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Naming the rooms at Retreats for You - any ideas?
21 March 2017

The big question which I will have to decide in the next few weeks is how to name the bedrooms in our lovely guest house and writing retreat in Devon - see below. What do you think?

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Naming the rooms

This is a hot topic for me at the moment and one I’d like to ask you about. Firstly I’m thinking of naming the bedrooms in our guest house/writing retreat, Retreats for You, after the former residents. This is because I have copies of the census returns showing who was living here. Eg in 1881 showing the landlord of this building, which was the White Hart Inn, was one Moses Dufty. If I had a ‘Dufty’ room, would you book it?!

Other names include the Jones family – who were here from the 1930s – Brian Jones is the boy in the pic above and he still lives up the road, now aged about 80 something. Also the Martin family – from the early 1800s and Slee – another local family name still in evidence around Sheepwash – who was a landlord in the late 1800s. Plus the Cooper clan, the former owners before me. What do you think? Or if not this idea, then what? Others said names of breeds of sheep, of trees, of MDD dogs and more. Any suggestions do just email me back This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Doggy Paws 

I've also managed to use a couple of pits in the kitchen floor to come up with a neat idea to immortalise Daisy and Gracie dog at Retreats for You - look at this!

We put their paw prints in the grouting! Funny and charming all at once. Better than a rotten great grey patch too ...

Book of the Week  is Kirsty Ferry's The Girl in the Painting, follow up to Some Veil did Fall, which I'm listening to on audio book at the moment. So it's a double whammy! Go here to read more about these historical novels.

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And this week I've done a couple of vlogs from Devon - including a dangerously high river walk, and a meander around the house at supper time, showing the biggest culinary disaster yet! lol. clilck here to see the page and 'like' it in order not to  miss any posts in future!

Have a lovely week



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