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Girls’ gatherings! Sneaky peeks. And funnies

This was my ‘menopause your way’ show, last week. Really enjoyed it, and some brilliant products. So nice to have more of a little chat-show format – like the old days when I used to present various chat shows/magazine shows in my earlier years of being a TV presenter (if you ever wondered what else I did, look at my TV presenter page on this website!)

Top TV presenter Davina McCall is also on QVC this weekend, see below. She was the person who, with her Channel 5 show, really changed my mind about the menopause and after that I went on HRT patches. Really helped me.

Watch out for the ‘menopause your way’ segments on the QVC website with lots of useful links, and also the shows, across the evening schedules through the next few weeks as well. Especially if you also like watching the banter and finding out about people, not just listening to them talking about products…although there was lots of that as well. Obviously, we are QVC!


Several catch ups this week with friends…

Family Catch Ups

Went to see two of my grandchildren this week, and had a lovely few hours playing with them, we read a story book which mentioned a certain type of spider that lives underwater, yes really! It creates its own air bubble home and is called the golden diving bell spider, so we watched a bit about it on YouTube afterwards. Then it went straight to a penguin video, so we watched that too and then decided to walk around being penguins. But as soon as their dad came home, Brad was bundled by the youngsters! Pretty much happens every time! Lovely to see them all having such fun though. They were all laughing so much.

I then went for a drink with Felix my mate from Devon who works in parliament, to talk about various things going on at the moment, including having finally set the venue for the big event I’m organising in February with a very special VIP speaker. And I even had time to still do my #ThursdayBantz Facebook live chat afterwards. A packed day! No wonder I was in bed by 1 am! Very early for me :-). But I was also out the night after, socially – going with lots of the guest presenters and fellow presenters, to the Palladium panto and a meal beforehand. Can’t wait!


Double Dentist Date

No, not that kind of date! I had the dentist twice this week, the second time was Fran my lovely hygienist in Dorking and the day before I had my regular check up with a guy called Satch (ironically and coincidentally he used to be Catherine Huntley’s boss years ago when she was a dental nurse.) Looks like my sinuses being bunged up has affected the ends of the roots of my teeth because there’s nothing wrong with the teeth themselves, they just ache a little. It’s because, I’m told, the sinus area is a little inflamed… Anyone else had that? I caught up with Fiona (leg master guest), my lovely friend and we had a good chat, beforehand. Then I was off to see…

Ingrid n George the Pig

Ingrid n George the Pig

…Ingrid Tarrant and her pig called George! She has less of a menagerie nowadays, but we had the most superb catch up and a really good chat about lots of different things. I love Ingrid, she is such a special friend. 

So nice to do some social stuff this week and I did quite a lot!

Check out my newsletter for the other friend I went to see this week, whom I also met in telly and who used to present the 6 o’clock show with Michael Aspel years ago. And subscribers to my newsletter will also be able to see the exclusive this week – a post that was put up by a half-naked gardening guest… I wasn’t sure whether to put it in my “funny” segment, but I figured it’s better off in the newsletter! **

Watch – ‘Dead to Me’. Getting into the third season and I think Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are a brilliant double act. If you liked ‘Grace and Frankie’, definitely try this. I’m also looking forward to the next season of ‘Ginny and Georgia’ as well.

Have also been watching ‘A Spy Among Friends,‘ the one with Guy Pearce as a very English gentleman, (double agent Kim Philby.) He does a brilliant job, as does Damian Lewis as his non-traitor best friend. 

Based on the true stories of the gang of five British spies who were double agents just after the Second World War, some of whom did not get revealed until the 1970s! It’s VERY good albeit a tiny bit slow in places. 

And of course don’t forget ‘The Traitors’ USA started on iPlayer again this week I think (or it’s on Sky, I must look it up!) Lots to watch and not much time to do it now everything is picking up again.

Finally, here is an easy and quick watch. The Mudlarker chap I follow, posted this on his Instagram the other day. Now this is an absolute dream of mine to find something like this on the Thames for sure. It’s been a year since I went for the first time, and I really must go again soon, once I am back on top form.

