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Debbie Flint

What a fabulous week this has been! My new blog on QVC (click on 'blogs' tab above) gives full info about the exciting and incredibly worthwhile fundraising night for Breast Cancer Care on Wednesday (16th) which I co-presented with Charlie. And it was fantastic - raising over £300k. For sneaky peeks and bloopers, incl a look at some of the amazing bargains still available do go read it. And you'll find out what happened behind the scenes at our xmas shoot plus see links for the new release - my paperback in PG version - specially for xmas gifts! This week's Read It Write It Sell It (clic on 'riwisi' tab above) also features the new Bridget Jones book, as well as the winner of one of the literary world' biggest competitions. Enjoy! Hugs d x

Riwisi – My Weekly Look at All Things Book

 For readers and aspiring writers of thoroughly good books!

It’s Finally Available – Hawaiian Affair (PG) in paperback!

  HA PG paperbackYes if you didn’t already know, this summer I published my first book, and since then over 5,000 have sold in both eBook and paperback form. But now my ‘steamy’ romance novel Hawaiian Affair has a less raunchy little sister  - now available to order online, which is a bit less ‘detailed’ as Leighton Denny said!

So at last, for those who asked, here’s the one you can gift to someone who prefers a ‘close the bedroom door’ version – although to be honest, even in the PG, that door is still pretty much ajar!

Go here to see it and order Hawaiian Affair in PG paperback  – only takes a few days. Do let me know what you think. And if you can’t order it online yourself, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for help.

Fab Reviews - And as the Amazon reviews hit 4.8 out of 5 for the main book, (so chuffed!) with over 153 five star reviews in the different options, here’s the latest, which made me smile, and glow all over! Thank you lovely reviewer!

“I was totally taken by surprise that this was such a good book. I don’t mean that in a bad way but merely that it would have been so interesting. The facts and knowledge that Debbie has put into it make for a better read. The love story that unfolded as well was gripping and I would have no hesitation in recommending it. Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down. Looking forward to the next.”


Christine Bagenal, Amazon

Steamy - And for those who want the full-strength version, go here! (don’t forget to leave me a review!) Stop press – Amazon have reduced the steamy paperback cost to £6.23 – lowest I’ve seen it! 


**Countdown to the prequel to Hawaiian Affair –

– NEW NOVEL - Hawaiian Prize – paperback/eBook – 6 WEEKS (Nov 28th 2013)



Book of the Week -  Man Booker Prize Winner – ‘The Luminaries’ The LuminariesAmazing how instant reading a book can be when you’ve got a Kindle! At our Tuscany Writing group reunion (see below) my good pal Litty said she’d just begun reading ‘The Luminaries’ by the prestigious Man Booker Prize Winning author Eleanor Catton on audio book and was liking it.

Reading the reviews tho, its complicated plot and twelve interwoven characters’ journeys lead me to think I’d be better off getting the book in case I get lost with the audio book!

However, competitions like the Man Booker – an annual literary (meaning ‘highbrow’) novel competition - are often a good way to broaden your reading horizons, don’t you think? As an antidote to the likes of 'Bridget Jones’ Diary'?!




Man bookerAnd if you don’t know if you’d like literary novels, don’t forget, if you get an Amazon eBook, and hate it, you can get a refund within seven days! So check out some of these titles on the shortlist, and perhaps it’ll lead you to a new favourite author! Let me know if you’ve had that experience by leaving me a comment below.

Also see below – LISTEN – 'Bridget Jones Diary 3’ – on audiobook!






More info for writers -

- – this is an interesting concept - people submit their ideas for books to unbound, readers vote on potential authors - if the votes score high enough they get to write that book! Here's one example, about bees, but do go check out the website in case it appeals to you for your own book idea!

-          How to get a blogger on your side - click here to read some excellent tips about procuring the all important support from book bloggers - and how to keep them on your side!

-          and getting a book deal – ‘The Fast Yes and The Slow No’.  by Mike Wells. Now THIS is a very interesting and somewhat controversial point of view - and you pick up as much from the comments below the article as from the piece itself. Mike has a good blog site and lots of tips - do go explore once you've read this piece.

