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Guess where we are with this quality wallpaper! Nostalgic 1999 QVC clip. And sneaky peeks for the week ahead on QVC

Guess where we are

So I was down in Devon all week, running a big ‘just write’ writing retreat (go to to find out more about what I get up to at my guesthouse down in Devon), and I found time to see some friends. I ended up visiting a coffee shop called Toast, and believe it or not, this is what the paper looks like inside the toilets! I don’t mean the loo roll… LOL. I mean the wallpaper inside the ladies. Looks like some plush boutique hotel doesn’t it! 

Anyway, we got to reminiscing over lots of cups of tea and a really long catch-up and gossip. In the process of telling her all about the issues I’m having with a very overbearing person in Surrey at one of the associations I deal with, and a hitch with a clause in a lease regarding electric vehicle charges that I’m helping to have installed at our flats (scintillating conversations, right! Well, she is a good listener…), I ended up telling her about the solicitor, I met when he got in touch with me after I was on the Generation Game.

The Generation Game, she said? “Yes”, I said. “That was 1981, when Larry Grayson and Isla Sinclair used to host it. About 10 years before I was on Stars In Their Eyes as Sheena Easton. Well it sounded like Sheena Easton, but it looks like Eartha Kitt…” I thought I’d told everybody that pain over the years, but no, Caitlyn had no idea. “Stars In Their Eyes??” she said?! She was so surprised I found her this clip, which was part of my showreel 20 years ago, spin forward to the end, and you’ll see it!!

It’s always lovely to have a catch-up with friends. I also ended up going to lunch with my lovely friend, Sheena, and the wonderful Jennie Yoga. Rosemoor was the venue, always beautiful and some lovely displays on show.

We had a lovely time and a catch-up again, probably the only time I see them before Christmas, depending on what’s happening in December but it’s jam-packed at the moment. I would have seen Sheila from Holsworthy again as well, but she and Barbara were both unavailable. So love to both of them. :-). A very busy weekend too, which I will mention next week, but it was so nice to be with them all again.


Cozy Fireside Scene

The retreat I ran in Devon was super, with the most fabulous group. One of the best ever. Eight writers, all there to work on their novels, and me catering! (Actually, there would have been nine, but somebody had to cancel last minute). I was very proud of myself and did some fabulous dinners. I will put them on my newsletter this week, as the exclusive pictures for this week’s newsletter subscribers. I may have a vote as to which is the most appealing-looking dish! If you are not on my newsletter list, do sign up: scroll down this page and click on the word ‘newsletter’ then you won’t miss a thing. (You also get told each week when a new blog has been posted with the link, so you can read it straight away!) 

No One Told the Plants…

… it’s November! I got down to Devon, and in my courtyard, there were several plants that are not only continually flowering, some of the little bushes have started flowering as well! Long may it continue :-). I’ve got to sort out my balcony when I get back, and that will be a very big job. Considering the kids are coming down the weekend after I return, I will have my work cut out tidying up inside the flat, let alone outside! 

Patio Pull for the Parakeets

My goodness, the grumpy gardener fat balls have attracted a lot of birds to my neighour and friend AJ’s patio! He’s had a woodpecker, pied wagtail, and loads of the regular birds too. Joe was well pleased, he got some great videos too! Look out for them on QVC at some stage no doubt.

Watch – Something different for you this week. Considering the reminiscing I was doing with Caitlynne as above! My sister was watching some old videos, and she found this one of me and the kids back in around 1999! Doing some karaoke at Christmas in the days when we could bring our children into QVC! Check it out on my YouTube channel (here)! We used to do lots of singing back in the day and always at Christmas and New Year; this was one of my favourite songs to do. Such fun we used to have! #NostalgiaRight?

Blooper – In the theme of reminiscing, I thought I would put this one in here again for you! You may have seen this one before, but considering we’ve had so many food shows and Andi Peters has his own again this week, I thought I’d put this one in. So funny!

Podcast – Following on from our lovely Mally last week, the next one will be fashionista Ben de Lisi!

Go here to get the latest ones.

Vlog – Here’s a little look around something that I’ve done this week, out and about in Royal Horticultural Society Gardens near me! With two of my Besties! (See it here).

Also by the way here’s the latest —#Thursdaybantz – from my kitchen in Devon unusually!

Book of the Week

Well, I have got well stuck into the William Warwick series of books by Jeffrey Archer! Not only did I finish, ‘Turn a Blind Eye’, I’m now on the next one called ‘Over My Dead Body’. William gets another promotion and sets up the unsolved murders unit. From London to Geneva, to a luxury liner en route to New York (which I found fascinating, there’s a young character in that location, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he becomes a spinoff series!) I really love how Jeffrey Archer interweaves regular characters, so you feel familiar when you start the next book. (Always the most difficult thing for me, starting the first few chapters of a completely new book. One of the reasons why you see me writing about series all the time in this slot!) And considering how much washing up and everything else I have had to do this week, cooking, preparing, clearing up… I’ve had a lot of time with the earpiece in my ears enjoying the stories! Another one with a fast-paced plot and compelling characters. What a storyteller, no wonder he’s sold 275 million books worldwide, and the narrator is pretty good as well. 


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Saturday – The lovely centigrade coat, just look at how cosy it looks in this photograph! Make sure you don’t miss out, it’s got a faux down filling, it’s a long line one with an internal pocket, poppers and a zip front, and it’s in two different lengths! Amazing! And such a good price.

Sunday – Tweak’d supersize, 1 L shampoo, and conditioner, time to stock up.

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Next week

I’m still in Devon this weekend, as I have a huge event I’m organising for 90 people, with a couple of really important speakers, near Tavistock. Then I’m going back on Sunday night, when QVC continue with the wonderful weekend of Black Friday offers, including practical presents at 11 pm, followed by that incredible gift idea, the virtual reality headset from Vodiac. See you then!

Best wishes