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Gotta Get a Gatineau! And Sneaky Peeks!

This week I was asked for some top tips to go on a feature on our QVC homepage.

See the bottom of this blog for more details.

But right now you can get the amazing tan accelerator from Gatineau, helping to prepare your skin for the sun, and therefore adapt naturally. Plus the golden glow gradual tan in 1 L size, is still in stock, the best ever in my opinion. Goes on so smoothly! Find them on our website and stock up while they are available!

This week I mainly knuckled down to doing a lot of hard work but managed to get a couple of lunches in with really good friends.

On Wednesday I went for lunch again with my childhood besties, Dawn and Sharon.

And on Thursday went out with some QVC buddies – watch out next week for news about one of my colleagues and their plans!

And of course I went to see my Bradley and his two again. Had the most lovely time with Blake when I took her to see the Earth experience last week in London. Really annoyingly, I managed to leave our little purchases and my supper for that evening, in a carrier bag on the front step for 20 minutes while I took her over the park whilst we waited to be let back in. And when we got back it had gone. Some right cretins out there aren’t there. But she enjoyed it and we had lots of fun!

And had some incredible laughs with little one and a half-year-old Caleb, when I was chasing him around and tickling his tummy! Complete belly laughs, you know how little ones do! I was pretending to be a monster and he was loving it! Another packed week 🙂



What’s the name of this clematis? Is it the one called old man’s beard!? My Richard Jackson’s plant food is helping enormously with this lovely plant my daughter bought me last year! Thank goodness there is a new today’s special value coming soon, which will consist of the long release fertiliser from his Flower Power stable! (See below).

I Sometimes Pretend…

I love this graphic. It is me totally. But listening to audiobooks! What’s the most compelling book you’ve ever read, but you just couldn’t stop reading? I find the Jeffrey Archer ones more page-turning than most. I’ll do a survey when I’m down at the writing retreat in Devon next week, when my next lot of author guests arrive!

Ceiling Surveying

Spent part of my week trying to sort out an issue at our flats in Banstead. Old hospital wards with balconies that are terraced, leaking into the lounge below. Fascinating stuff, looking at the thermal heat gun as it’s surveying damp bits in the ceiling, and thanks very much to and Mike Bourne & Dom for being utterly impressive, helpful, and great value. Looking forward to the reports, so we can work out what to do with our old grade 2 listed building maintenance plan! Fortunately, with my operations management training, and geeky brain, I actually enjoy it. And you wonder why I’m single… LOL

Watch – ‘The Apprentice Down Under’! If you’re missing your dose of entrepreneurial wannabes, the new Australian version is available on iPlayer!

And if you’d like to see something right now, how about watching this! Well done, the Laura Geller Team in America. I wholeheartedly agree with this! (See it here).

Blooper – Pooooooor Lorna!!! (See it here).


Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week Will speaks to the founder of a new fashion collection, Malissa J, about the early days of her career and what it was like setting up a brand, plus what we can expect to see on QVC.

But don’t forget to listen to Charlie Brook’s one! Very interesting!

Vlog – oooooo it was lovely this week! (See it here).

Book of the Week – ‘The Ghost Tree’

In the third Betty Church novel, or is it the fourth, we are taken back into Betty’s childhood in 1914, in a flashback tale. Who appears, but none other than Sidney Grice the forensic detective and his assistant, Betty’s godmother, March Middleton – so delighted to see them make a reappearance! I bet the author, MRC Kasasian, missed his previous characters so much by the time he got to book 4, he really wanted to bring them back in again! Enjoying it very much 🙂


And a happy Easter to everybody! A brilliant day full of Easter offers and a good Friday gardening event, and lots more special offers right the way through till Monday, celebrating Easter!

Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of Tommy Cross’s Gtech cordless lawnmower! Online now 🙂

Saturday – can’t wait to launch this on Friday (tonight) at nine, the new Margaret Dabbs super-size heroes collection for hands and feet, it’s the repair lotion in a super size for the first time, plus the hygiene bomb and lotion for feet. I’m nearly running out of my hygiene balm, so perfect timing! An utterly incredible price considering how much these are individually, if you go direct! Don’t miss it and join me tonight at nine and midnight.

Sunday – the ninja foodie Max is back with a dual zone, the air fryer with smart cook. Under £200 and sure to delight. Join Gail and myself 9 pm on Saturday, and midnight, and through the day while stocks last, on Sunday!

Big deals ending Sunday night

Go to this section of our website each week to discover the current ones which often end on Sunday nights if there are any stocks left!

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. Occasionally they last a couple of weeks but there are new ones every Sunday night so come back again and see them on the link above. 

Next week should include:

– style – sea salt are back with a ‘bowsprit‘ jacket!

– extra – it’s Diamonique time and a set of two pairs of stud earrings in sterling silver!

– beauty – lovely Laura Geller make up with a four piece spring collection

– main – Dyson with an HP07 a hot and cool purifier! That’s a brilliant price I must say! Considering what they are normally- time to stock up to help hayfever season?

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – Richard Jackson is flower power plant food with a difference, in easy feed granules format! Plus wetting agent, at a superb price! Cannot wait to do this and hope there’s some left for me at 7 pm in a massive bank holiday Easter Monday garden extravaganza! Richards plant food makes such a visible difference after just a few days, in my experience, I would highly recommend it. Don’t miss this way of feeding once and getting the benefits for months afterwards! The granules are fabulous! And wetting agent makes the best of the water, ensuring it does not drip through quite so fast! Don’t miss it 🙂 

Tuesday – SBC, four piece propolis and honey skin rescue collection, I will be down in Devon otherwise I would’ve loved to do this.

