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Groundhog Day – in a good way! Hols and sneaky peeks!

A super night out with my wonderful son Brad. We went to see Groundhog Day the Musical, based on one of my favourite films ever(!) at the Old Vic. Highly recommended! See ‘watch’ below. 

Plus another big event that I put on this week, more in Snippets below…

And of course my weekend at Center Parcs kicked it all off. It was lovely to be with my daughter and her children, back in the depths of Center Parcs in Longleat.

I hired a bike with a little trailer – like last year with the two girls, and the kids went in it which was adorable, little Phoebe who is four and little Jasper who is 1 1/2. It was very hard work, as we really were in the depths, a considerable weight into the forest, plus Longleat is very hilly!

It was so nice to spend some uninterrupted quality time with my girl’s gang. Lauren is a wonderful mummy, and laughs a lot throughout the day, having fun with her two offspring. Nick is a joy to be with as well, her hubby. 

I must admit I was pleased to get back into my bed when I got home tho, and have a lay in instead of being woken at 6 am each day! But we did tons and tons of swimming too and I was completely in my element, loved it. And we even got to go to one of the children’s activities – painting pottery! I did a little vertical rectangular vase in a speckled paint finish, an ombre effect, with Phoebe and Jasper’s handprints, one on either side. And they took home a cute little dinosaur and a cupcake! 

The kids are at a great age now as they are playing so much together. We stayed in the Fir area which is the furthest away from the dome. I would say if you stay there, use the land train rather than hiring a bike. Unless you don’t mind wheeling it up the steep hills each time you go back home after swimming!

We saw lots of nature, had some nice food which Nick mostly cooked, and the kids loved all the playgrounds. I do hope they will come along with me next year.

We are also looking forward to a whole week in Devon when Brad and his kids will also be there, that’s in just about three weeks time. Not long to wait! Yayyyy!! 


Mum n me

When I got back mum had a list of jobs for me! I didn’t mind because she looks after my place when I’m not there. And she is next door so it’s very easy. Mum’s knee has started playing up and her partner has just had a hip operation so get well soon to both of them! Did not stop them going over to help his friend Dennis though. They are both 80 and they say ‘we’re going over to help the old man’! Inspirational.

Hi to Mo at Epsom Station cafe

Thought I’d take a quick picture of lovely Mo at Epsom café who I’ve seen before, and who caught me this week for a quick chat when I was on the way up to do my event on Tuesday. Mo is a very cheery chap, and makes a mean cup of tea! 

And hi to Anthony who said hello on the way home from the theatre, at Clapham Junction!

Bit of a Do

So the big event this week was two speakers talking about the economy and housing, to a group of people from my Association and youngsters, lots of youngsters actually, and a couple of my friends came as well, one of the makeup ladies called Victoria and my super pal Emma who you may know from Imedeen. A good time was had by all! (If you subscribe to my newsletter you will know who the speaker was because it was the exclusive on this week’s email!)

Catch up on a hot day

Finally caught up with my lovely friend Fiona Summers as well, and her big dog Milo, on one of the really hot days, after I visited the dentist in Dorking (btw good luck to my hygienist Fran on your back operation). Fiona lives nearby, near where are used to live in Wotton, does the leg master and always looks superfit, running around all over the place! I’ve promised to visit again so we can go horseriding once more!

Watch – Went to see an absolutely amazing theatre production this week, as mentioned above, with my lovely son Brad. Many regulars will know that Groundhog Day is one of my favourite movies ever, and one of the ones I’ve seen the most, probably second only to Bridget Jones’s Diary pt1. And that’s saying something. Well the musical theatre version was on at the Old Vic and we went along after supper. Lead guy was amazing, who played Phil Connors – the weatherman stuck in Punxsutawney during a blizzard and living the same day over and over until he finally becomes a reformed character. And some of the songs were outstanding, penned by the uber-talented Tim Minchin. Not only do I want to listen to the soundtrack again, in fact I’m playing it as I type, but I would love to see the theatre production again before it finishes, I think in October. I told Brad that I trod those boards on the stage there in 1982 when I played Hermia one of the lovers in a Midsummer Night’s Dream, for the ‘young Shakespeare company’ (small-scale amateur dramatics, don’t get excited!) at the Old Vic. Aah memories. And it was good to make some more 40 years later (gulp!) with my handsome son. 

Watch 2 – Coming soon, my review of the latest Indiana Jones movie – yes Indy is back! For his final outing, in movie number five. Along with a very special actress, none other than Phoebe Waller-Bridge, as his god-daughter! Can’t wait to see it at the cinema! 

Blooper – Another behind the scenes I didn’t get on camera but I have to tell you about it – another Charlie Brook moment! Last week Charlie was in the unlit end of the studio, about to do a tease for his next hour; and he tripped over a unit at the bottom of one of the beds on set, and ended up on the floor! Literally on the floor. And everyone knows how tall and angular Charlie is! Everybody and I mean everybody in the studio behind the scenes was killing themselves laughing at him, so I had to draw attention to it as we couldn’t stop laughing, Debra Leigh and I, whilst we were on live, supposed to be doing a cozee home item! If only someone had recorded it! But you can imagine it can’t you 🙂 

Also someone posted this (here) on Twitter and I have to say when I watched it I was laughing out loud so much I almost had tears in my eyes. Someone posted it and said their father got this special anti-squirrel bird feeder, look what happens when the squirrel tries to jump onto it and steal the food! Hilarious…


Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week find out what fab fellow presenter and radio star Rezzy discusses with Will, how she studied to get into TV, loves dance, and about her career until she got onto QVC! One of our newer presenters and one of the tallest, she always looks amazing and is really lovely.

Vlog – a little funny coincidence behind-the-scenes last week! (See it here).

Book of the Week

I am absolutely loving ‘The Whisper of the Moon Moth’. It’s another one based on a true story, that of the movie star from the 30s called Merle Oberon and the dark secret she kept for most of her career. Really love how it’s read, how it’s written, how it’s dramatised. Well done Lindsay Jayne Ashford for such a fascinating novel, and narrator Elizabeth Knoweldon, whose cut glass English 1930s accents are a delight! A must for anyone who is a fan of the golden era of Hollywood movies.


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Next week – hopefully that wonderful new Indiana Jones film! Plus more family fun.

Best wishes


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