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Debbie Flint

4 October 2016

RIP Patchy Dog.

This week, my lovely Patchy Dog fell asleep for the last time and it was - as these things always are - a sad occasion. Poor thing really had had enough, so it was only fair not to put her through any more distress, since she couldn't make it round the garden any more as her back legs had given out and her swollen tum indicated , as the vet said, that old age or something more sinister, was overtaking her little body and she became skin and bone.

But Patchy was 15 and she really had a good life.

This was Patchy last year when I first moved into new house.

She was no trouble, nearly all her life never had anything seriously wrong with her - apart from a cut paw - and was a pleasure to spend my last 15 years with.

she was one of eight puppies born to Holly - who only died two years ago - longevity runs in the family. Being prolific doesn't tho', as Holly never had any more litters, and Patch only had three pups, by caesarean. But she was a good mum and that was the only time she became alpha dog, keeping Holly in her place whilst her pups were at home!

Patch, her mum Holly plus Daisy and Gracie aged about one, circa 2011.

My kids Brad and Lauren recall Patch fondly, knowing she was a bit batty! She loved playing with the pups Gracie and Daisy when they arrived, and was a kind, generous playmate. She loved her toys, and could usually be seen with a plastic something or other in her mouth, although Daisy thought it was her job to decimate them, Patch would keep walking round with the remnants in her mouth.


One really funny memory I had of Patch was once whilst drying her with the only thing I had to hand - an old white dressing gown - and she tried to escape through the sleeve. Her nose and eyes reached the end and she was flopping around like a seal for a while - Brad and Lauren and I were killing ourselves laughing! That was when we were at our house in Home Meadow around 2002 or 3. Brad left home for uni in 2005. Seems a million years ago. And Patchy was there through it all.

Patch was a favourite with the people who visited - Mr back of my tandem my ex, and my pal sharon's lad Lewis amongst others, both thought Patch was great.

Patch was always a happy soul, always there with a waggy tail and never miserable, or unhappy. Always the delta-dog, never the alpha, she loved life and will be sorely missed.

RIP Patchy.




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