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Family Flints Reunion! Big x-mas deals! And Sneaky peeks

In this blog, I look ahead at seven days on QVC the shopping channel including new big deals launching every Sunday and this week, a couple of massive brands and their Christmas offerings! If you’re looking for presents you’re in the right place on QVC.

In this weekly Friday blog…

A funny behind-the-scenes with Michaela and Andrew from Gatineau!

Hope you had a good Halloween and happy belated birthday to my lovely niece Evie whose birthday is on the 31st hence her nickname!


Family Flints Fun

What a lovely reunion we had on Saturday with all 10 of us Flint descendants getting together in Guildford for an extended lunch. We chatted till 5 o’clock! Mum, my auntie Eileen, and auntie Angela, pictured here with me, were joined by some of my many cousins on my dad‘s side. Eileen is two years older than my dad would have been, and she is the only surviving sibling from seven. She’s really sharp, keeps herself in good nick and is 86! You would never know it! Lovely Auntie Angela was married to my dad‘s brother Brian. All the 3 men siblings died in their 50s believe it or not.  And the 4 ladies lasted much much longer, two of the other three only passing on within the last few years. It was a great get-together and thanks to Julie and Elaine for helping to organise it, it was lovely to see Pat and Sue, spend time with my sis Linda, & Cousin Christina down from Wales, was there as well: all in the group shot at the top of this blog! I hope it’s not too long before we do it again! We went back to Eileen afterwards and looked at old pictures of dad and relations and it was really good fun! So nice to spend time in that space in your head, full of memories and nostalgia, given all the trauma that’s going on in the world at the moment!


Autumn Leaves at QVC

Caught this photo as I left one night, reflected in the lamp light outside QVC. Just love autumn leaves, don’t you? So many trees are already bare, so it was beautiful to see this coppery manifestation of the transition into winter, and right on our doorstep in London as well!

Don’t know if I like that better or this one taken in the daylight!

Yankee Candle Sell Out!

Rosa was back, I got given an extra earlier hour on Sunday the 29th, and I ended up being host of a sell out show that lasted only 27 minutes! Rosa and I were gobsmacked as item after item went limited then sold out, in their first hour for two years on QVC. It’s been one of our favourite candle brands, back with their all-new look Jars. This might be one of the only things left: The advent wreath! Hope they come back soon!

Event in Devon

Had a lovely get-together with some friends, for the patrons association down in Devon, courtesy of one of the local guys called Stephen. He and his wife hosted and sponsored and created pizzas and he did a talk, he and YC chair Evan set up a fabulous Italian theme including a projector running an appropriate movie and flags everywhere! Made a real change. Shame it was on the night of the storm which shut schools the next day! Lots of people cried off and you can imagine the sound of the rain on that roof! A thoroughly enjoyable evening and it was lovely to see old friends.

Dinner Dilemma!

Had another lovely retreat this week in Devon, looking after nine people! One of the days I went to see my friend Alix, got delayed, came back, and someone had kindly pressed a button on the main oven where I had left all 10 chicken fillets wrapped up in silver foil parcels, slow cooking so they were ready for teatime. Slow cooking, note. The button she pressed meant it carried on cooking instead of turning itself off after two hours! So four hours later I had little bundles of quite leathery chicken! Happily the inside was just about okay, so what did I do? What can you do?! Well I got a load of gravy and soaked it for half an hour! Thankfully, it wasn’t that bad, only one person left theirs because it must’ve been a bit more dried out. Phew! The lady concerned was mortified and came and helped me cut up the Mediterranean vegetables that went with it, result! It was all alright in the end. It was a lovely group and the tutor Rebecca is one of the nicest, cleverest mentors to come to my place and she’s almost always sold out! Now I’ve only got a gap of two weeks and I’m back for the next one, but then none until the end of January. Phew!

Watch – Haven’t had time this week to watch anything sadly, although I’m hopeful I’ll get around to some of the things I mentioned last week which I’m looking forward to. Too busy sorting out events! Had one this week which was lovely, as above. Got another one next week in London, then one at the end of November in Devon. I’ll be glad when December comes! 

Anyway, this popped up on Facebook (see it here) so I thought I’d put it here. I sent it to both my kids. My son said he saw this ages ago and that’s why he has been the type of father he has been, to his kids, during their formative years! Share it with someone you know who needs a reminder about not giving the little ones enough attention!

