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OMG - oops. This pic is of the latest accident from Mrs Klutz here - well, from Wendy but she didn't realise I'd just washed red napkins in the washing machine and the remaining water did this... thing is, check out what's underneath all the towels in this little video -

click here to see it - in the pink - another boo boo!

Plus - Had a great response last week with lots of you replying with your suggestions for favourite songs for me to sing at the 40s and 50s gig in Torrington Devon at The Plough Arts Centre on Saturday September 16th.  Top faves included 'Summertime' and 'girl from ipanema' - I'll keep you informed! See the song list from my accompanists the Eric Gilchrist Trio on last week's blog here. And go here to hear the charity concert performance of two such songs, last November, to give you a flavour of what it'll be about - do come if you can. We'l be doing a tea rooms on the Sunday too. (close your eyes though - mum's bad camera work! hehe!)

And another busy week down in Devon - although I did weekdays at QVC 'cos I'm going away this weekend, I still popped back to oversee the latest refurb. This time it's the kitchen. There's a before pic going up on my QVC blog coming out on Friday pm here. Next week there'll be some cool after pics tho! Can't wait to see it when I get back from my hol!

Whilst down there I catch up on my social media and there's been some poignant messages to me recently - some of it heartbreaking. Yet more feedback from the thought provoking blogs I've been writing about emotional bullies. (go here to see the original blogs). There's been a real unveiling of what's going on in some people's lives and the truth is it's more frequent than we might realise. The latest blog is here, and it has probably the best summary of the issue I've ever read. What's more, a lovely lady affected terribly by bullying and abuse, has offered to help. Watch this space if you or someone you know is affected by it then it may be worth getting in touch.  It may be a new Facebook group which will be secret, by invitation only, and for those people who have given me their stories.


Book of the week - Liz Earle's good Gut Guide - finally more and more evidence that Freedom Eating's pivotal principle of listening to your body, received validation - and from a fabulous source! lovely Liz, who we have known for many years via her superb skin care sold on QVC, has released her new book. Do go read it. And if you're inspired, there's more about that subject along with other reasons why we can't lose weight and tips on how to overturn the habits of a lifetime in my TTFLs 3.0 book here.

Latest blog on QVC is out here with lots of sneaky peeks of the week ahead on QVC plus funnies incl the most unusual things to do with a dolls head...! 

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much love for a happy week!



ps am off to France this week for my birthday and looking forward to relaxing and walking Rory the dog down by the Dordogne - bliss! Tables turned as it's the writing retreat I've been to a couple of times previousy - regulars may remember it!

ps a short story to follow - pop back to my home page on my website in the week, here.

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