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Debbie Flint

Above is the new cover fragment – a little sneaky peek at the third and final teaser of Hawaiian Retreat, book 3. The big reveal is just a week away! And the new novel just two weeks. Where does time go?!



As my Home Page news item says, fab news about J K Rowling’s latest masterpiece – it’s out next week, and the audio book is on offer as a pre-order, with first two chapters free! Great marketing effort too. I got mine, very pleased and can’t wait. Go here to get your copy of Silkworm – writing as Robert Galbraith, it’s JK's book 2 featuring Cormoran Strike as damaged hero. I enjoyed the narration, I also enjoyed the in-depth characterisation and driving force which sucked me right in. As usual it made the journeys to and from work pass by very fast! I listen to a lot of audio books and am chuffed to have found a way of converting all my kindle e-books to audio for free – see my home page news update for info. (or sign up for newsletter updates to get them emailed to you for free each time!)

But of course the big news is that it’s now only two weeks away – so am frantically scribbling (well, metaphorically speaking I am!) away in every spare moment, to get my second book published. Due on Amazon by June 29th – ‘Hawaiian Retreat’. And the freebie updates on my QVC Author page – ‘like’ the page here  to see them each night from now on!


Personal Greeting for Dear Thing

Just finished listening to this top notch Richard and Judy pick, and it is totally absorbing, well crafted and brilliant! And now here’s a way of getting a personalised message to go with it – well done Julie Cohen (.com), great idea! Dear Thing is here on Amazon.

 Julie Cohen greeting



Countdown continues – Hawaiian Retreat – due out 29th June.

Just over 2 weeks until the release of my next romance novel on Amazon. As mentioned, the main pic is another cover teaser.  Plus read below for another little excerpt, in the run up to 29th June - publication weekend of the third in the trilogy (again with a steamy or PG option!) - see bottom of page.

Cover reveal is next week!


Win a signed copy

There will be a prize of a signed copy of my new novel for the person randomly chosen from all those who email me with ‘cover comp’ in the subject line, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , by close on 19th  June, and tell me:

- what are the images going to be which will appear in the background of the cover of my new romance novel?

See if you can guess! Clue? It’s in keeping with the other two books, kind of, and is featured within the storyline! Nb - anyone who has seen the cover, is not eligible – (and please don’t tell people either! Lol!) Take a guess anyway – the winner will be randomly chosen.

Other news –

-          Screenwriting Festival – the ‘world’s biggest professional screenwriting event is booking up fast – 150 speakers over 3 days including Lynda La Plante (‘Prime Suspect’) click here for the info and book soon, two thirds gone!

-          Got $500 to spend marketing your book? So what do you do with it? Here’s one person’s recommendations and some interesting advice on what not to do too! Click here for more info.

-          Quirky - How & Why Walking Podcasts (Walkcasts) Help Authors Reach Readers  via Self-Publishing – I began a podcast recently – will update it soon (had a techie problem with an upload that didn’t work but more soon – promise!) Read more here.


On QVC BLOG/ RiWiSi – And do remember there’s even more RiWiSi section on my regular Friday QVC blog! Go here. Including a book of the week from Diana Kirschner’s Love in 90 Days!

Beginners’ Guide And if you’re a complete beginner and want to self-publish, remember my basic guide published two weeks ago – click here for beginner's tips for self-publishing -  a summary of info, sites and links to help you on your way.

Archives Don’t forget to check out my archives (to the left) for even more fabulous hints, tips, links and blogs. Plus - see below for my own list of books now available in paperback or eBook on Amazon! And below that, as promised, an extract of my WIP, work in progress!

Have an amazingly lovely week!

Best wishes





As usual, here’s the round up of my own titles! Do give me feedback by tweeting or facebooking or just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Otherwise I’d appreciate a review on Amazon and Goodreads! Enjoy! x


Books  - all available on Amazon – paperback or eBook (kindle or kindle app or kindle on PC or Mac)

4 of my books

HAWAIIAN TRILOGY (2013/4) – romantic fiction in either steamy or PG options!