Wednesday – Kim & Co return with a printed Brazil jersey relaxed leg trousers this time in a cropped style which means the right length for anyone who’s got short legs like me ha ha.

Thursday – perfect formula are back six piece gelcoat and colour collection, think of all the presents you need to buy and stock up.

Friday – monsoon are here with a three-quarter sleeve printed shirred dress. They seem to be all the rage at the moment, we do them so often!

Friday 9 pm – a super offer from Bradley with a medium grab bag. And a big fashion day on the Saturday.

Next week, Easter fun, and back down in Devon for another super retreat with some lovely people where I get to take a break from being Debbie Flint, ha ha. if you wonder what I get up to when I’m not at QVC! It’s either that or I’m rolling about on the floor laughing at my under six’s!! 

Best wishes



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PPs I was asked to do a selection of my top tips for the super summer holiday. Here are my explanations as to why! (Go here to see it online).

Holidays are a mixed blessing for me. Being sun-sensitive (with a genetic condition called EPP) I love the shade and a good book rather than a sunbed! So my top tips tend to be ones that help me look and feel comfortable in the hot weather! Gatineau’s two supersize tanning offers, are a must have, as is ultra sun, obviously! But here are some other summer sizzlers to help my hols!

Fab fashions

192328 – a super shirt dress, bought this in black and red, love the khaki as well, cool, versatile, and has pockets!

189492 – nina leonard’s trapeze dresses are flattering, comfy and this one is mostly in breathable viscose!

177300 – our famous denim n co jacket, to go over the top (I have 12)- the best denim jacket ever, stretchy, extra inside pockets, gorgeous colours, covers the Tushy, comfortable beyond belief and flattering!

191102 – Frank Usher zip up Hoodie  with a big star on the back and crystals down the zip! Look at this demo online to see guest June looking stylish as usual.

And it’s a super smart, cover-up for those cooler summer evenings

Super shoes

189684 vionic pismo lace up beach pumps. Omg what can I say, with a built in orthotic, these are superb.

I have so many of them, and rely on them to walk in, all summer long. Don’t miss out!

192761 – the Vionic terra toe post sandal, I’ve got my eye on these! They look really stylish and comfortable and won’t do any of that flip-flop nonsense!


248235 – super size of the month and a new beauty Bible award winner, put this Gatineau lotion on daily, a couple of weeks before sun exposure to prepare your skin. The iconic tan accelerator – it’s invaluable.

245067 – humongous size, one litre, of the famous Gatineau Golden glow gradual tan, best one I’ve ever known for me personally.

208125 – the ultra sun supersize of the famous SPF 50+ extreme, 400 mils of family protection of the very highest order, and the best way to buy at the moment.

236858 – Elemis rehydrating ginseng spray Toner duo. Such a lot for your money considering just one is usually not far off this price. Obviously the whole Elemis range is great for your skin but this is particularly brilliant because also, if you have your hot flushes, you can just spray it all over your face and pulse points and cool down!

246394 – lip lift from Gale Hayman, this time with a tint, all you need for the best lips all summer long. You may have heard me say on air that this is my number one product on QVC ever, usually it is the clear version that I have everywhere! Been using it since 1997. But this is particularly good value, and a tint!

247617 – Elasticizer from Philip Kingsley, the bluebell woods 1 L, still a great price. In my top five products of all time. My hair is never the same if I do not use this. Heat protection, frizz control, shine, manageability. I apply like a conditioner but before I shampoo. Hope never to be without it.

Gadgets n tools

733195 – long barrelled air wrap. Dyson’s ingenious invention that keeps my hair shiny, takes no time, and if you follow the instructions, the beach wave curls last and last. This long barrelled version is best for my long hair. It’s what I’ve used most in the last three years and has really been an investment in my hair. I take this away with me when I go!

729078 – Tili’s anti-aging hot and cold facial toning device also has a cold setting! Cool stainless steel, that stays that way, against your skin, how fabulous if you’re having a glowing moment and it’s hot outside!

715414 – so so good. The leg muscle activator, Revitive, helps relieve tired legs and all you need to do is put your feet on it. My legs and feet absolutely love this feeling. Never tried it? Then make this the year! Ideal for staycations. And after a long day traipsing around, sightseeing or out walking, it’s a dream.

736579 – cannot do without my Amazon Echo devices with my friend Alexa. She is incredible, time-saving, a menopause brain helper, audiobook reader, and so much more. This set is fabulous value and includes a smart plug! And yes these are small enough to take with you on holiday so you never have to do without. Don’t need any other music, just take this, & connect it to Wi-Fi when you are away. Or just use the app on your phone if you’re out and about.

733906 – Cath Kidston true wireless earbuds, great quality. My holidays consist of a third reading, so now I can just do other things while I listen to audiobooks! And of course, I have the bee design!

Look out for the matching universal power bank as well!

735561 halo bolt charger – yes if you’re driving anywhere on holiday, take this with you. Even if you don’t get a flat battery or a flat tyre, you might use it to pump up the kids’ inflatables, or charge their devices on a long car journey or a camping holiday!

193393 – the fit over sunglasses, which you can put over your spectacles! Ideal!

808830 – I have used tempur for many years, this is the comfort travel pillow. A smaller pillow than usual but still in the temperature sensitive viscoelastic filling that forms around your contours and keeps you supported!