Leave me a comment below if  you are a would-be writer too!


And as promised - she's back!

a top tip for a fab audiobook for you!

Bridget Jones’ Diary Mad About the Boy – audiobook – AN EXCELLENT 8 OUT OF TEN. Bridget Jones


Yes, it’s the long-awaited sequel – didn’t we all love Bridget Jones first time round? Did you see the films? They meant a lot to me! See, in 2001, I WAS her – almost – except I’d already had the kids.

But here she is, about 13 years later and she’s 51. Er, so am I.

And has had a son then a daughter. Er, so did I.

And she’s looking for a man. Er… so am… ok, enough of that.

So HOW, may you ask, does she end up in this position again? Well I really don’t want to give away too much of the plot – if you’ve missed all the newspaper write-ups you won’t thank me for including a spoiler (we all know how much I hate those! See previous RiWiSi if you agree!). 

So suffice to say, she is dating again. And it’s still the same old Bridget, but one encumbered with a whole new set of circumstances, in which to weave the Helen Fielding Bridget-magic. There are mixed reviews, so it was always going to be a tough act to follow.

Personally, I loved the second half of the fabulously narrated audio-book, once I’d adjusted to this ‘new’ older Bridget. I thoroughly enjoyed the crescendo to the finale – so blatantly written for film, including, as you probably know, that Renee Zellwegger refused to get herself all fat again to play the role.

BUT I can’t WAIT to see it! And as for the audio book? Seems I’m starting to mark audio books much higher than films eh! Well maybe – just maybe - the ‘pictures’ are better... :-)


best wishes - more next week!

and go here if you'd like to see the whole QVC weekly blog that this originated from!




Read it Write it Sell it – My Weekly Look at All Things Book!

See below for a fabulous freebie – steamy Regency romance novella The Reluctant Bride – free on amazon eBook till Monday 14th!

Plus tons of info for self-publishers!

And the Countdown continues to my PG paperback version of Hawaiian Affair – it’s next week!

And only 5 weeks to go until the prequel is released! End of November approaches – eeek!


ON AUDIOBOOK - The Litigators – easy reading for those on the go -   Firstly I have to say I’m absolutely loving audible right now! So many of my favourite authors offering their books on audiobook, and all downloadable instantly onto my app! Having someone read stories to me in my long journeys – sometimes I just can’t wait to get back in the car! And with Sat-nav, I’m rarely distracted from my route. The latest one to be finished is The Litigators by John Grisham. Loved the story and gave it five stars on amazon. Mainly for the characterisation. It’s not one of his suspense filled, tense page turners, so much as a good old personality based romp – bit more like a soap would be – bit like JK’s Casual Vacancy was, in fact, in my opinion. Well worth a download.


Five cures for Writer’s Block -  the ALLi (self-publishing Advice blog) offer some useful suggestions to overcome that bane of an author’s life – writer’s block! Click here for help!

Frankfurt Book Fair – Publishers Buoyed by Self-Pub Wave -  Very interesting news that the tide is turning in publishing, directly affected by self-publishing’s huge growth in the last year! One of the most important annual book fairs seems to be benefiting! How ironic! Interesting article! Click here.

For Self-Publishers – Case Story of a Blog Tour – how to do this virtual ‘tour’ around others’ blogs to help publicise your book – a must for many self-published authors. Here Gregory DeLaurentis describes how he did it. Click here.

Best Scriptwriting Seminar – STORY – by Robert McKee, comes to London. I’ve been twice, have loved it, and learned so much, from plot twists to dialogue to sub-text to show-don’t-tell. Try to go if you can , especially if you’re a novice to story writing. Click here for info.



Plus from my QVC Blog – RiWiSi segment –

The Reluctant BrideBook of the Week – Finally, as promised, it’s here! This weekend only – Fri 11th - Mon 12th – you can download to your Kindle for FREE, the fab raunchy regency novella – The Reluctant Bride by new author Claire Firth

The debut of another of our Tuscany posse, this is a really well-written ‘Regency Undone’ as they call them! A bit of steaminess from the 1700’s!

