Debbie Flint

Just like summer

Well, it did not take me long to get back to having a Debbie day… day after day! Packed full with activities, that means. Well after being away for a month, I’ve ended up needing to get my appointments all in the diary haven’t I – from nails to my osteopath to having a MOT done, (car, not me!) to a dentist appointment and more. Phew. I’ve been watering the plants when I got home after work at night as I didn’t have time during the day, ha ha. Also had a lovely day out pretending to be a tourist this week as well, when I went to Buckingham Palace with Paddington, no not really, with my friend Gill! 

The Royals even got in on the act in the background! Gill is one of my oldest friends and I always have a good day out with her; we went through the state rooms, saw the pomp and ceremony, The wonderful artwork, the ornate decorations, (mostly lots of gold everywhere!) the marble statues, I listened to an interesting audiobook tour, before finally having a nice cup of tea in the little garden before going for lunch in Wagamama’s. It fascinates me that we trod the same path that our own Royals tread on a regular basis even though they were not in when we got there. They must have missed the memo, ha ha! So glad I went. We are going to the Cuttysark on the next visit!


Boomeranging Around

Just had to post this, after a long day out I got back to QVC and decided to go and sit outside. They have such wonderful facilities including a sandpit, as well as deck chairs but I decided to go in the giant hammock! A Hammock! It’s all just opposite Gunnersbury tube, in Chiswick Park Way where QVC is based; what a great place to work! I did this week’s #Thursdaybantz from there as well, do check out my Debbie Flint author Facebook page here to watch it on catch up!

Most compliments!

Believe it or not this is a jumpsuit, and it’s a stretchy jersey, very comfortable by Onjenue. Bit of an investment but well worth trying if it’s still available. Had some beautiful fashions this week and really enjoyed playing dress up!

Happy BD in Heaven Dad

If my lovely dad Derek had been around he would have been 83 this week. I’ve put some nice pictures up on my socials to say happy birthday in heaven dad, gone but not forgotten. I’m now eight years older than he was when he passed of liver cancer (they never found a primary.) And we had some lovely times for sure! Very lucky to have had him till I was 30, such a lovely man 🙂

Watch – I must say Rogue Agent looks quite good, on Netflix. (I finished watching ‘The Grey Man’ movie and could easily watch it again – Well it is Ryan Gosling!) Some point in the next week I’m hoping to catch the new Fisherman’s Friends movie – the sequel! It’s at the cinema, and I loved the first one, so it’s no surprise there is another one out now. Can’t wait and will report back next week 🙂

Podcast – The one with Dannii Minogue has finally been uploaded! Go listen to the latest update from our lovely fashionista talking to Will Gowing, by going to our podcast called Inside QVC, wherever you get your podcasts from, or via the stories section on our website 🙂

Book – oo where to begin! So I ended up finishing ‘Murder at the Priory’, very good once more from Merryn Allingham (I just love the feeling of being back in the 1950s in a picturesque village in Sussex, and seeing the relationship develop between the two sleuths, over the series of books 🙂

I also finished ‘The Guilty Couple’, by C L Taylor. Really loved this one, swept me along with it and made me want to keep listening, one of the reasons I finished it so fast! If you loved ‘The Perfect Couple’ from our very own Jackie Kabler, why not try this one :-). I thought the narration was pretty good as well because there were a lot of different accents which the narrator needed to create, it kept it lively and interesting. I always listen to audiobooks, don’t know where I would be without them!

I’ve now started ‘The Ghost Fields’, the next in the series from the Ruth Galloway forensic archaeologist murder mysteries by Elly Griffiths – my 6th? I love it when it feels like welcoming home some old friends 🙂

Vlog – here’s a different one, you’ll see several posts with me playing around with fashions and products this week on my Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter! Just search Debbie Flint QVC and you’ll usually find me! Meanwhile, how about a lovely mac, from a great brand, coincidentally this was the Mac I got myself, in leopardprint, when I went to Center Parcs in May! (See it here).

If you’re watching this early enough, don’t forget it’s all day Friday & all day Saturday when we have…


The fashion event is finally here! I’ve been promoting it all week, do go and check out some of the photos and boomerangs and videos that I’ve done – there’s even a timelapse of me packing up a pack a Mac from Joules!! See Vlog above and this video too!

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the centigrade reversible padded gilet at a really good price. Join me at 7 pm for the premiere of crystal Kobe fashion with my lovely former colleague Cindy Humphrey who I worked with just before I came back to QVC 13 years ago! Will be lovely to see her, and it will be nice to have this new range! Then at midnight I am also here with the…

Saturday – Ruth Langsford v-neck grid design jumper. It’s already online, find it here and see and buy it now! Item 193767, under £40!

Sunday – Tili beauty launches a new six piece with Ruth Francis. And I think it’s one of the best ever. Including a full-size from Gatineau of the anti-wrinkle serum , and so much more! Don’t miss it.

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

These ones mostly finish on Sunday:

  • QVC Extra: Dynamo cyclone walking cane
  • QVC main – fab centigrade checked coat again with patch pockets and hood. A massive £15 off as well.
  • QVC Style: the long sleeved tweed Shacket with chest and side pockets by Nina Leonard.

And the new ones this week are…

– on style, the Lively Joules Miranda intarsia Jumper amongst others

More to follow – check back soon!

And you may find other amazing deals by searching online or on the app.

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – it’s time for the super Wynne layers jumper, they are always so soft and have a lot of room around the middle, well worth a look and I will have it at 7 pm hopefully! I’ve also got a 3 pm Liz Earle show as well if you want to revamp your skincare with an affordable but powerful range!

Tuesday – going online early, it’s a brilliant deal from Neom. I will definitely be looking out for this one, the four piece super shower power body and hair vitalising ritual collection. I’m a sucker for a Neom deal that’s for sure!

Wednesday – then quite a rare one, KitchenAid are back! It’s the seven speed cordless hand mixer, ready for bake off season!

Thursday – Judith Williams will be here bringing the derma perfect four piece collection! Highly affordable skincare.

Friday – it’s shoe show time, with the Moda in Pelle Lillith ankle boot. And I will see you at 9 pm for the…

Friday 9 pm – Nokia Phone Launch — is the X10 7” 5G 64GB SIM free Android smartphone for a very affordable price. And as you will be able to tell from the TV Guide that’s out, I will be in the kitchen with Ninja on Saturday night at 9 o’clock & midnight taking you through Sunday with another amazing kitchen grill offer.

Next week – more get-togethers, Brad is coming over with the kids on Saturday, and more out and about but probably not as much as this week!

Finally, if you are signed up for my newsletter and haven’t received an email in recent weeks, apologies, there are some technical issues we are working to resolve. I always aim to get my weekly blog posted on my website by 4 pm each Friday so please check here even if you don’t receive the email.

Best wishes