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Happy 80th Mum! And a week’s sneaky peeks on QVC!

What a lovely weekend we had! A proper family outing, me and my four siblings, sister’s husband, and mum‘s partner. Three of them called Dave! (BTW, a happy birthday as well to sister’s Dave, whose birthday was the day before!)

Yes, I know she doesn’t look it! My goodness me how many people said that, how lovely to have a mummy who looks so young! And IS so young in so many ways. My lovely mummy Lesley hit 80 last weekend and we went on a big siblings family outing up London (defying the demonstrations because we were right near Trafalgar Square!), but had a lovely time. We saw Cabaret, the musical, at the theatre, had a wonderful steak meal in the evening, and stayed at the Strand Palace hotel that night. More about it on this week’s newsletter (see below).  Brunch the next morning, then home. 

I have to say one of the highlights was my treat to mum, a Tuk-Tuk (actually it was motorised but hey who’s counting), bike/trailer ride to the theatre from the hotel.

And here’s what happened whilst we were riding it!

A good time was had by all and even though it was a very expensive weekend, we thoroughly enjoyed it! And so lovely to spend time with my whole family, now that mum has not just the five children, but 16 grandchildren, and 19 great grandchildren with another two due in January, we almost never have a full family do! This one was good.


Another Day Another Do

Very proud of myself this week, handled yet another TBP Supper Club event in London with a VIP MP speaker, 40 people came in the end including my lovely friend Emma from Imogen who helped me out, along with Ingrid Tarrant and her little group of friends. Some of my mates from Devon even made it up to listen to the speaker and enjoyed it. Oh my goodness the venue did such a lovely lamb shank. I could eat it all over again now. I mean right now. And it’s 1 o’clock in the morning LOL. I’m actually just waiting for another half an hour and I’ll be able to have some cookies which will need to be eaten, followed by a pinprick blood test not long after! Hence fasting, hence being up late! What do I get myself into! LOL. 

Marie n Me

Really enjoyed having a fun Kipling hour with lovely pal Marie Francoise Wolff. Lots of laughs, a proper catch up where we chatted all things children and sold some lovely bags and purses and luggage to boot! Sometimes QVC is not like work at all!

Crazy Hair!

Thought this one would tickle you! Last week I went swimming, and by the time I got to work my hair had kind of dried naturally so I thought I’d try to dry again using the diffuser in case there was some nice curl! Guess what, there wasn’t!! I had to be rescued by lovely Rachael Avent from Makeup Junkies, who did a brilliant job with a wand and the air wrap. My new hair went down well, so thank you Rachael! 

Watch – Well, where to start? So my nephew recommended ‘Bodies’ on Netflix, about a dead body turning up in different eras through the ages, and how it all ties together. A couple of people on my Thursday Facebook live, #Thursdaybantz, said they loved it so that’s on my list.

But I’ve begun watching ‘The Newsreader’, set in Australia in 1987, revolving around real life news events, in a make-believe newsroom. Very good, pretty outstanding cast. Interesting how the true compelling elements concern the characters and their interactions, their challenges and their triumphs, same as writing books really! This is series 2, and I’m loving it. Very clever and very well done. I also love that era with the dress and the music, it takes me back! Watch it if you can on BBC2.

Funny – Here is a little smile for you that I found on the Internet this week. Instead of a blooper here are some bloomers! I was only briefly a fan of the final one on the right, about 20 years ago. Nowadays it’s the full Bridget Joneses because that’s the way I roll, literally!

Plus – if there was ever proof that Craig Rowe deserves to be on Strictly Come Dancing, this is it! All totally improvised as well! If anyone has any contacts on Strictly, tell them about this little powerhouse! If anyone stands a chance it’s Craig, bearing in mind he’s a presenter of A Place in The Sun on Channel 4, and has been on Children’s BBC shows as well 🙂 (and no not me, I can’t even jive!) And well done Katie! Very funny. Love this! (See it here).

PodcastGo here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week Will takes another spin into the interview chair with our very own beauty expert Alison Young! I wonder if they were talking about how she’s lost so much weight lately, she looks amazing.