Claire’s been reluctant for ages to finally let it go and upload it, but she’s finally perfected it and it’s really rather raunchy! It’s the result of many years of writing many novels, as you may be able to tell from her very fluent writing style.

Having discovered she’s got quite a talent for raunch, she’s created a fab Novella (about half the length of a normal romance novel, so it’s a speedy read!) about a lord who takes a bride – literally – and how she gradually comes round to his needs… Good story behind it too tho’. Give it a go. I gave it a fab 5 stars!! Click here to get it on Amazon.

(nb you can get the kindle app for free if you don’t have an actual kindle, or buy one from us, item  504326

Hawaiian Countdown continues – the fab reviews continue for my own first novel on Amazon – thank HA PGyou so much! Currently 149 out of 171 are an amazing 5 stars (across all the options!). And here’s one of the latest -

Amazon Review –

Downloaded this to my IPad, (not done this before!) was going to take it on holiday with me later in the month, but curiosity got the better of me!! what a great read, like most other people I couldn't put it down, needed to know what was going to happen next!!

Thought I had the plot all sorted, and knew who the bad guys were, but how wrong could I have been, won't say anything in case others are reading reviews first before they commit to buying the book!! Get cracking with the next one Debbie........”

Go here to find out more on Amazon


**Countdown – Hawaiian Affair in Paperback, PG Version – 1 WEEK (MID OCT)

**Countdown – NEW NOVEL - Hawaiian Prize – paperback/eBook – 5 WEEKS (end Nov)

So it's finally over! My lovely boy Bradley finally wed. And what an amazing day it was, too. Even the sun came out in time for most of the photos in the gardens of Loseley House, and everything went off as smoothly as planned. It has to have been one of the most amazing days - and the proudest -  of my life. I've put some piccies and a couple of short video links on my new QVC 'bonus blog' here - so do go have a gander! And look out each week on ReadItWriteItSellIt page for the latest news about my upcoming book releases!

best wishes




Why Jackie Collins chose to self-publish.

I always like to look out for what the 'big guys' do - and they don't come much bigger than Jackie Collins. That's why my eye was caught by her blog post regarding her venture into the territory of Self-Publishing - click here to find out more - and it just shows you yet again how many established authors with conventional publishing deals are now dipping their toes into the brave new digital world solo. Sign up for her regular posts too - very illuminating - and we can all dream of similar success, eh? Even if it first happened in that hallowed hall of a bygone publishing era.

The countdown continues to the launch of my second novel last w/e in Nov! Meanwhile get the first one by clicking here – Hawaiian Affair– on Amazon in paperback or eBook! And thanks so much for this latest review from BlueSmoky in Wales -

“Not really being one for either romantic or steamy reads I didn't know how I'd feel about this book from QVC presenter Debbie Flint but I am really rather pleased I gave it a go! Great characters, great story, great book for the beach! More please”

So glad you liked it! If anyone else has read it, my next one is the prequel – how did Sadie get to Hawaii?! Do leave a review if you did kindly read it during the summer – 70 out of 80 are 5* now!


**Countdown – Hawaiian Affair paperback – PG Version – 2 WEEKS (MID OCT)

**Countdown – Hawaiian Prize – paperback and eBook – single version – 6 WEEKS (end Nov)


Book of the Week – 'Love’s Tangle' by Isabelle Goddard Love's TangleIsabelle is another of our Tuscany writing group and she has written several books for Mills and Boon – we’re all rather proud of her! This latest one is a straightforward good old Regency romp – with an unusual twist in that the heroine is disguised as a maid and the hero is the Lord she goes to work for! Ooer!

Do give it a go – I’ve ordered it for my Kindle! (or Kindle app – if you bought a Kindle recently from us. Which do you use and what books have you got so far? How have you found using it? Leave a comment at the bottom of this blog!) Go here to find out more about Love’s Tangle!




Next week – exciting book of the week from Claire Firth – a raunchy Regency – and it’ll be a freebie!


