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Girls' Road Trip! And stitches out - finally!
21 November 2017

Well it's finally happened - the stitches are out! If you saw last week's picture 'one week after the op' you'll have seen the angry looking wound as it healed, with stitches resembling the Grinch's muzzle! (if not go here.)

On Thursday, a fortnight after it was opened up, the now-almost-healed hole in my palm looked like this - 

It's amazing how the human body heals isn't it. Let's hope I hear no more from it and I can get back to writing my next book without getting pins and needles in my fingers. And back to QVC! this weekend is a biiiiig event - Black Friday with lots of bargains and temporary deals, so don't miss it. Previews are already posted here.

My new QVC blog will appear here from Friday, including a super elemis competition. It features early bird Black Friday links to bargains from Bose (TSV Satruday) , Samsung ( a 65" TV on Sunday!) and RAC dashcam on Monday. Buy now tho. ANd see Nails Inc deal for Tuesday , early, too! 


Girl's Road Trip

Had such a lovely time of it last week when my good pal Sheena allowed me to accompany her (as my driver!) on a two day trip to Kent then Surrey. We went on a journey to the beautiful Leeds Castle for a Medical Detection Dogs Presentation event. Go here to read more about the MDD event.

here are a couple of the pics from the fabulous trip -

After the Leeds castle event, Sheena and I went to my sis's spa for some pampering, then off to Dorking to my hairdresser Kay in Dare Hair, to wash it for me. I hadn't been able to do it myself 'cos my wound had to be kept dry! So it was lovely to have it all fresh ready for the evening's gala dinner. And a lovely stay in the Running Horses, Mickleham, including a superb claw footed bath!

and even on the way home we had some super sights to behold...

As they say - a good time was had by all! 


Book of the Week

Well, last week I featured a super Xmas one from my writing pal Jules Wake - her 'Covent Garden in the Snow' is a bestseller on amazon, so why not give it a go? More here.

This week I am over the moon with my favourite ex-military cop Jack Reacher's latest from Lee Child. The hardback is out at same time as audiobook so I devoured it. Love the way Lee Child writes, and loved the new more caring twist he's included in this one. 'the Midnight Line' did not let me down, more here.

 hope you have a great week!

best wishes



Have you heard about this special event in Kingston, Surrey on 9th December? Can you come? More info here - come hear me sing a few vintage songs, amongst other things - should be fun.  go here to find out more!!

New QVC Blog - with lots of sneaky peeks! Go here to the latest one: read my new QVC blog which will be here 

And don't forget to 'like' the Facebook page here for instant access to all my 'vlogs' during my weeks off in Devon whilst my hand heals, and other sneaky peeks and early bird links!

best wishes for a fab week!



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best wishes


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