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French hols & sneaky peeks!

Was back down by the Dordogne this week in what has become an annual visit to the most amazing venue run by my two lovely friends Mickey and Janie Wilson, in a super townhouse with a pool near the picturesque Dordogne river, Chez Castillon. For those who don’t know, it’s a bit like my Devon retreat only in France with a pool next to a river and 30° heat! Plus I got back into going swimming every day which was bliss. (nb a pool pic ‘s the exclusive photo over on my newsletter this week! Plus news about my daughter’s place with a beautiful video she’s made – for exclusive content, comes out every Friday, sign up below.)

Btw find out what happened in the heat of the day when it addled my brain, in the vlog below. Well it was 29° that day!

I didn’t get as many of my morning walks done as normal, this trip, because to be honest it was just too hot nearly every day, although we had some wicked thunderstorms. Also apart from not being able to stay in the sun because of my weird skin, got a couple of mozzie bites very early on which irritated me no end,  so I stayed away from the water. Plus Rory the dog is not as young as he used to be anymore bless him. In any case, the plot was calling me… See below for how I developed it using post-its, in my bedroom. Thank goodness for a massive floor! 

A lovely group of people there this week, I knew six or seven of them, which is always wonderful. Janie did some amazing food, and we had some right laughs. 

Just what I needed, a week away to focus on me and my writing. I already can’t wait to go again. There is one in October which I would love to book, but it really is pushing it considering what else I have on, at that time! But as soon as I can, I am off… Thank you Chez Castillon!


Pic of the Week

I will never get tired of looking at this shot which I took again this week. Such an amazing atmosphere, and the feeling I get when I look at it is one of contentment and happiness. Not just because of the company and what I had achieved that week. But also Someone Else cooking!

It all changes next week of course, when I’m back down in Devon at my own writers’ haven, running another retreat, a memoirs one this time! Looking forward to it very much because we only do it once a year, Marnie the tutor is wonderful, and my lovely friend Jennie the yoga lady, is also coming along all week – so I get to see her lots!  Looking forward as ever to catching up with my gorgeous friends down there 🙂 I’m living the best life… Even if it is only for less than a week every month! All the while it works I will keep on doing it now it is off the market as I had to renew the mortgage. Apparently the weather is supposed to be fabulous in the UK this weekend but if there’s thunder and lightning next week, at least you’ll know one person who will be happy – me! I’m not a fan of extreme heat, I’d rather have thunder & rain any day. In fact here is some, from France.

Post-it Plotting

For those wondering if I actually wrote anything this week! I have been writing for many years, French Or Dutch, grew exponentially this week. Something clicked with the help of the wonderful accomplished novelist and tutor Rowan Coleman, and Julie Cohen was also there (my mentor – but Rowan was the tutor this time). I managed to get to the end in terms of the plot and what Julie recommends is to use post-it notes to see the highs and the lows of the plot arcs. The pink is lows and blue post-its represent the highs, for instance, in the main characters’ story line. Very excited to get to the end and I promise to do it by the end of July, yes you heard it first. Now the race is on…

Dish of the week

Mickey’s famous hot smoked salmon with Chinese amazing home-made coleslaw with peanuts. So much fresh salad stuff this week it was lovely! Magical and delicious. Thank you both! Roll on next year when hopefully I will be back…!

Watch – watch? Watch? When have I had time to watch anything! Actually one thing that has been discussed here and highly recommended is ‘The English’. Emily Blunt’s Wild West drama, because it ties in with my friend Susie and her plot arc for a woman finding her way in a man’s world, way back when. So I thought I’d mention it! I must admit the trailers make it look really good. And I must try and catch it sometime when I have some downtime. But I have my work cut out now!

Also look out for Michael Perry live in Holland on QVC main channel this Monday the 12th at 10 am and on repeat. I know the team did some wonderful filming out in Holland recently!

Blooper – or you could just watch a funny video (here) — thought you’d enjoy this! Made me giggle! #MakeYouSmile


Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week it’s the turn of the fabulous fashion guest, my lovely mate Carla Laszlo. She has had quite a background career, so why don’t you go and listen to her story with Will, which becomes the new podcast on Monday the 12th!

Vlog – one from the streets of Bordeaux! When I had a little  #MenopauseMoment :-)) See it here.

Book of the Week – I have to give a mention to my lovely fellow writing guest at Chez Castillon, this week, a lady who has been to my writing retreats in Devon as well – wonderful Cathy Bramley. Had such laughs out there, she’s always smiling. Anyway her new one is just out. I tend to get all of hers and really enjoy them, relationship-led romances on the whole. ‘The Sunrise Sisterhood’ is all about three generations of women and the summer that saved them. Can’t wait to get stuck into it! One of her highest-reviewed books so far considering it’s only just out. Well done Cathy! And thanks for some fabulous times in Castillon!


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Next week – down in Devon running a retreat, and catching up with the kids!

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