BookStop Café in Lincoln – eat, drink and buy self-published books! Bookshop CafeWhat happens when a book shop wants to stock a self-published book? Well, via Nielsen Book Data (who supply the ISBN numbers when you self-publish using your own) some bookstores can actually order a copy for a customer who wants one from the author who then sends one of their own copies out.

However, the BookStop Café in Lincoln is a rare beast indeed – as well as second hand books, they actually stock self-published authors' copies' in the store! It’s a fab venue – have you been there?


You can eat and drink and read and buy… heaven! Go here to find out more

Bookshop Cafe inside Bookstop Cafe inside








Joff Gainey and wife Becky are both writers, and teachers and run kids' reading hours, special story evenings etc . It’s a fab idea and I hope to go there sometime maybe to meet some of you guys – let me know if you live near enough and you’d come along!


Finally - short story comp

 Another week, another competition! This time it's of particular interest to people living around Northampton area - go here for more info!


next week - the raunchiest regency yet! Claire Firth's novella is released - and it's going to be free! Don't miss it - come back next week for more info!


have a fab week

Keeeeeep writing!




The Italian  is Named!

Last week I told you I was writing a scene in my new book (the prequel to my first novel) which featured a Hot Italian guy and asked you what he should be called? Thanks to all of you who told me your thoughts - on here and on facebook and on twitter - and I have to say, against my initial judgements I’m going to go with the majority vote - Alessandro! Lady G, eat your heart out – in MY novel, he’s going to be an Italian God (or is it a Roman one?) (and does it matter which he is, he’ll be gorgeous! ). The scene is in a luxury hotel after he’s taken our heroine for a drive in his Ferrari, somewhere in the beautiful hillside of Tuscany… Maybe he’d look a bit like this…

Hot italian guy




Hawaiian Prize (working title) will be out end of November, with a facebook launch party on Thursday 28th – shared with my writing pals – more news soon!





Book of the Week – Resisting Nick

Well, I promised you a steamy freebie and there were a fair few volunteered to me when I asked for suggestions this week online.

I almost chose this one – 'Dating a Cougar' – but after comparing the reviews it was just beaten by Kris Pearson’s novel from October 2012, currently free on Amazon, (thurs 27th) AND - importantly  riding high in the charts.


Resisting Nick'Resisting Nick (Wicked in Wellington)'  is about a hot boss with a troubled past and his temporary PA who arrives at his fitness club. See what you think and let me know!




P.S. - I loved the ‘warning’ at the bottom of the write up for 'Resisting Nick' – must add one of those to my own steamy novel Hawaiian Affair! My equivalent would be – ‘warning, contains sex in luxury cruisers, hotel rooms and under waterfalls!’ hehe!

And thanks so much to the latest reviewers on Amazon – it’s reached 70 out of 79 five stars now!



 Interesting Interview in Bookseller with Top Agent Carole Blake

One of my favourite agents on social media, top tweeter @caroleagent is featured in the latest The Bookseller mag, discussing her strategies for looking after her clients, and how the new platforms are helping break new authors. When the link is available to the online edition, I'll repost it. Meanwhile, do see if you can read the whole article in the pages I've posted at the bottom! *


And Finally - reminder about the upcoming dates for my own titles.


**Countdown – Hawaiian Affair paperback – PG Version – 3 WEEKS (MID OCT)


**Countdown – Hawaiian Prize – paperback and eBook – one version – 7 WEEKS (end Nov)

Best wishes and pop by next week for more fab tips - including why Jackie Collins chose to self-publish!



* Carole Blake's '50 years in publishing' article in The Bookseller -

Carole Blake's article in The bookseller

 carole blake part two

This week on Read it Write it Sell it –

-          Why give away the plot in online reviews? What do you  think?

-          Bath Novel Award – lots of notice for this new writing comp!

-          As Hawaiian Affair reaches 140 out of 159 for five star reviews, the prequel takes shape, and an invite to an online launch party end of November!

-          Name my Italian Adonis character!

-          And My Granny Writes Erotica – fab book!

