Debbie Flint

Look who’s back for a flying visit! & Hotel Chocolat comp – if you’re quick!

me with my nieces

I was delighted to go and get Izzy and Lara from Heathrow Airport this week. They were back for a flying visit for the weekend from Sweden where they now live. We had a lovely meal at Bill’s in Reigate (they were determined to go to Wagamama‘s but it had a technical problem and was not serving food, ironically!) and Becky came too.

Another niece had a celebration this week as well: whenever it is Halloween, it’s also little Evie pumpkin‘s birthday. We gathered at my sister’s, all together and had lots of fun. (Although I was not there for long because I needed to go and see Blake and Kaleb! If you get the newsletter you will have seen an exclusive picture of me and my two grandchildren in Fulham!) But the nieces cavorted for awhile on my sister’s lovely thick carpet and it was lovely to see them together again.

Talking of Halloween, everyone had such fun at work this week, see below! I’m trying to find a clip of me doing a throw with Charlie on Monday night, I went into full on witch mode, hope you saw it! LOL. But the backstage crew did us proud. Here’s a selection.

And talking of the backstage crew and selections, check out this Vlog of the week! Lovely gang, all trying the new today’s special value out on mon 9pm/ through the food fest day on Tuesday 8th. A brand-new Hotel Chocolat extravaganza!

All these guys made me laugh! Thanks to Daniel and Alice and Lauren and Izzy and Dasha and Liv. I won’t tell you which person said afterwards they hated the one I gave them because they never eat one of the key ingredients! But see below for an outtake with Andrew and Michaela! 

I was determined to share the Love. So…

First, do look at my social media Friday through Monday when I will be posting behind-the-scenes people tasting all the different types! Second, enter the big competition before Monday 9 pm!


Oh my goodness what an amazing chance this is! All you have to do is go to my Facebook page and answer a simple question via a comment left on the relevant post. The winner will be chosen Monday evening, closes 9 pm. The prize is absolutely huge, and includes much more than the new today’s special value. Go here to find out more.


Me and Children’s BBC

Meanwhile, our very own lover of chocolate, Andi Peters, was reminiscing about 100 years of the BBC last week and popped up on this morning with original presenter Philip Schofield, second presenter Andy Crane, and they mention the first goal in the Children’s BBC broom cupboard… Me!

I used to work with Andy Crane at Piccadilly Radio and when I fell pregnant with my son Bradley I told Andy about a job going at Children’s BBC which I had presented in place of Philip when he went off for a few months in 1986. Here is the link to when they mentioned me, courtesy of Jill on Facebook and others, and Coral at work. 

By the way, for the curious, if you search my name and Philip Schofield on YouTube you may find some of the bloopers from my time there, I was very young and inexperienced so forgive how green I seem! Got to start somewhere LOL. Nice memories from wayback when. #reminiscing. Mind you when I told some of the girls at work who asked me if that was the first time I was on TV, that I was also on ‘the generation game’ with my dad, a couple of them said, “what’s that? “.… #YouKnowYou’reGettingOldWhen…!

Lunch with mother

Been spending as much time as I can with my mum lately, including going shopping for a… fridge freezer! We were at Tattenham Corner near Epsom, we also went into a nice café we always like visiting. I ordered mine and it arrived on a huge plate! Mum helped me finish :-). She’s feeling a lot better thanks to those people who keep asking :-). Her big birthday is this weekend and we will be out for a nice family dinner together, even brother Glenn who is over from Sweden especially. More about that next week.

Crazy mummy!

And sticking with my mum, look what she sent us all for Halloween! Scary, silly or just plain crazy!

Watch – I can’t help it I have to mention, I just finished watching ‘The Capture’ on iPlayer about fake news taken to the next level with alternate active reality. It was very good, not as good as the first series, but Holliday Grainger is brilliant. I really hope they bring out the next season of ‘strike’ soon, which she stars in, too!

Meanwhile at the cinema, I very much intend this weekend somehow or other, to go and see Bill Nighy in new movie called ‘Living’. More next week…


Andrew and Michaela ate the Hotel Chocolat treats just a little bit too quickly when I was doing my big taste test this week! (See it here.)