Book 1 Hawaiian Escape Steamy or Hawaiian Escape PG, the prequel to Hawaiian Affair - is now available on Amazon in eBook or paperback in both PG original and steamy (just released last week!).

Book 2 Hawaiian Affair Steamy or Hawaiian Affair PG versions are both available on Amazon in either eBook or paperback.

 (Book 3 ‘Hawaiian Retreat – Helen’s Story’ is coming in the Summer)

DIARY OF A WANNABE SHOPPING CHANNEL PRESENTER – see above – click here to buy Ebook on amazon, and click here to buy paperback.



‘When Dreams Return’ (2014) – spooky romantic short story – when Chelle’s pal Sara gets her to conjure up her ideal man with a full moon magic spell, she gets more than she bargained for…

The Valentine’s Surprise (2010) is a short story proving it’s never too late to find your Sir Galahad!



Till the Fat Lady Slims is my 2002 weight loss book all about eating like slim people do, following Food Freedom technique. As used and recommended on our Back to You QVC Facebook group! NB – Brand new revised version coming Autumn 2014!


OTHER WORK IN PROGRESS (see my new Work In Progress tab for updates!)

‘Hawaiian Retreat’ – Helen’s story - book three in the trilogy, see above.

‘TTFLS’ revised version – coming Autumn 2014

‘The How to Find a Husband Manual’ – hehe – more info in the summer. A spin off from the Hawaiian trilogy’s character Kate, Helen’s friend in New York.

‘Diary of a Rookie Shopping Channel Presenter’ – sequel - early 2015


Extract from Work In Progress – Hawaiian Retreat – first draft (due out on Amazon 29th June)
Alessandro was sensitive enough to leave Helen to her thoughts on the slow walk back to the house afterwards. Helen felt a dull ache from being left out of an important family occasion – like she always did - with all the family there at the restaurant together and Helen thousands of miles away like the prodigal daughter.
Eventually Alessandro spoke, his tone gentle and warm. ‘Things will work out, will they not? Family blood is thick, and there was genuine affection in your sister’s eyes. Every family has their little problems.’ He said, placing his warm hand in the small of Helen’s back. She shivered a little as they walked, and just nodded, staring straight ahead as she negotiated the stone pathway back to the terrace where they were to dine…


Spielberg and Lucas – movie future is grim

(Mentioned here ‘cos of my nascent interest in scriptwriting.) Now how weird is this? Two movie greats talking about a film industry 'implosion'. Just after I’d used that exact word recently to describe what’s been happening in Hollywood, these two giants of the movie world step up and say the same. And how they think it’ll happen. And knowing what I now know, having got a tad closer to it all over the last year, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Do go read the whole article, ‘specially about Stephen Soderbergh at the bottom, and what Clive Owen’s up to next. Then go to this week’s film reviews below, cos ironically, it’s all about two completely contrasting movies, one from the old days, and one bang up to date, the latter being exactly what type of film these two Hollywood leviathans are mentioning. Go here to read more 

Nb – I do think that we’ll see more and more theatre simulcasts, if the recent Odeon sell-out of The Audience (Helen Mirren playing the Queen) is anything to go by.


Plus 'Dear Thing' by Julie Cohen


Book of the Week time again -

Dear Thing by Julie Cohen. Regulars will know that Julie is one of my favourite authors and a course tutor and mentor of mine. This summer sees the release of the paperback of her latest offering – which is a bit of a departure from her previous relationship based romance-led books, and is ‘a bittersweet story about love and motherhood: Claire, who desperately wants a baby, and Romily, the woman who is secretly in love with Claire’s husband'... Sounds intriguing!

Avail on all formats now, do give it a try. I’m saving it for my break in July – when I decide where to go! Lol.