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Deb's Diary 30TH Nov '17 - A Moving Tale
29 November 2017

Dontcha just love it when you get a chance to involve your kids in something to do with work? They don't, mind you - not always anyway! But since these pics were public, they didn't mind. Taken at Lolly's wedding, they are on a customizable case for the new Amazon Fire 10 inch tablet TSV from Amazon, which I'll be launching Fri night on QVC (1st Dec midnight) with my lovely telly hubby Lee Hohbein. (go here where it will appear from Midnight!)

I get warm fuzzies every time I look at those pics, and am very proud of my kids. And their partners, of course! As I say in my new QVC blog, just out (here) , it's only six weeks or so till Kari, my son's wife, has her bubba and I become a nanny! And this is the only place I will be sharing pics of baby on a regular basis, updates etc. As I don't want her / him to become a social media 'thing' - and neither does son, or his wife. So stay where you are for the occasional update! 

I don't, however, want to become one of those who posts about grandchildren over and over and nothing else... but if you know me, as many of you do by now, I'm sure you'll already know that that's not likely, considering what else I post about!


Moving out todayyy...ayyy...ayyy!

Remember that Carol Bayer Sager song? Loved it, way back when. Well I might have had a few house moves in the last few years, but my son and his wife take the biscuit! They have moved no less than SIX times in the last six years!! I'm now in what I hope will be my long term home, in Devon (unless something extraordinary happens!) as I too have had enough of moving. But we went to help out a bit last weekend and had a nice catch up. Managed to put together the latest Ikea purchases without any 'bits' left over afterwards too! lol. 

So we got on to discussing tips for having a clear out and decluttering. It's the 'separation theory' - if you can put it all in a bag, and put it away eg in the loft for a year, and you still havent' used it, then throw it out after that! It makes it less agonising to choose what to put in the bag in the first place, and you can always go get it, whatever it is, if you find you really do need it after all! Do you agree? Or are you like my sis Linda who says 'if in doubt, chuck it out!'


Festive Best Day

A big promotion from my lovely key charity Medical Detection Dogs this week - have a look at this post, and watch the video I did specially for the 'Festive Best Day' promotion that Medical Detection Dogs are doing in December - can you do it too? Click here


Book of the Week  - another superb outing from narrator Kobna Holdbrook Smith, reading the first ever PC Peter Grant novella, in the Rivers of London series, by the talented Ben Aaronovitch - The Furthest Station - more here. Also click this link to find out about the latest from Retreats for You, our guest house in Devon!

This week's blooper - happened when Nikki from Lola Rose didn't know her own strength!! lol. go here to see it and also see more on this week's QVC blog. Next week's will be the hilarious one from a trick I played on Mally live on air in a makeup show this week! hehehehahaha! Was crying with laughter that's for sure! Plus also on the new qvc blog, lots of sneaky peeks of the week ahead plus what I got up to with my lovely son up London...

hope you have a great week!

best wishes



Have you heard about this special event in Kingston, Surrey on 9th December? Can you come? More info here - come hear me sing a few vintage songs, amongst other things - should be fun.  go here to find out more!!

New QVC Blog - with lots of sneaky peeks! Go here to the latest one: read my new QVC blog which will be here 

And don't forget to 'like' the Facebook page here for instant access to all my 'vlogs' during my weeks off in Devon whilst my hand heals, and other sneaky peeks and early bird links!

best wishes for a fab week!



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best wishes




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