Topic of the Week – SPOILER REVIEWS – Grrrr!

First a gripe! Why oh why oh why do some reviewers of books insist on summarising the plot in their reviews! Surely the product description does that?! There’s a book by Jessica Hart which I was going to put as my book of the week this week, since it’s the 4th anniversary of our Tuscany writing course with Jessica – the book’s called ‘Hitched’. But all three reviews on it give you far too much of the plot. Why would people do that? Why why why? Even if they summarise a BIT of plot and then go on to give their own opinion of it, it wouldn’t be so bad. But none of them give much in the way of why they scored it that way. Grrrrr!

Pic of hitched

I’m serious – do you ever like to read half the story in the review, before you buy the book? There’s a reason publishers only put a slither of the plot on the back covers of paperbacks or hard copies, and that’s to make the book a journey of discovery. If someone puts the answer to a twist on a review, without the words ‘spoiler alert’ at the top, that’s just plain depriving someone of the chance to guess the outcome on their own. For me that’s always one of the best parts of the book. Probably why my prequel is starting to have several twists and turns in the journey to discovering what happened to heroine Sadie – and her sister Helen – in the run up to the main book.

Fortunately there’s only one review on one of the options of my Hawaiian Affair which gives away a little more than I’d like. So that’s my opinion on spoiler reviews. Let me know if you feel differently to me, would you?

Email me your thoughts on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a message below to tell me what you think!


Book of the Week – My Granny Writes Erotica


Talk about a zeitgeist for the early ‘teens and just perfect for 2013 readers who are ’50-shades-of-grey’ed’ out! I saw this book online – making waves on amazon, and thought I’d have to feature it this week! My Granny Writes Erotica  is a timely response to the tidal wave of titillation and erotic romance swamping the online stores nowadays. And the high street stores and supermarkets come to that! In this book, by Rosen Trevithick, newly single, straight-laced Betty needs a get rich quick scheme, and completes her life’s ambition to write a bestselling novel – the research she endures and the fall out that ensue are a delight to behold – it’s a comedy, and doing really well on amazon! Well done Rosen!

Have you read it? If so, let me know what you think by leaving a post below!




Name the hunk If you’ve read the latest on the Read It Write it Sell it segment of my latest weekly QVC Blog  you’ll know that the pace is picking up for the prequel to Hawaiian Affair to be released. WELL – do join in with the debate raging on facebook and my blog comments, to name the Italian Adonis who appears in a bedroom scene with one of the two heroines – yes but which of the two!

Date for your diary! And I have a publishing date! The prequel will be out end of November. Please put 28th Nov in your diary to join our online ‘party’ on facebook – me and the Ladies of Posara and their new books too. More news in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, if you don’t ‘do’ steamy or romance, maybe you’d find you feel the same as FJM Richman who said this on amazon recently -

Latest review on HA steamy – FJM Richman – pic?

I do not normally go for romance novels but as I happen to know the author I thought why not. I got the steamy version. It really left me on the edge of my seat as I was always wondering what was going to happen next. Great characters whom you could relate to, and an easy read also. A little bit of mystery for good measure. Fab first novel from a lovely lady. Cannot but recommend this book. Here's to the prequel and beyond!

Don’t forget – November 28th for the prequel!

Ps – a final reminder that the PG eBook of Hawaiian Affair (complete novel parts 1-4) is only 99p until end of Friday 20th September – don’t miss it!


Bath Novel Award

And finally – here’s news of a new writing comp – run by the lady who does the Bath Short Story award. Win £1000 – deadline next Feb – must be unpublished novels (which doesn’t include self-pub – yay! Maybe I’ll submit my prequel!) Go here for info about the Bath Novel Award.



 News of a fab free novel you won’t want to miss!

Join me every Friday for more Read it Write it Sell it news!

Best wishes



 Only one more week of special offer on my first ever romance novel - in non-steamy version! 

