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New Year's Eventualities.... And an honest struggle with writer's block, from my mentor.
2 January 2018

Another year, another load of New Year's Resolutions? Well maybe take a break from them this year! It's exactly a year (on 6th) since the latest version of my food-relationships book 'Till the Fat Lady Slims' came out in bookshops, courtesy of UK independent publisher Choc Lit (who also published my first novel.)

Go here to read about it, and maybe join our Facebook Group for support, and perhaps this is the year food won't quite be the ogre it has always been in your life.

BUT! Stop press! If getting a good night's sleep is your current prime concern, do check out my midnight launch tonight (saturday - and on thru Sunday) of the new QVC Today's Special Value - the superb Sealy posturepedic bed - some options over £1000 off! It's the most amazingly comfy mattress (you can buy mattress or bed) and is back after selling out early in the summer.

Go here to get yours whilst stocks last - there may be some advanced orders if you prefer to pay later too!

Book of the week – just finished ‘Fingersmith’ – Victorian for pick pocket – about a case of fraud and subterfuge in 1860s England, love, cunning and surprise twists, Sarah Waters has done it again as far as I’m concerned! She also wrote one of my top novels, set in the 1920s, ‘the Paying Guests’, audiobook brilliantly read by Juliet Stevenson. Well done her. Read more here.

Blocking Writer's Block

And talking of writing, it's always awesome and inspiring to read an honest confession from a professional about their problems - especially if it offers a solution to others too. Julie Cohen is my mentor and in 2017, suffered an awful period of writer's block. Here's how she coped - it's in the form of a twit blog - you can read it here.

I love how she admits that "Writing is 99% self-doubt, but when you have that elusive 1% of confidence to hold on to, that sense of "I'm not sure what I'm doing but I can do this anyway", there's a quiet strength to you even when you're writing the wrong words. A lack of fear...Am I happier because I'm writing? Or writing because I'm happier? I think they're inseparable. I never really appreciated this delicate balance before 2017..." Gotta love this woman.

It made me tear up a little tbh. Thinking that my own inability to finish my key novel, French or Dutch ('aka 'the big one') was unique to me, and that I will be found out... Julie I salute you. I will finish that novel and you will be the first to see it, as agreed, my lovely mentor. When you are ready of course! It's true that there's always someone out there to help you - and if you keep doing what you've been doing, you'll keep getting what you've been getting. So take a leap and see what happens - I'm going to.

Speakmans Talking of resolutions - again - just a quick reminder that the famous Speakmans were on QVC with their new year new you #tsv DVD last Wednesday. More about them on our website here - maybe give it a go - you've got a 30 day MBG after all.

Another new QVC blog was just posted yesterday with lots of pics from my winter break, and some fab shots of new year with friends. here's a couple of them...

and here's afterwards at home! ( Reading this amazing book which I'll review when it's officially launched in April - gonna be one of the big successes of the year IMO, my pal AJ Pearce.)

Hope you had a fab time anyway.


And if you didn't, or if you were unfortunate enough to have your break ruined by some bully in your life, there's a new post bubbling under on Facebok, which will give rise to a new blog on my website I think. Go here to read the original blog Narcissus,  read nearly 10,000 tiimes, with resources about escaping bullies. And go here to my Facebook page to read even more tragic stories from people in the same situation - and several who have happily broken free. More news soon.


Facebook Page and New Twitter. 

As you may know, I'm about to launch a big comp - in a week or so - which will be for a bumper bundle of products, to tie in with the launch of new QVC only Twitter and Facebook pages. More soon - do enter tho - someone's got to win them!

FINALLY - as you know, this is one of the very few places I will be posting about my new grandchild - due Tuesday - so stay tuned! It will not be all over my social media, mostly just here.  So stay tuned!

Join me tonight midnight if you read this early enough, or repeated till 9am Sunday (7th)!

Have a fab week!




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