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Doggy Day Out with pals! And seven days of sneaky peeks

Medical detection dogs – a grand day out

Regulars will remember that last November I did an afternoon tea party, partly for my birthday and partly for medical detection dogs, the fabulous charity where doggies help humans. Well, this week they finally got their tour around the Milton Keynes HQ! We watched young dogs being trained, including spaniel cross ‘sprocket’, Cockerpoo Nora, and 10 week old labrador puppy Mason! So sweet.

We also got to watch a sniff test demo, where experienced three-year-old Willow was detecting Covid on samples of T-shirt. (If you know anyone with Covid please contact medical detection dogs direct to find out more, as they are always looking for more T-shirt samples).

Plus I was delighted that I also got to say hello to Asher, one of the most famous of the medical detection dogs, he is in biodetection, although he is about to retire. A brown spaniel with a big floppy fringe, and big light-coloured eyes. He was in a really mischievous mood on the day.  Lovely founder, Dr Claire Guest came in to talk to us as well. And then we all went off for a super lunch.

One thing they need at the moment, if you live near Milton Keynes, is puppy socialisers. Here’s this week’s vlog, with a mention about why they need them, and how it all works. If you’d like to get in touch, please just email me, which is info@ (and then this website), and I’ll put you in touch.

Vlog – See this week’s vlog here.

Thanks to Jacki Wright who came, along with fab pals & QVC guests Susie Adams and Patrick Hoy, and the ever-giving, supportive animal-lover-extraordinaire, Andie Stephany. Fraser Anderson couldn’t make it sadly, but hopefully he will come another time. A good time was had by all and even more money was raised for MDD! Very proud!




Hope you’re okay with all the snowy weather this week. We had it thick and long-lasting up high in Banstead, Surrey. My neighbour made this snowman! So much snow – and the perfect kind for making snowmen. See it for yourself here.

Unlike when Blake came to stay and we went sledging when it was freezing cold before Christmas and the snow was just too powdery! Wonder if we will get much more. Roll on spring!

Brad’s Birthday continued

Another year, another BD get together with my boy. We managed to grab a coffee on Sunday afternoon, when I visited to see him for his birthday last week. Played some lovely games with the kids, and spent some precious son-time with my boy. And his boy, and his girl of course! Had a nice chat with Kari, my daughter-in-law, too. Precious family times and memories!

Electric Dreams

Getting used to charging this plug-in hybrid Kia now, and I’m spending a fair bit of time sitting outside supermarkets at the moment! Sometimes I can get in on the chargers at our work car park chargepoints. But mostly I am spending time getting emails done, watching the battery slowly tick up. I get 40 odd miles on a full charge (if I don’t use any heaters or anything, so obviously not that much at the moment!) All good fun so far…

Watch – Finally got round to watching ‘Nolly’ this week. Very apt, an inspirational women’s week, and I finished watching it that evening. Helena Bonham Carter did a brilliant job of imitating Meg Mortimer from famous soap Crossroads which ended in the 80s, not long after she was given the boot. Also, I didn’t realise she was the first woman to appear on colour television when she did the screen test for John Logie Baird! Anyway, it’s another wonderful period piece, and if you used to watch Crossroads you will love it. I didn’t really watch Crossroads and I still loved it! You didn’t need to watch it to recognise some of the characters. It was really well done. I liked it at the start when they said some of the characters had been made up for dramatic effect! If my French or Dutch book ever gets made into a TV series (let’s face it, it’s every author’s dream) mine would definitely have to have the same preface about making up characters!

But also…. Watch 2 – ‘Shirley Valentine’ for IWD!

On international women’s day, what better way to have celebrated than to have watched a play about a strong woman, with two of my favourite female pals! Theatre buddies, Sara, Christina and I went to see Sheridan Smith playing the role made famous by Pauline Collins, based on the witty and wonderful Willy Russell stage play. It’s basically a monologue, and it’s absolutely, utterly fantastic. She was incredible – a superb script brought to life in a magnificent way by a female comic genius. Can’t praise it highly enough. It did however, make me want to go home and watch Shirley Valentine the movie, featuring amongst others, Joanna Lumley, Tom Conti, Alison Steadman, Bernard Hill, Julia McKenzie and a young Tracy Bennett. Must seek it out! If you spot it anywhere let me know 🙂


This made me laugh! (I was actually sent lots of jokes, about women, on international women’s day, none of which were as funny as this!)

Plus, I found a hilarious new account to follow on Instagram: Casper and Pam; never has a singing dog been so funny! Watch this.

The exclusive over on my blog this week is a funny that my brother created, and a little insight into the past. When I was still the biggest of my five siblings, and the others were much younger, we had a family pic taken at the caravan in Hastings, which my brother has doctored. In his version, there are now speech bubbles giving an insight into our futures, created by my counsellor brother Derek Flint, who is probably one of the wittiest people I know. If you’ve subscribed to the newsletter you should have it in your inbox now or soon (and if you don’t, see below**).


Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week a chat with a new skincare brand. Charlie Brook my fellow presenter told me that he has just recorded his, which should be a hoot! Can’t wait to listen to it and find out all about Charlie’s career before QVC; he joined more than 20 years ago now!

Book of the Week

I have to say I am absolutely loving MRC Kasasian and his Gower Street detective. As each successive book goes by, the adventures of Sidney Grice and his sidekick, his accident-prone ward March Middleton, get more and more entertaining. Set in the 1880s, It is read by one of the most brilliant narrators in audio – Emma Gregory. I will definitely listen out for more from her in the future. Book 3, ‘Death Descends on Saturn Villa’, is a little bit wacky and weird. But the interplay between the characters is really developing and ever so funny. March gets herself into trouble and is accused of murder as usual, but her guardian is the only one that can get her out of it. The way he does it is just genius. I do hope they make a TV series out of it at some stage.


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Best wishes


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