Debbie Flint

Back to blog! Hectic weeks away and Molton Brown ahoy!

Oh my goodness what a lovely time I have had recently, including in the writing retreat in France. Six days and nights all to myself with role reversal compared to what I normally do in Devon! A lovely group of writers, and the most gorgeous place including a fabulous pool. I took the top picture myself! It was such a lovely reflection I could not resist.

We have the weather for it for sure. Most days I went for a walk, came back and got in the swimming pool. After 90 seconds of “oh my God,” I got used to the temperature and did several laps whilst listening to my superb audiobook (see below). Rory the dog even came for a look!

Poor old dog could not come with me on the long walks (see Vlog below), but it was lovely to say hello to him again. I was supposed to go there in April 2020, so I have not been for three years. It’s pretty much an annual thing for me and it is almost like my Mecca for inspiration for my writing. Wish I could go again in October! They have spaces with a different tutor. Just to be there and wrap myself up in writing, I would be very happy! But it was a memorable week for a different reason… 

We watched the Queen‘s funeral while I was there, and what an amazing spectacle that was. Nobody does ceremony like the Brits so much online about the lovely lady, and this was one of my favourite shots, and such a wonderful quote for our dear departed Queen.

Obviously that’s why there was no blog last week, so there’s lots to catch up on, with extra pictures below. This one also caught my eye, do you know the trend for knitting things to go on top of letterboxes, I loved this one, did you see it?

I well and truly ‘got my head back in my book‘ while I was away, and I’m very excited to get it done now. Julie my mentor was there for some guidance, and so were a lovely group of writers and friends. And with all the exercise I managed not to do the usual and come back half a stone heavier – all that French stick! I was virtually the same when I returned, which I was delighted about! Then I went straight off to Devon to do my own one…


Devon Retreat reversal

Hot on the heels of my return from France, I was straight down to Devon for a couple of writing retreats, the ones I actually host myself at Retreats For You in Sheepwash. I managed to fit in seeing a couple of friends as well albeit briefly. The group of writers were absolutely lovely and I ended up with only two nights catering to worry about. Then they all left on the Friday, and a new lot will have arrived by the time you read this! An unusual weekend retreat for me, the only one this year, and all sold out. I had lots of jobs to do including planting some plants, sorting out some technical stuff and admin, and apart from a couple of days the weather was lovely! We were very lucky and Rosemary the tutor did a great job. Hope she comes back next year.

‘Frowback’ Friday! 

Yes, around 32 years ago, yes really, this is what I look like and this is what I was doing in September 1990. With my lovely friend Shyama who I don’t think has changed a bit, and the late John Nathan Turner, the last producer of Doctor Who prior to this year. Doctor Who had been off air for a couple of years. Satellite service BSB, had a program I’ve got a job on called 31 West, a fab weeknight half hour entertainment show. For a whole weekend that September, we hosted a now famous Doctor Who weekend called ‘31 who’. It even appears in some books about Doctor Who! A Facebook friend Phil Ward sent this to me and I thought I’d let you see it! I think I was in my prime! LOL. How time flies, right?! Three years later I was back in the same studio but auditioning for QVC! Small world 🙂

Molton Brown Ahoy

Can’t believe October is just around the corner… And this is what we will be bringing you! Standby for choices of fragrance, but all of this for a really really cracking price!

Lolly’s Spa Day

If I had done a blog two weeks ago, I would’ve been writing all about being down in Wales with my lovely daughter and her children, for her birthday. Had the most gorgeous time with that wonderful little seven month old who is just starting to make words sound he thinks are words and has three teeth! And adorable Phoebe who has just started preschool. Lolly and I went away on the Friday for a day spa and had a wonderful time. Looking forward to going back to see my two kids together with their offspring in Wales at the start of half term week, not long to wait thank goodness! 

Exclusive pic of the week – if you subscribe to my newsletter (sign up here) you will see an overhead shot of her two little ones!

Gill’s 60th BD surprise!

After I’d seen Lauren in Wales, I travelled all the way to Essex almost on the other side of the country from where Lolly lives! It was my friend Gill‘s surprise 60th birthday party which her daughter had arranged and my goodness was my mate surprised! There was also a string of old photos on display including one of us, away on our very first Mediterranean holiday back in 1983! Now that’s a throwback and a half! This week coming, I’m off again with Gill… we have had some adventures of late haven’t we!

Watch – Cinema – Ticket to Paradise. This new film reunites George Clooney and Julia Roberts, as a divorced couple going to a wedding which they want to prevent, and all sorts of shenanigans occur as you can imagine! I know the ending will be cheesy and predictable but who cares! Just love these two together, such chemistry on the screen. Yes, it’s only about three weeks until October but I thought I would mention it because I’m very excited to see it! I’ve seen all the others that they are in and Pretty Woman is pretty much one of my favourite films ever! Google the trailer and you’ll see why I’m keen!


Saw this and thought I’d include it considering how many hours I spent with the grandchildren lately. Not that I give them the wrong thing, honest!

Podcast – Will is very excited to talk to my colleague the lovely Ann Dawson this week, including the early days of her career, for instance working in some incredibly prestigious restaurants, and her love of Italy and Italian. Very interesting!

Go here to see them all on QVC’s inside QVC podcast.

Vlog – A lovely one from down by the Dordogne river in France… Come on a walk with me 🙂 (See it here).

That was from my Instagram, don’t forget to follow me for more regular updates and alerts! I also went back to doing my #Thursdaybantz this week as well after a two-week break so you can see that on my Facebook page as well if you would like to 🙂

Book of the (several) weeks!  – Sorry I’ve just got to mention it again. Not only was my head in my own book when I was writing this week, I also read a lot especially when I was walking and exercising. And I got to the end of the 32 hour-long marathon of marvellousness that is the latest Robert Galbraith story in the Cormoran Strike series. The Ink Black Heart is a triumph of observation about the dangers of online catfishing (pretending to be someone else). And it was utterly gripping. I do feel a bit bereft now I must admit! Highly, highly recommended. However, I am now onto the next in the series of Ruth Galloway novels by Elly Griffiths, it’s called ‘The Dark Angel’. More next week 🙂


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Next week, the second Devon retreat, and my trip to the south coast for my old mate Gill’s birthday – fossil hunting… Theoretically!

Best wishes