I am feeling a little bit less bunged up as each day goes by. Fingers crossed it goes in the end, the sinuses are the real problem with this one.

I can understand how lots of people say it keeps going and coming back again! Fingers crossed it doesn’t return with me! 


It tickles me whenever I say the word “Alexa“ on the telly box, as people always comment on it afterwards. Well this week, I just did. Here’s what happened… (Please excuse the speeded up bit, at the start)! Enjoy. 


Saw this online, this week. Can you read it? I could, and was amazed 🙂



Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on too!

In the latest one, Will catches up with technology experts James Murden and Lee Hohbein following their trip to the consumer Electronics show 2023 in Las Vegas! Exciting! I will no doubt ask them about it when I see them at the panto too.

Vlog – not one of mine this week, it’s my lovely friend Ali Keenan, who did this video (here) for everybody on her Instagram, talking about the location of a certain old people’s home,  inspiration for a novel… 🙂

Or how about this one (here) from Alison Young, talking about some useful beauty hacks!

Book of the week – Oh my goodness I have been loving the latest Richard Osman. I’ve got completely engrossed with ‘The Man Who Died Twice’. So clever and such enchanting characters. Set in an old people’s home where some of them have surprising pasts – e.g. one used to be in MI5! So they have a Thursday murder club (start with that book if you’ve read none yet) to try to solve murders. I’m about to get stuck into ‘The Bullet That Missed’, as well. Just loving the writing and some funny, funny interactions between the characters. Real emotional scenes too – surprising depth. Genius. Highly recommended.


Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the hummingbird set of four reader spectacles including two anti-blue light Readers. 

Saturday – time to stock up on Perricone, our most premium skincare brand, with the five piece intensive hydrating collection. 

I can’t wait to launch the Sunday one tho, Saturday night at 9 pm and midnight:

Sunday – it’s the plants2gardens 40 garden ready young plants in the ultimate summer collection, 6 cm in size, ordering now for delivery and payment later in the spring. I love it when gardening reappears on the schedule – it means spring is not far away! And it’s a very big day of gardening on Sunday as well. Don’t miss it 🙂

Big deals ending Sunday night

Go to this section of our website each week to discover the current ones which often end on Sunday nights if there are any stocks left!

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. Occasionally they last a couple of weeks but there are new ones every Sunday night so come back again and see them on the link above. 

Next week should include:

– style – moda in pelle with the Enleena tassel loafers in two different fit options

– extra – Homedics stretch plus back stretching mat with Truheat – I love mine, what a great opportunity to get one for yourself! Especially if you sit a lot.

– beauty – UK Lash time! The powerful eyelash conditioning serum duo is back at a great price and it really, really works.

– main – Elemis pro collagen skin future supplements duo – something different!

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – I’m also launching this on Sunday night, it’s the Ashwood leather multiway midi tote bag, looking forward to seeing Jackie Joseph!

Tuesday – Dyson straightener time, with a Fuchsia Coralle with Prussian blue case, going on sale days earlier.

Wednesday – Elizabeth Grant bring us their first today’s special value with a diamond edition essence of Torricelumn serum, with caviar recharge day and separate night cream. A lot for your money with this brand. Might be worth transferring to it for a while.

Thursday – Clipperpro, back with the sell out finger/toenail clipper with swivel head and lock, sold so well last time, don’t miss out!

Friday – women with control are back, with the prime stretch trousers, flared denim style with tummy solution and front pockets, in three different lengths, super affordable.

Friday 9 pm – Davina is here! Looking forward to seeing this one, jilly will be bringing the fitness home with a Davina TSV at 9 pm and also midnight, getting you in shape for spring! Also goes on sale earlier in the week.

Plus watch out for my Friday night to our Elemis show, part of a miniseries at the end of the week. And there’s a brilliant air fryer with cooks essentials on Sunday, thinking of you!

Next week, that trip to the panto! Can’t wait 🙂

Best wishes



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