And by the way here’s what happened just before, including what they thought of two of the flavours…

And look (here) what my fellow presenters did with some of the backstage crew on the day as well.

A bonus funny…


Very exciting this week, very exciting, very exciting! There are two. Firstly Keeley from Elemis will be talking all about the new Elemis today’s special value that launches this week! See below in the lineup of sneaky peeks!

And a second one from Will! It is the return, the long-awaited return, of the marvellous Ralph Rossini from Lara Pearl , formally from Honora. Can’t wait to listen to this one, it’s out on Monday!

Go here to listen to all of them.

Book of the Week

Neil Lancaster‘s latest has languished on my Audible app, so this week I got stuck in.

I must admit ‘The Night Watch’ was a little more difficult to get into at the start than the first couple I read. But now I’m into it I’m really enjoying it. A gritty police procedural, described as Jack Reacher meets Line of Duty. Set in Scotland with many different Scottish accents. The narrator doesn’t quite do as good a job as Davina Porter in the ‘Outlander’ series. But it’s not bad. A bit gory in places so be warned! 

And I romp through Lee Child’s (and Andrew Child’s) new Jack Reacher novel – ‘No Plan B,’ I think I listened to it in two days. Has to be right up there in my top five authors I think! Really enjoyed the baddies getting their comeuppance, one by one, in true Jack Reacher style this time chasing a drug gang. Highly recommended.


Friday (today) – Go to to see and buy what’s left of another super bedding set to keep you warm this winter from Cozee Home featuring crushed velvet.

Saturday – Time for three different size choices, with a new high sense smart 4K QLEDTV with Amazon Alexa built-in!

Sunday – Tarte are back with a band, with a superb set of three gift ideas which you can sift and gift – with the iconic pallet Trio and three maracuja juicy lipsticks. And gift bags! Go here to the video by Shanna to find out more, she does some excellent reels!

Big deals ending Sunday night

Go to this section of our website each week to discover the current ones which often end on Sunday nights if there are any stocks left!

This week it includes

big deals

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. Occasionally they last a couple of weeks but there are new ones every Sunday night so come back again and see them on the link above. 

Next week should include:

– wonderful Neom 4 pc total wellbeing discovery candle collection on extra. I absolutely love their fragrances!

– sparkling Kipling glitter Eloise medium multi-compartment shoulder bag on main channel.

– more sparkles in time for Christmas with the Ben de Lisi  Ella sequin jumper on style Channel.

– And on QVC beauty it’s the turn of Opi, with a six piece ‘feeling berry Glam‘ collection, all very Christmassy and well in time for Yuletide.

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – A festive outdoor soft acrylic pre-lit standing figure or several!

Tuesday – A big Christmas food spectacular and the long-awaited annual Hotel chocolat #tsv. See above for loads of wonderful info about it and the super competition! I wonder how long during the day it will last. Join me on Monday night, part of the launch!

Wednesday – Korres bring us an interesting 9p set from the Greek traditions bath and body collection in a gift pack. Definitely worth splitting up though because you get two of each of the 3 bath products and you get a matching handcream. Three fragrances. Vanilla cinnamon has definitely grown on me! I’m not usually a cinnamon person, but this definitely floats my boat and smells like an expensive fragrance men’s cologne with a dash of cookie thrown in!


And don’t forget to join me on Wednesday at 9 pm and midnight with Xmas Gifts featuring Rylan’s luxury candle brand…

Thursday – …Luxenoa. Back for a rare appearance, with a three-piece complete home scenting set.

Friday – Denim and co keeping us warm this winter with a printed Sherpa lined fleece zip and snap coat.

Friday 9 pm – Be warned, the ninja 5 pc fab pan set is here as our today’s special value on Saturday but more importantly, we also have the Air fryer back in stock for this visit. We are not expecting it to last so make sure you do join us nice and early including 9 pm on the Friday with me to launch ninja kitchen, a whole hour with lovely Gail and me and bargains galore… While stocks last!

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Next week – Mum’s birthday bash, hopefully going to the movies to see that wonderful film called Living and a shoot out on location for me! First one for years. Have a fun week 🙂

Best wishes