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Debbie Flint

My weekly look at all things book...

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 So with the events of this week in mind, I’ve a special book recommendation – an extra one – for anyone going through any sort of bereavement and who is interested in other people’s experiences of something similar.





Anita Moorjani - Dying to be meA highly rated book – ‘Dying To Be Me’ – by Anita Moorjani – helped me to feel better about a loved one passing last year. It won’t be for everybody, and that’s ok, but if you like the things I like, do take a look.

It doesn’t matter if it’s true for everyone or not, it only matters that if it helps someone, then all well and good. Do go investigate if you can, and there are also some fascinating clips of Anita talking, on YouTube.

Go here to find out more about her




Bride and BookCompetition to Win Signed copy of my steamy paperback Hawaiian Affair!

Here it is finally! News of how to get my first novel on eBook from amazon, in its complete format. And how to enter a comp to win a signed paperback copy – all below. First, thanks to Kat and her hubby for facebooking me this pic, taken at Glastonbury with my sis Linda, with the caption ‘perfect reading material for first anniversary!’

Lol! Well whatever the occasion you would like to read my book, here’s your chance to win a signed copy! Closing Date is Thursday 11th July (11.59pm) and all you have to do is email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with your name and address, to say you’d like to enter, and who to sign it to, and you’ll be in the random draw. Winner announced next week!



In the meantime, if you’d like to read it on eBook, the great news is that finally the complete eBook is available in one title. But beware, it’s the steamy version! (PG complete version coming soon, with PG paperback out in time for xmas). (NB If you’d like to read Hawaiian Affair, but don’t like steamy bits, then the PG version is still available in instalments, just search my name on amazon and you’ll see it amongst the options.)

And click here if you’d like the steamy complete version.

Am really chuffed ‘cos you guys kindly keep leaving me some lovely reviews – the latest one is below - and thanks so much to those who keep asking me about book 2! Yes the ‘prequel’ is underway, where we find out how Sadie got to be in Monaco in the first place! And I already know what the ‘sequel’ will be about! In fact, I’m off for a writing holiday from end of next week, to get some serious scribbling done.

Review from Sarah on Amazon –

Really enjoyed reading Debbie's first novel, Hawaiian Affair. A true story with plenty of twists along the way that will keep you guessing. The characters are so believable and I really enjoyed the light hearted humour in parts. A perfect read to get lost in, plus the steamy nature will keep you reading! Well done and congrats Debbie x



Watch Over MeBook of the Week

Ooo a hard one this, since there’ve been so many lovely freebies available on amazon lately! Including Jane Wenham-Jones’ ‘One Glass is Never Enough’ and Mandy Baggott’s ‘Strings Attached’. But the one that I’ve just begun reading myself is at time of writing only 30p on the eBook amazon offer, and that’s a top-ten chart hit in the bestsellers list, ‘Watch Over Me’ by Daniela Sacerdoti. With over 700 five star reviews, it’s obviously got something going for it, so I downloaded it – which you can do here  

 I made it my book of the week because, when I began reading the ‘look inside’ segment, it almost immediately drew me in, making me want to read on – see if it does the same to you? Has anyone read it? Let me know what you thought below. I wouldn’t have picked it up from the product description alone, but the first few paragraphs enticed me to read on, and I liked her style. The story basically revolves around a broken hearted, broken woman with a broken marriage, and her unusual experience which changes forever the way she sees what awaits us after death, and about her second chances. Give it a go!

And if you’re a facebook friend, I give alerts when I see a new freebie promo eBook offer, so ‘friend’ me if you are interested! I am going to begin a book club for all such things on facebook, linked to the RiWiSi pages on my website, , so do go there to sign up for newsletter updates to keep informed when I launch it!



Costa Book AwardsShort Story Competition – Costa awards closing next month 

And just a quick extra here for you writers this week – go here (link already sent) to find out more about the annual famous Costa short story competition. And follow through the links to read about last year’s shortlist, as many of them include in their biog’s some of the other competitions they’ve entered, which is handy for writers wanting to discover other arenas to showcase their talent.

