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Debbie Flint

More about baby granddaughter - and check out the hail!
31 January 2018


Bless my little granddaughter Blake Katherine Carter.

She seems to be a very contented little girl, and her daddy Bradley (still feels weird saying that!) is exemplary - helping out at home on his three weeks paternity leave. He is a good man, my son, and makes me very proud.

Mummy Kari is making sure baby gets some breastmilk and getting herself better after her caesarean. Poor love. It must be awful. I recall having reallly bad piles after my 10lb9oz Lauren, and that was bad enough!

Anyway this tricky time will soon pass, in a couple of months it'll all be behind them, and like nothing's ever been any different.

Great montage - courtesy of Lolly's instagram! 


I was lucky when my kids were young because I had so much family around me. I know it was thirty years ago, but it felt like it was a perfectly modern era and in many respects not much different than today in terms of what we did day to day. Mind you, I still wonder how we ever used Milton bleach to clean baby's bottles - the smell meant there must have been some bleach still on them and no doubt the baby swallowed some. When you think about what we now know about gut bacteria it horrifies me.

What is reassuring though, is 'baby biotics' - assuming they work, eg here -  and have been thoroughly tested etc, which they must have been - to help poor little babies whose microbiome has been upset by antibiotics soon after birth. Especially caesarean babies. For those who don't know, watch the youtube videos from experts who explain how important all this stuff is - eg here. I won't go into it now, I'll do a special blog about it soon on my website, on the Back to You page. BUT if you have no idea about this stuff, watch 'gut reaction parts 1&2' on youtube - a super summary and introduction to the world of gut bacteria and their connection to ... well, almost everything in the body. That's why I take 'supermightidophilus 24' from Solaray, via amazon. And it makes so much difference to my ... digestion. There's a lot of info out there, believe me. and if you like books, just begin with 'gut' by Giulia Enders.

book of the week - is The Late Show by Michael Connely. A female cop on the night shift in Hollywood encounters a serial killer - a bit too closely. more here.

And look out for some Early Bird order links on QVC this weekend including elemis's amazing superfood bundle of products, then the latest from G-Tech, back on air after a gap of a few years. Looking forward to the launch with Russell Bristow my mate who lives near me in Devon!

Check out this hail! on the vlog of the week - go here to see it! Extraordinary and very cold!

have a fab week x









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