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Debbie Flint

Spielberg and Lucas – movie future is grim

(Mentioned here ‘cos of my nascent interest in scriptwriting.) Now how weird is this? Two movie greats talking about a film industry 'implosion'. Just after I’d used that exact word recently to describe what’s been happening in Hollywood, these two giants of the movie world step up and say the same. And how they think it’ll happen. And knowing what I now know, having got a tad closer to it all over the last year, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Do go read the whole article, ‘specially about Stephen Soderbergh at the bottom, and what Clive Owen’s up to next. Then go to this week’s film reviews below, cos ironically, it’s all about two completely contrasting movies, one from the old days, and one bang up to date, the latter being exactly what type of film these two Hollywood leviathans are mentioning. Go here to read more 

Nb – I do think that we’ll see more and more theatre simulcasts, if the recent Odeon sell-out of The Audience (Helen Mirren playing the Queen) is anything to go by.


Plus 'Dear Thing' by Julie Cohen


Book of the Week time again -

Dear Thing by Julie Cohen. Regulars will know that Julie is one of my favourite authors and a course tutor and mentor of mine. This summer sees the release of the paperback of her latest offering – which is a bit of a departure from her previous relationship based romance-led books, and is ‘a bittersweet story about love and motherhood: Claire, who desperately wants a baby, and Romily, the woman who is secretly in love with Claire’s husband'... Sounds intriguing!

Avail on all formats now, do give it a try. I’m saving it for my break in July – when I decide where to go! Lol.