Spielberg and Lucas – movie future is grim

(Mentioned here ‘cos of my nascent interest in scriptwriting.) Now how weird is this? Two movie greats talking about a film industry 'implosion'. Just after I’d used that exact word recently to describe what’s been happening in Hollywood, these two giants of the movie world step up and say the same. And how they think it’ll happen. And knowing what I now know, having got a tad closer to it all over the last year, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Do go read the whole article, ‘specially about Stephen Soderbergh at the bottom, and what Clive Owen’s up to next. Then go to this week’s film reviews below, cos ironically, it’s all about two completely contrasting movies, one from the old days, and one bang up to date, the latter being exactly what type of film these two Hollywood leviathans are mentioning. Go here to read more 

Nb – I do think that we’ll see more and more theatre simulcasts, if the recent Odeon sell-out of The Audience (Helen Mirren playing the Queen) is anything to go by.


Plus 'Dear Thing' by Julie Cohen


Book of the Week time again -

Dear Thing by Julie Cohen. Regulars will know that Julie is one of my favourite authors and a course tutor and mentor of mine. This summer sees the release of the paperback of her latest offering – which is a bit of a departure from her previous relationship based romance-led books, and is ‘a bittersweet story about love and motherhood: Claire, who desperately wants a baby, and Romily, the woman who is secretly in love with Claire’s husband'... Sounds intriguing!

Avail on all formats now, do give it a try. I’m saving it for my break in July – when I decide where to go! Lol.


This week’s feature is a book of the week - well, audio book! It takes me an hour to drive to work, so for me they’re a boon. I’ve got to give a quick mention to the novel I’m listening to avidly on my long car journeys at the moment – the full unabridged (14 cd’s!) version of Dan Brown’s new one (he wrote Da Vinci code). ‘Inferno’ is such an edge of the seat page turner, or (next-cd-listener) - I’ve even finished a journey and stayed sitting there just so I could listen to the next bit! Hehe! Gripping. BUT at the same time, it’s so peppered with unlikely chases and coincidental discoveries, I hate to think what the film will be like!

HOWEVER I do like history and it’s full of references to real art, artefacts and architecture - in Florence and Venice and the like - so for me it’s gripping! Well I’m a bit of a geek as you may know! Lol. Highly recommended, if you loved his first few books. I really loved the last one too - The Lost Symbol - anyone know if it too is being made into a film?

Hi book fans! Below, you will find the latest updates from my QVC blog RiWiSi segment, plus extras! Do come back regularly for updates on this page, including some of the best new promotions - and freebies! - that I find online.

Any authors who would like to be featured here, please contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

best wishes D x

Anyone want to enter a comp to randomly draw a name from the list of entrants, be sure and go quickly to my newest QVC blog to find out more about how to enter! Also an update on the book segment about Costa's Short Story Comp which also closes soon. Hope you're all enjoying my titles, and the sunny weather!

best wishes




On 31st May, part 2 (of 4) of Hawaiian Affair my first novel, became available on amazon. As the instalments continued, I gave people their wish - and created a choice between two versions - 'close the bedroom door/ PG' version or the steamy version of part 2. As it turns out, the steamy version is more popular by 8:1! Go here to see it.

As you can imagine, I’ve been fascinated about this whole new world of book sales online.

Firstly, following the various plentiful charts, in all types of categories and sub-categories – tons, as you can imagine, with their 100 million plus books sold each year (depending on which google report you believe)!


ChartAt one stage, HA Pt 1 got to number 25 in one chart - how proud am I?!

If you’re thinking of self-publishing too, as the author, you can easily check how sales are progressing too – via Kindle Direct Publishing reports – mind you, by Monday I was bored of doing that, and decided to delve deeper into the world of eBook success.




One of the rules of sales on Amazon seems to be borne out by my experience - that having more on offer enhances sales. Do remember this if you’re thinking of self-publishing too. And it’s an exploding trend, because on big online sites at least, more people now buy eBooks than print books. But how many more, on a site like Amazon, for instance? I found some thoroughly riveting info – (go here to read the full article in the Guardian)

- As of August last year, more people were buying eBooks from Amazon, than paperbacks or hardbacks (aka print books, or PBooks) in the UK. More specifically, for every 100 P.Books, 114 eBooks were sold, and that did not include any on free promo.

- BUT – crucially, Kindle owners are nowadays buying four times more books than they did prior to owning a Kindle

- More than half a million Kindle eBooks are priced at £3.99 or less

- Adult fiction has given it a boost – eg 50 Shades of Grey sold 2m copies Apr-Aug 2012 They’re calling it the renaissance of reading, and can only be good news for authors long term.

