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Fairy Phoebe’s fourth birthday! And Sneaky peeks for next week on QVC

They were here! What a lovely time we had. Lauren came down with her family, and Brad visited as well, so I had both my children and my four grandchildren altogether. They immediately started playing, and the girls put on the fairy wings. Even little Kaleb joined in with the fun.

Then it was time to go off to the water garden, in the flats where I live. It’s a beautiful setting and Phoebe decided to play maypole round a sign post!

Phoebe also made good use of some of her birthday presents including children’s make-up. Although she did get some on my armchair and one of my cream throws, she got most of it on her mummy! She really loves dressing up and make up, she’s a proper little girl, just like Blake.

We had a fantastic group shot, obviously it featured babies and I can’t put it on here, but a really lovely afternoon was had by all with, in all, around 25 people turning up to help celebrate including many of the little cousins and second cousins. It was lovely. The next day, we met up again with my sister and her two girls, and had a really nice afternoon tea at the local garden centre.

Baby Jasper was very impressed at the Christmas ornaments which Stephanie my daughter’s girl, showed him. Jasper is so funny and giggly, I’ve got lots of little videos of him laughing just by me going boo!

I’m so glad they came down. It was a bit tough at times in my flat but at least I could escape to mum‘s next door to sleep in her spare room. (See below for how mum is doing). After three nights they left me and it took me another whole day to get things straight! LOL. But at least I don’t have to wait very long as at the end of next week’s Devon retreat I will be off to Wales to Lolly for a couple of days because Brad is coming down for the annual visit! Can’t wait :-). It’s the beginning of half term, and I’ve also got a couple of days planned when Blake will come and stay with me in Surrey! It’s all go, being a Nan-Nan!


Colours of Autumn

Look at this gorgeous leaf which I picked up out on a walk with my sister this week in the nearby Banstead Woods. You know it’s autumn, when! 

And if you subscribe to my newsletter, in the email this week there would have been a little exclusive video for newsletter subscribers only, of the autumn colours from my balcony and a look around it :-).

But it’s definitely got a bit colder lately hasn’t it? Managed to get a couple of swims in this week though, thank goodness! I just love it. Wish I had a pool nearby. Will really try hard to get at least one trip to the swimming baths in, when I’m in Devon next week :-).

Tarte Top Mascara!

Look at the length of these lashes, not only because of ‘UK lash’ conditioner, but also my new favourite mascara, the tubing mascara from tarte. Now available in a duo on our website. (247009) And will feature in their today’s special value at the beginning of November. Watch out for news of it in two blogs’ time!

Mum n Sis Flying high!

Quick ‘Mum update’ for you – yes she is definitely out of the danger zone and back at home for a three-week go-slow! The pulmonary embolism she was diagnosed with, is being treated with blood thinners which will stop it getting bigger, and she has to not exert herself too much so the body can break it down over the next few months. Good job she did things like this when she was away on holiday! Paragliding is it called? I’d love to do this one day, but I’d have to do it in the shade somehow! Or a balaclava and Burka LOL (I can’t stay in the sun for those that don’t know.) But what an inspiration my mother is!

Watch – Bad Sisters – on Apple TV, follows the fortunes of five Irish sisters led by the hilarious Sharon Horgan, as they flip forwards and backwards in time, revealing events relating to the comeuppance of a serious narcissist who is married to one of them. Lauren and Nick were watching it and wanted to see it when they were down at the weekend. I just watched the 2nd to last one and can’t wait to see the next one. No point watching the others now because I have seen too much of the plot, but start at the beginning it’s hilarious and very very satisfying! Always is, when someone gets revenge on a narcissist.

Also several good things on at the cinema, determined to watch Mrs Harris goes to Paris at some stage soon!

Funny! – Charlie my colleague made me laugh, resting on my shoulder this week with me in Barefeet and him at 6 foot four! Funny picture, especially because he was wearing his cosy home poncho today’s special value! The next night I had this Centigrade faux fur coat, which went very quickly :-). Hope you saw some of my shows that day with Glenn Campbell, we had such a laugh!

Podcast Go here to hear them all. Last week it was Sarah Carr as it’s the Liz Earle today’s special value this Sunday, see below! And, this Monday (17th). Will Gowing catches up with fashion designer, Kim Mendelson, as she celebrates Kim & Co’s 25th anniversary with QVC and brings us Monday’s TSV (see below). Kim tells Will about the highlights over the years, the inspiration behind her designs and some of the brand new pieces coming to QVC.

Vlog / Watch – It’s a one off! My balance this week was live from the QVC make-up chair in the make-up room behind the scenes, as I did a shift swap and work on Thursday for a change. Find out from June Kelly, our head Make-up Junkies, some facts no one knew, and listen to the type of chat we have when we get ready for a show! Such fun. Everyone loved it, so I thought I’d mention it here. Follow my Facebook page whilst you are there, and you will get an automatic notification every time I do these live posts every week 🙂 See it here.

Book – Does anyone remember if I ever recommended this before? ‘Nothing Ventured’, by Jeffrey Archer. If you remember way back, I reviewed the whole series of the Clifton Chronicles, probably during first lockdown I think. Well one of the characters, Harry Clifton ends up being a successful author and he writes about a character called William Warwick. This is the first book in the series about William Warwick! Enjoying it quite a lot so far, and I know I started it way back when, but I don’t think I finished it. I love the way Jeffrey Archer weaves his plot lines together and uses extreme conflict in the narrative, so if this one works out I will continue listening to the whole series as there are several now! This one follows the path of a determined police constable through his career dealing with confrontational family disputes as well as hardened criminals!


Friday (today) – Go here to see and buy what’s left of the set of 3 Securebright Lanterns (probably not much!)

Saturday – Skechers with the Synergy Warm Tech boots

Sunday – Alreadly online here and going fast, the Liz Earle beauty of botanical six piece gift collection. Choice of three fragrances in the body products and cleanse and polish! Choice of three moisturisers. Amazing value and a bag +2 gift boxes.

Look out on my social media for my little video of the unboxing!

Big deals ending Sunday night

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This week it includes these:

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– Securebright set of 4 sliding magnifiers (5x magnification.) on QVC extra

– Monsoon printed smock long sleeve blouse over on style, great price.

– Philip Kingsley itchy/flaky scalp treatments in a three-piece collection on beauty channel.

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Next week – Back in Devon for another retreat and catch ups with friends. Have a lovely week! By the way, don’t forget to subscribe to this as a newsletter if you are reading this on the website. Just go down to the bottom of the page and click on the word newsletter. You’ll get an email each week, when the new blog is out to tell you to go and look so you don’t miss a thing! Plus exclusive content so well worth it!

Have a great week and thanks for reading 🙂

Best wishes