Blooper – If only people could see what happened during break! You could tell it was late afternoon or today’s special value day for the Gatineau team! LOL. (See it here).

PodcastGo here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week will speak to QVC guest presenter Amy Burrows about her years in drama school and performing around the UK before she came to QVC! Amy Anzel told me the other week that she helped Amy Burrows get a slot on QVC. Amy Anzel is a bit of a star spotter!

Vlog – This week’s #Thursdaybantz was packed full of news and views and information about what’s coming up! Go ahead to see it here, live from Devon!

Book of the Week – My friend Merryn Allingham has got her new one out, ‘Murder in a French Village,’ in the Flora Steel mysteries, book 7 no less! I’ve loved all of them. Reading them reminds me of being in the pool in my health retreat that I go to in Somerset, where I listened to some of the others! Happy cosy crime genre, no reflection on real life involving murders obviously! But I do like the characters and I love the era, the 1950s. Well done Merryn, another Corker!


Friday (today) – Go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the Judith Williams 3 pc Retinol gold collection for affordably smooth skin this Christmas.

Saturday – A fabulous price for the Blink outdoor wireless security two camera system, and a floodlight, wait till you see the price!

Sunday – Time for the big Laura Geller double diamonds are forever four-piece collection! Thanks to Andie Stephany from get Geller gorgeous groups, for the picture and this little write up – The spackle is brand new Diamond and it’s lovely. Bal n Brighten, Tropic Hues blush and Strawberry Toffee marble lippy! Sounds fabulous! And amazing value.

Big deals ending Sunday night

Go to this section of our website each week to discover the current ones which often end on Sunday nights if there are any stocks left!

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. Occasionally they last a couple of weeks but there are new ones every Sunday night so come back again and see them on the link above. 

Next week should include:

– style – Dannii Minogue sequin midi skirt in different lengths

– extra – Cozee home velvetsoft reversible floral stripe print fleece six-piece duvet set

– beauty – simplehuman 20 cm sensor mirror with touch control brightness and 10 times magnification, expensive but effective!

– main – Rieker boots, and this time they are water resistant!

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – Paul Costello stirrup multiway leather saddle bag. And watch out for a mini foodie event all day Tuesday and from 9 pm Monday. I’ve got two hours 10 till midnight! 

Tuesday – It’s here, the big Hotel Chocolat 18-piece luxury selector chocolates set, with little gift boxes! Going on sale early. And also a second one, the mouse house set of three 200g ‘best of’ cheeses, selection box!

Wednesday – Shay and Blue beautiful limited edition concentrated fragrance collection, five pieces! I got three and I must say the little 10 mil size of the ‘black club leather’ men’s fragrance is what I’ve been spraying all over the place including on my pillow at night! Well, near it; it smells like an expensive men’s fragrance – it’s beautiful, don’t miss it.

Thursday – Home reflections three in one flameless candle centrepiece with charging dock and remote.

Friday – Tefal return with the pro express Ultimate II steam generator iron!

Friday 9 pm – Looking forward to launching this one on Friday at 9 pm, the Lenovo idea pad slim chrome Book laptop!

And of course, going on sale earlier in the week, the massive Elemis TSV for X-mas 2023!! It’s the pro collagen face and body gift of great skin 5-piece collection! Five!! Oh my goodness this is going to be fabulous! Don’t miss it, it’s our biggest one of the year. Five incredible pieces under the price of two, (well-under, depending on the two that you choose!) One of the ladies in Devon was flabbergasted to hear what we do on QVC having not really come across our shopping channel before! And she loves Elemis!! Look out for more across all of our social media, over the next week or so. 

Newsletter subscribers will have received, or will receive, and exclusive – an early sneaky peek at the video that I have done that’s going out on Monday, when it goes on sale! Don’t miss it when it goes live on on Monday The sixth 🙂

Next week – mum is 80!

I popped by to her celebration birthday meal last weekend when she had her brother Jeff and his wife Christine down, along with some raucus friends LOL. This weekend it’s our turn! A big birthday weekend and hotel & musical celebrations up London for mum with my siblings. I’m not back on QVC until Sunday night but don’t forget to look out for the Laura Geller! I’ve already ordered two!

Best wishes


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