Stephen KingSo I was very surprised to see what mega author Stephen King said this month. He’s actually initially only releasing his new book ‘Joyland’ in paperback, to encourage people back to bookstores.

And this from the man who wrote an eBook only story back in 2000 and was part of the launch of Kindle 2 in 2009! (full article here)

Nice to have a paperback, as I said, I’m all for it – I’m a ‘read the eBook and if I love it, I’ll buy the paperback too’ kind of girl. That’s why I’m making sure Hawaiian Affair is available in paperback soon.

READ IT, WRITE IT, SELL IT!– my weekly look at all things book!

Including recommending a great eBook illustrator, and two free amazon kindle books to help you self publish.

Book of the Week – well, books – two free ones from kindle for anyone wanting to find out how to do what I’ve done and actually upload the books yourself to ‘self-publish’ them.


Book of the weekBook of the week 2

A lot of authors are now doing it – like Jessica Hart, one of my favourite Mills & Boon writers, who’s just launching her ‘vintage’ collection. Just download these two ‘how to’ books for free, as they have almost all you’ll want to know about how to do it – even including pictures of which buttons to press on Word, to format your work prior to uploading! Then you go to KDP – Kindle direct Publishing, and Amazon’s Author Central sites, to do the rest. Good luck! Let me know how you get on!


AngelaFocus on Angela Oltman – successful Canadian eBook illustrator

And of course you’ll need a cover – as they say, people really do judge a book by its cover! So I thought long and hard about mine. I have to say, a big thank you to a lovely helpful lady and superbly talented illustrator, Angela from Based in Canada, she offered me half a dozen options using my guidelines and synopsis, and we whittled it down to the final blue skirt and shoes cover above. I nearly chose another one with black shoes kicking heels in the air, laying on a jetty, but I think I may use that for a sequel!

I’d highly recommend her if you are thinking of creating an eBook. We’re now working on the wrap-around cover for the paperback which will be going up onto Amazon’s Createspace service at end June. (which is a ‘print on demand’ service – more news about that in a few week’s time.)

Alternatively, why don’t you just find some covers you love, and research who created them in your genre – lots of people are doing it now, and they’re very affordable. My whole lot including all the parts too, was very well priced and much less than I thought it’d be! I’m now recommending her to all my friends!


Debbie’s First Novel – thanks to my facebook group ‘Debbie’s Readers’

On May 24th, part one of Hawaiian Affair became available as an eBook on amazon! Exciting week!

I really don’t think I would have been as far along this year without the help and feedback of a lovely supportive group of about two dozen ladies on a facebook group run by lovely pal Sharon Harvey. They all helped me with comments, proofing and feedback. Here are a selection of comments from them about the book, which of course they’ve all read! (Well, it’s only been tweaked a bit since they read it so it’s nearly the same!).

And I had another lovely critique from fellow presenter Alison Young – she went out of her way to email it to me – yes, to email! (Ali emailing is no mean feat!). Now, for anyone reading this and downloading the book in instalments to read for the first time, I’d love to have your feedback too!

In fact, it’d be great if EVERYBODY who reads it could kindly leave me a comment below! I can dream, can’t I? It’ll help me with my next book, to know which bits you like and which you don’t! lol.#

Thanks again to all of you who’ve commented so far!

FROM QVC BEAUTY EXPERT ALISON YOUNG (a secret vacation romance reader!)

“In February I read Deb's book on holiday - what a fabulous day I had. I couldn't put it down! I read it in one day whilst hubby Simon sunbathed - he thought I was working!! Be warned it does have raunchy bits! And a romantic storyline that reads like a Danielle Steel. If I had purchased it at the airport I would have been pleased with my choice - pure escapism, not too taxing but thoroughly enjoyable. I look forward to her next book and another relaxing day!”

How lovely of Alison!

FROM MY BETA READERS GROUP – so grateful for the following feedback and comments on my novel Hawaiian Affair, which they all helped me proof read in the final stages.

Joy Shipley – “Very addictive reading, superb characters play the field in this romantic & highly humorous - and quite steamy! - book. Excellent read with great storyline, leaving you hooked.”

  Michelle Roberts – “This book got me hooked from the first page to the point I couldn't wait to read the next page, strong characters with a good plot, romance and passion set in a beautiful location the perfect book to chill out with and switch off from the world from a while. Would highly recommend!!!!”


NEXT WEEK – part two – and a choice of ‘adult content’ or ‘close the bedroom door’ versions!