Of course the Steamy version is very much still available. It's funny how letting everyone know about the PG option has led to an even greater uplift in the sales of the raunchy version! Still, I don't mind - the post-50 Shades world is very much more in favour of hanky panky so I was happy to offer both. In fact, it's still on average around seven steamy sold to every one PG version!  May help to explain why ladette Charlotte won Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5 tonight too - her antics on Geordie Shore went down a storm.. ; - )

Anyway, if you think my book has got the x-factor, I'd love to hear from you! Do go here to leave me a review - currently 60 out of 64 five stars on the complete Steamy version eBook or Paperback!

And if you haven't read it yet, do succumb to temptation with a little click here to get the grandma-safe version whilst it's still 99p. Ends Friday 20th!

Meanwhile, I'm off on annual leave, at a fab spa - Champneys in Forest Mere - for a little bit of pampering - have had a hot stone back rub and an Elemis Facial already. Then to pal's in Devon where I'll be powering on with my second book - the Prequel - due out early November!

And the latest Friday Fiction Focus is also available on my website - with a complete beginner's tale of how she's self-publishing her - er - raunchy Regency novella!

Have a wonderful week. And do go see the funny Leighton Denny blooper on my qvc blog - funneeeee! - specially if you like things near the knuckle! Lol!

best wishes






In this week's RiWiSi-Go-Large –

- a complete beginner’s self-publishing story;

- Oxford digital how-to writing course;

- 99p offer for PG Hawaiian Affair ends soon;

- who won the Emily Harvale competition?

- and contender for the best opening line ever...?


But First... Another self-publishing story. We love to hear how others are progressing, so in this week's fiction focus, newly published author Claire Firth speaks to Read It Write It Sell It about her own first steps into the digital world of self-publishing and her soon-to-be-published first steamy regency novella…!


What had you previously written? I’ve always dabbled in writing since my teens.  I’ve written six full length novels:   three romances, two crime and one chick lit type novel - plus this Regency period erotic novella (The Reluctant Bride) which is coming out on Amazon in the next couple of weeks.  They say that 7 novels is the magic number before authors finally begin to know what they’re doing, so we’ll see! 


What courses had you taken:  I’ve done several courses over the years – Creative Writing courses, evening classes and also an online course.  I have also attended various Writing Festivals – the Crime Writers Association seminar is one that I particularly enjoyed, as well as the York Writers’ Festival in York run by The Writer’s Workshop.  One of the best courses I went on was a week’s writing course in Posara in Italy nearly four years ago now.  It was run by Jessica Hart who writes romances.  She was brilliant in pinpointing what we needed to do to improve our writing and it was there that I really got the bug and decided to get serious about finishing my latest novel.  After our return we all formed an active writer’s support group called The Ladies of Posara.   We are still going strong as a support group and without my Ladies I would never be in the position I’m in today of finally getting around to publishing my novels.


How important we're they?  I think everyone benefits from a good course but I think nothing beats sitting down at that keyboard and writing your book!  I prefer a short sharp burst of tuition!  I found the evening classes and online courses not particularly good for me as I felt they were keeping me away from what I really wanted to be doing – writing my novel!


What spurred you on to take the plunge:  The Ladies of Posara!  Some of whom have already taken the plunge themselves and done pretty well out of self publishing.  In the past I’ve always felt that if I couldn’t find an agent/publisher then it’s probably because my novel wasn’t good enough but I think these days with the advent of Amazon, e-books, the internet etc., things are changing fast.  It’s become very difficult for independent book sellers not to mention publishers and agents, so it’s very difficult for new authors to get themselves out there via traditional routes. 


Describe the process of self publishing, for you:    It’s been a huge learning curve and still is as I’m not quite there yet.  Once I’d taken the decision to do it I just wanted to get on but of course it’s not quite that simple.  Basically I wrote the novel, then after I’d had it proof read, I formatted it for Kindle   I’m in the process of having a front cover designed at the moment (you can either design it yourself of pay someone to do it), after which I will then proceed to the next stage of uploading everything to Amazon’s website and following their instructions!  They do a brilliant book called Building Your Book for Kindle which talks you through the whole process but I’m very much learning as I go.  I’m also setting up a website and have also created email, Twitter and Facebook accounts to promote and blog about my books.  It’s all incredibly time consuming but really exciting at the same time.  If there’s anyone out there thinking about self publishing I would just say DO IT! 


