole TSV set! And also an exclusive photo for subscribers only, of something in my home that happened this week! Eek! (Nb If you don’t already, you can subscribe by pressing the newsletter button at the bottom of this webpage.)

Watch – I’m afraid to say I have been indulging! I find myself sucked into some of the many Christmas movies on “Great Christmas movies“ channel! They do all pretty much gel into one, I must say… Just trying to rack my brains to think of the titles of some of the ones I’ve watched. (I wish they had a record of them so I know when I’ve watched something, the same way some of the apps do like Netflix). However  I found the title of the one that I was trying to remember recently, where the nurse magically travels in time from World War II, to 2016. It’s called ‘Journey Back to Christmas’. That and many others, well worth a watch imo!

But the big one this week for me was “Spirited“ on Apple TV. I don’t know why but it kind of reminded me a little of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, with some of the dance routines and ebullient feeling! But it’s a parody!! A send-up of all of those kitsch Christmassy/feel-good films but some of the songs are still stonking! And tap dancing – need I say more! An alternative take on Scrooge, but with Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell. Fabulous!

Also finished watching “Blackbird”, the excellent miniseries on Apple TV, starring and executive produced by, the outstanding Taron Edgerton. He has got to be one of the best actors of our time. Really really brilliant, based on a true story about a serial killer in the midwest. He plays the con, bribed into sharing a jail with the murderer, in order to try to trick a confession out of him and secure a conviction at his appeal. Stunning performances all round, and highly recommended. Probably 9 out of 10 I’ve got to say.

But at the cinema I’m really looking forward to seeing “She Said” – I love Carey Mulligan and although it’s a bit heavy, this looks like another brilliant bio pic. I’ll keep you informed!

Socials Spotlight

Since I can’t always access the bloopers nowadays, thought I’d replace the funnies with something really worth watching on our socials. This week it’s Instagram, with some of the QVC UK presenters talking about their favourite Christmas presents! Have a look 🙂 what would yours be? (See it here).


For the new one this Monday, Will Gowing speaks to actor and presenter Leanne Stott. Leanne talks about moving to America during her early years, how things changed after an incredible life experience and what she loves about presenting live on QVC TV. Leanne is actually one of the funniest people on our screens I think, and some of what she does is absolutely hilarious looking forward to listening to this one :-).

Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive backlist to catch up on too!

Vlog – It’s got to be this week’s ‘Bantz, talking about so many things, including a little bit about Aspergers, and the guest I went to supper with, who felt the same! Go here to see it on catch up and don’t forget to join me every Thursday night for my regular Facebook live called #Thursdaybantz!

Book of the Week. Well I finished listening to the latest Jeffrey Archer called ‘Next in Line’ and really enjoyed it. Especially because there was a small connection to events in real life – one of the characters is Princess Diana! And one of the regular characters becomes her protection officer… Very exciting! It becomes a bit “Mission Impossible“ this one, a real adventure.

I’m also just beginning ‘Murder at Saint Saviours’, by another of my regular favourite authors, Merryn Allingham, where once again she takes Flora and Jack off on the trail of a murderer in a 1950s Sussex backwater. She gets the period details so right and it’s a real cosy world to enter into and enjoy.

Just a quick footnote regarding probably one of my top five authors ever – Robert Galbraith, and ‘Strike’, the TV adaptation of the Cormoran Strike novels, by J. K. Rowling‘s alter ego, is back on our screens in a week or so. I really really cannot wait! Have absolutely loved all of these novels and the characters. Look out for it!


Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the Babyliss Curl Styler Luxe, super affordable.

Saturday – an amazing four-piece luxurious body and hand collection, from Molton Brown, the last before Christmas. One of the best ways to stock up.

Sunday – already online and already in my orders! – The four-piece home and skin indulgence collection from NEOM. It contains two of the most amazing products from this top brand, the reed diffuser and the bath and shower cream. Plus a little candle and the body oil. I bought it on auto delivery in both options I love it so much, never a better price, highly recommended!

Big deals ending Sunday night

Go to this section of our website each week to discover the current ones which often end on Sunday nights if there are any stocks left!

This week it includes these and more:

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. Occasionally they last a couple of weeks but there are new ones every Sunday night so come back again and see them on the link above. 

Next week should include:

– L’occitane, on the beauty channel, the five-piece share the love of Shea gift collection

– Rieker water resistant lace up boot on style channel

– on main channel it’s the Skechers men’s Renton Palco slippers

– and on extra channel, it’s a BundleBerry by Amanda Holden with a set of two indoor lanterns.

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – a big heads up as THIS ONE is going to absolutely fly! A Diamonique 10.2 carat watch, bangle and bracelet gift box set! I cannot believe the price of it. Please don’t miss it! (By the way I’ve been asked to do some more bee jewellery especially for world bee day next May! Exciting!)

Tuesday – the big Gatineau today’s special value I rave about above! From Defilift, it’s the 90th anniversary set, so it has to be good. It’s all about firming and toning with that new mask and a new body oil amongst others. And 60 day trial. Great stuff!!

Wednesday – JM by Julien Macdonald is here with an art deco embellished reversible faux fur throw! To keep you warm this Winter!

Thursday – Doll 10 bring their marvellous makeup back, with a five-piece Doll skin collection

Friday – SFIXX bring us a set of 2USB rechargeable 120 lm motion sensor lights. If these are like the little strip lights I have tried, from Tom, they are really good. And definitely worth it if you have a place you need illumination but without plugging anything in. Quite bright and very efficient. Really makes a difference to recharge them as well.

Friday 9 pm – Liz Earle time! I will be launching at midnight, the fine fragrance face and body gift collection. Still time to get it well in time for Christmas! More next week 🙂

Next week – A lovely weekend with my kids and their kids as we celebrate our early Christmas! Can’t wait, my favourite time of year. Hope you don’t get too stressed with everything that’s going on at this time of year!

Best wishes