Go here to get part one 

READ IT WRITE IT SELL IT- My weekly look at all things book.

Thought for the week - My book will be ready to upload on Amazon in two weeks - two! Eeeek!


One DayBook of the Week - I thought I'd do an occasional mention of some all time favourite books. This one has to be in my top twenty, if not top ten.

It had amazing word of mouth growth '09, '10, as it was just so good. And funny. The quirky story of two uk students who begin as lovers then go through various stages of their lives , followed by checking in on them on one particular day every year. It's not a diary style, tho, you're not limited to just that day's events.

And the characterisations and one liners left me laughing out loud on my sun bed in gran canaria where I read in one day in January 2011...

Highly recommended 5*


Update on Deb's book

I’ve been finalising front covers this week – and have to say it’s been an enjoyable process! We’re nearly there and the lovely designer Angie from Canada whom I’m using is just a delight!  

I’ve had some lovely feedback from even more readers now so I am very much looking forward to bank holiday weekend launch when it will be uploaded and available on eBook from Amazon. It’s confirmed the paperback will be available at the end of June, also online from Amazon, and I’m trying to get a phone number you can ring to order one alternatively by then. That’s why rather than wait till then to launch the eBook as well, I’m bringing out the eBook in instalments! Episode One will be on sale from Friday 24th! Yay! 

Meanwhile, here's an extract from part of the book where Sadie has just met Mac for the first time. Enjoy! 

ps - SHHHHHHH! Guess whom  I had a meeting with this week, about my second project? An agent! With a view to a proper publishing deal (rather than self-published!) Shhhh! Keeping it secret till it's all firmed up - if it happens I will let you know!


Sadie smiled. Time to say goodbye to Hot Boat Guy. Time to get back to real life.
          ‘Why leave so soon? Got more “boats” to see?’ he asked. ‘I guess you agents usually see several in one trip, don’t you?’
‘I’m not an agent,’ she replied. ‘Double, secret, provocateur or otherwise.’
‘Well then, a sales exec for his competition?’ he said, nodding towards the Nomusa. ‘Are you with Rigby’s?’
    ‘No,’ she hesitated. No point in explaining, she thought, where would I even begin? ‘Look, I really have to go. Nice to meet you. And don’t worry – someone else will be along in a while and you can eavesdrop on them, instead!’
He just grinned in reply.  Feeling the thrill of flirtation fluttering through her body, she gave a superior shrug, and swung her handbag slightly, trying her hardest to look confident. But the cobbles underfoot did their best to prove otherwise, toying with the high heels of the borrowed Jimmy Choos – they were her sister’s, and a redundancy money treat, so ‘scuff them and die’.  Sadie skipped a little, to avoid damaging them on the rounded stones. Again he looked amused. Or condescending, she couldn’t quite work out which.
‘Sorry – not the best choice of footwear is it.’
He looked down at her feet, thoughtfully. 
‘Oh I wouldn’t say that.’


The InvasionWho makes your toes tingle?

Big question of the week - which hero or heroine makes your toes tingle? And who would play them? It's a theme that often comes up when it's 'wine o'clock' on Twitter and the writing fraternity are sticking their heads over the parapet and having a banter.

Well Daniel Craig has got to be the closest to my hero Mac, a rugged, sporty but down to earth billionaire who is asked to approach our Sadie.

But who really rings your bells? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

OMG how excited am I? Not only are all four instalments on eBook available, but now so is the complete eBook and the paperback (steamy versions) of my very first novel, Hawaiian Affair, on amazon! Do go order, read it, and kindly let me know what you think! It'd be great to have a few comments below. Or on my QVC blog! But far more important to put it on amazon for me - here!


Debs x

(click on photo to read more)

ps and don't forget to sign up for the regular newsletters on this site, for updates on what's new!

pps the complete eBook of the PG version will be out soon, and the paperback of the PG version nearer for xmas for those who don't prefer steamy!

Oh what a lovely day we had last Saturday – the sunniest day of the year I think it was – when some of my (very big!) family attended nearby annual Abinger Medieval Fayre in Abinger.

They had all sorts of stalls and lots of people dressed up in long floaty gowns and sack-cloth tunics, saying ‘ye olde’ and ‘prithee wanna go on the coconuts sire’ and stuff like that.

Ok, well maybe only one or two did – this is Surrey you know! Lol.

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