What was the hardest bit:     I think probably the formatting (although it’s so well explained it’s more time consuming than hard) as well as getting my head around the technical stuff and options re pricing, free promos, tax implications etc.  Also the social networking aspect doesn’t come naturally to me so it’s been challenging setting up the new accounts and using them!  However, I’ve found a brilliant chap now who is working with me on the website and who’s an absolute whizz! 


What was the biggest surprise about it all:   Conversely to what I’ve just been saying, I think the biggest surprise has been how easy it is to get your book out there.  I think it’s brilliant that people have the opportunity to display their work and of course it’s down to the readers in the end as to whether they think it’s any good!


What's your genre, describe your book:   Okay, so as I said earlier I do write different genres and the main one I write is probably best described as psychological crime with a romantic thread. However, a few years back I was part of a local writing group until I moved away, and on one occasion we decided to think outside our usual box and write something steamy!  When I read mine out it seemed to be the general consensus that I appeared to have something of a talent for this and I should write the book!  The result is The Reluctant Bride – an erotic Regency Romance novella which is coming out on Amazon as an e-book in a couple of weeks’ time.  I’ve really enjoyed writing this and have already started the follow up which is based on two other characters who appear very briefly in the story.


What's your plan for the future and for your self-published titles?    Now I’ve got the bug there’s no stopping me!  After The Reluctant Bride, the next one to be published is about a young girl whose baby is abducted from its pram and then a few years later the skeleton of a baby is found in someone’s garden a few miles away.  It sounds grim but it’s not gory!  It’s a cosy crime, as they call it! The problem is that because this is a different genre to The Reluctant Bride, I will probably publish it under a different pen name.  I can already feel the headaches coming on over the technicalities of that one!  After that it will be the follow up to Reluctant Bride (Desperate Measures) and another mystery/crime novel which I’ve already written.  As I said – there’s no stopping me now.


Follow Claire on Twitter @ClaireFirth3 for news of when The Reluctant Bride novella will be available!, or return here every Friday for the Fiction Focus - updates Coming soon…



More RiWiSi news now: -



99p Offer Ends on Friday 21st September for PG Hawaiian Affair!

Thought I’d warn you that the PG version of the eBook of my first ever romance novel, will be 99p only until next Friday (21st) so get downloading now!...



Oxford Authors Courses – the Digital Age

A two day course if you’re fascinated by the opportunities opening up in self-publishing, from the reliably well-connected Oxford Authors’ organisation. Go here for full info and to book – but hurry – it’s October 12th and 13th and there are only a few places left!




Winner of competition!

And the winner of the signed Emily Harvale book is Christine Feenerty from Cornwall! Congrats to you and good luck with your own first novel at age nearly 50 hon!

 If you have a blog with self-publishing tips, do leave me a comment below!


More Read It Write It Sell It info on my latest QVC Blog too - including book of the week Gone Girl, and who will play heroes on big screen?


On Next week’s Friday Fiction Focus …my own pointers to the path to self-publishing – how you can do it too!  


PS – Best Opening Line...?! Do go look at ‘Call Me’ by Dani Ripper and John Locke – just go look at the opening line on the ‘look inside’ on amazon if you get the chance and you want a smile… if not the best, it's got to be a contender for the most attention grabbing opener, right? Lol! (sorry, it’s unprintable here! Hehe)

Hi! This week on my QVC Blog there's a comp to win a signed copy of my 2002 semi-autobiographical weight loss book, based on the 'seven secrets of slim people' principles. Closes midday Thursday 12th September! But if you can't wait, it's on amazon - either paperback or eBook - here!


Also the latest Friday Fiction Focus on my Read It Write It Sell It page, is all about steamy novels - writing them and selling them. Just go to the RiWiSi tab!


Do come back next Friday! And leave me a comment below, if you've read my romance novel Hawaiian Affair - it's currently on 90% five star reviews! (of a total) - am well-chuffed!

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