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I went out out! Guess what I did?

Well, I was spoilt this week. Not only did I go out to my niece’s birthday party, but I also went to an event I helped to organise in Redhill. The pub “Home Cottage” just opposite the station and it’s a pretty good venue. 40 youngsters turned up (okay some oldsters in there as well) to hear Lord David Frost speak. I was lucky enough to have supper with him and my deputy chair fundraising and membership, face, just beforehand. We didn’t only talk about politics though, but it was nice to get an inside track on some of the events going on at the moment.

There’s something about arranging events that I really love. I will do another one probably in October for Reigate and Banstead. And lucky for us Lord Frost is coming to Devon as well for our Christmas dinner in November.

I also got together with the directors at Banstead Wood on Tuesday for a regular meeting where I presented the latest update regarding electric vehicle chargers, we’re nearly there! They will be fitted probably in October I would imagine or November. And we will have five, ready to charge the electric vehicles that are coming down the line. It was a nice evening and always feels like I’ve achieved something. Nice to be useful! This was a picture of our place from my balcony this week. Beautiful.

Did a lot of admin this week actually, I also finished filling the bookings for my two September writing retreats at my place in Devon and on Saturday there’s even a viewing from somebody who might want to be the new owner and carry on the tradition of writing retreat! Fingers crossed for me eh!


Ashley is looking gorgeous on her 30th, so is my mum Leslie!

Niece’s 30th – going out out #1!
Had such a lovely time at my niece’s birthday party in Banstead last weekend, so many of the family including my two brothers, sister and mum, were there. The only one missing was Glenn who has now finally emigrated to Sweden! Although there’ll be a picture next weekend of his trip back, a flying visit to get my niece Lara‘s GCSE results.  We had a good old dance, a good old chat, (I don’t drink and I didn’t really eat any of the food because it’s not what I’m eating at the moment!) But it was lovely to see everybody!

The venue was just literally next door to the Tadworth leisure centre where there is a really good pool, albeit a bit cold! On Wednesday night I had been working on the balcony/trimming plants and tidying up, and was so hot I decided to go swimming at 10 to 9 in the evening! I got home by 10:10 and I’ve had the most amazing swim. I really really really really love it and must do it more often! So now I’ve got one near my home in Banstead and also near my work at the Virgin gym. We are getting there with my new revamped shape!

Phoebe’s find
My beautiful little granddaughter in Wales had disappeared, apparently in the rain, and came back having found this enormous exhibit! Marrow, Yum. I could eat that right now! She is four years old in October, goodness me how time flies. And little Kaleb is one this weekend. The youngest, Jasper, has just got his first tooth as well. Absolutely love being a grandma! Or rather a Nan Nan!

Fab Fields
Loved this photo this week walking with my sis on quite a hot day. Local fields in Banstead, beautiful colours, if I’d been wearing a red top it would’ve been perfect, photography-wise! Trying to do lots of walking again now 🙂

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Watch – Fisherman’s Friends 2. Loved it loved it loved it. Went with my sister-in-law, Alison, and really enjoyed a day out at the cinema. This is the sequel to the original tale of the discovery of the Cornish fishermen who sing; people with long memories will recall they appeared on QVC with their album, once! I’m not sure how much of the second movie is set around facts, but they did actually end up at Glastonbury, so there may well be some more truth in it. They say the truth is stranger than fiction, so who knows! I loved the pivotal two main characters in this and after getting past the initial very depressing beginning, and offputting political correctness which then became a running joke which kind of made it okay, the tale was quite deep as well as very entertaining and funny. A little on the nose at times which was a bit disappointing, they could’ve been a bit more imaginative with the script and the directing, but I will definitely watch it again. Quite liked the main male role actually 🙂 LOL. And I needed tissues a couple of times! Be warned 🙂 and enjoy. Eight out of 10.

Blooper – This funny one from Catherine on Twitter this week LOL. (See it here.)

Podcast – In the new one out Monday, Will talks about a really widespread problem, arthritis, with Ellen Robinson, the customer champion from ‘Arthr’, go where you normally get your podcast and search for “inside QVC “, or go to our website here 🙂

Vlog – Go here on my Facebook to see this week’s #ThursdayBantz , which happened very late on Thurs. Because I went ‘out out!’ Also see the hair, which explains why I wore it up, when I went ‘out out!’ Swimming has a lot to answer for… 🙂 (See it here).

Book of the Week – The Woman in Blue from Elly Griffiths. Do you know when you do an action or a specific motion, and something is happening at the same time and they become inextricably linked? Or maybe it’s just me. An example is when I used to load the dishwasher in my North Lodge kitchen (four houses ago, regulars may recall!) And scenes from The Tudors always sprung to my mind. Because once I’ve been watching a really riveting episode and listened to it whilst in the kitchen loading the dishwasher. Anyway… If I listen to the Ruth Galloway stories, it takes me back to swimming in that beautiful pool in Somerset. I did it every day and had my little earpiece in listening to book after book in the series, and swam and swam for about an hour just messing around, treading water, scooping the odd fly out of the water, swimming with my back to the sun or staying in the shade of the trees in the water et cetera LOL. So… I find myself drawn to the characters and the locations and the subplots and shenanigans, which means that I feel like I’m in my happy place. This story takes me there. And I am very much enjoying it once more. Exploring the developing relationship between the two main characters and those around them. Remember she is an archaeologist who is involved in forensics with the local police force, and the father of her daughter plays a key role. I’ll say no more except that this tale focuses on an apparition in a graveyard and a series of inexplicable murders… Well worth trying, but if you can, start from the very beginning! I’ve got about another 4 or 5 to go. There are 15 or 16 in total I think! I love book series, don’t you?


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Next week – Me and my lovely friend Gill go on another adventure being tourists! This time to explore the Cuttysark in Greenwich. Plus little Caleb’s first birthday! And meeting up with brother, Glenn, after he emigrated to Sweden.

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