Vlog – It has to be this week’s #ThursdayBantz because it was nearly an hour long! And includes much more about the weekend with mum, the event on Tuesday night in London, exciting things coming up on QVC, and the Zoe package I got through to analyse my blood sugars et cetera! (Hence the mention of fasting and blood tests above!) See it here.

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Exclusive content is usually included in each week’s newsletter as well, including a behind-the-scenes 360° video, looking at our newly finished QVC garden set, in advance of it going live this weekend! See it here.

Book of the Week – Well I had to include an autobiography this week considering that of my comedy heroes, Matthew Perry, sadly died. ‘Friends’ was one of my favourite shows to watch with my kids, in fact the top show of their childhood with me. So I got his autobiography which poignantly, he narrated – it makes a great audiobook. Really sad tragic tales about his life and why he ended up where he did, and it’s such a shame because, according to reports, he was really turning his life around at the end. But such despair between the chapters. Plus some really funny moments, and behind-the-scenes insights during the 10 seasons of Friends. I saw him in ‘The End of Longing’, in the West End. Maybe regulars with long memories remember my review of the play several years ago. Powerful. Such a talent, but such a loss. Thinking of his poor parents and siblings who outlasted him. Sobering lesson, pun intended, if you’re facing addiction.


I could not resist dipping into the beginning of the sequel to the smash hit Grisham Book, ‘The Firm’. This one is called ‘The Exchange’, set 15 years later. It’s actually developed into something quite gripping. Little bit rambling at the start though, and sometimes reads as though somebody is describing a TV production rather than a book. Waiting to see how he ties it all together. Not anywhere near as gripping as the first one, but enjoyable enough, and fans of Grisham will probably love it.


Lip Lift Offer for Black Friday…

I have to mention a special offer on my best ever purchase from QVC – featuring something I could not do without – ever! And that is Lip Lift from Gale Hayman. As I always say, having used it since 1997, it’s made a massive difference to my lips (the same way the Gatineau neck gel has done on my neck). Well, check out this latest set – whilst stocks last – a bumper bundle: a big tinted lip lift, a little original lip lift, the buffer balm, and a new lip treatment serum. The serum is a combination of peptides, ceramides, plant-based collagen, and of course the famous maxi lip, the plumping ingredient that helps to make lip lift work so well. Grab this fab set while you can if you love this amazing product – at the great price of just £42.96! Item 249339. (Separately, bought direct, they are worth £89.50!)

Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the Tefal Pro Express Ultimate II Steam Iron. And at 9 pm, I launch…

Saturday – … the new Lenovo idea pad slim chrome Book plus, 14 inch laptop! At a really really really amazing price!

Sunday – it’s all about the elements, the big pro collagen face and body gift of great skin six-piece collection, on five easy pays, already online now, at under £65 for over £200 worth. A bag, a box, two body products, and no less than four of your classic skincare items. Three different fragrance choices. Beware if you want Tonka and vanilla – it is likely to sell out first! If there’s any left of this TSV I will have it at 7 pm on Sunday, and followed by an hour of Sealy and silent night and superb beds!

Check out some of the incredible and funny and revealing and insightful videos that are all over social media at the moment and being shared by all of us! Here is my spin on it: Just one of these products is normally £60. Now imagine there are six different products of differing prices, but it works out at about £11 per piece. Now that’s what I call a secret centre, a stocking filler, or a gift for a niece if your budget is low but you want quality to be high! Don’t miss out 🙂 249306.

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Next week should include:

– style – Cozee Home fluffy pom-pom onesie

– extra – TriForce Aaliyah vanity case

– beauty – perfect formula 4-pc gel coat nail collection

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Friday 9 pm – and once again going on sale earlier in the week, the L’Occitane 4pc festive Bath and Body gift collection. Another hit I’m sure. Which set of 4 pcs would you choose?

Next week – more about the interesting Body and Health experiment I’m going through with the Zoe App – and the food experiment – using the sensor attached to my arm detecting changes in glucose depending on what I eat!

Plus, a packed week of events again. Including an evening out with Ali Keenan and one of our producers my friend Andrew Collins at the theatre!

Best wishes


Ps Lest we Forget. 11.11.

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