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Brad is 30, and delving into the past...
2 March 2017

Gosh what a busy week!

Much of my news will be on the QVC blog out Friday, it will be here.

But in this little update I wanted to discuss a topic that cropped up when my son’s big watershed birthday happened – yes, I have a 30 year old son. Yes, this week, Bradley was 30. How on earth does that even happen?! When I still feel 30 myself, to be faced with a boy who has become not only a man but a man who is getting the first signs of distinguished grey at his temples – means I’m reminded how quickly life flies by. And it got me to thinking, about the passage of time, as I watched him be stoooopid at his 30th party in London, happy-tiddly-funny and making everyone laugh. We have to make every day count, don’t we? And how we all leave our mark on the people and places we touch in our passage through this lifetime.

At my Devon retreat* where I now am when I’m not at QVC (see below for how to book to come along – full board £80 per person per night, two places free 13th march if you can come!) I often get to talking with new people about all sorts of situations, life experiences and so forth. Plus meeting new villagers who have their own tales to tell, means it helps keep things in context. One lady was telling  me during my stint volunteering in the village shop this week (it was fun!) that most of her family were all born in this house and that her great great grandfather was the one mentioned on the census I had a picture of – Moses Dufty. He was the landlord of the then ‘White Hart pub’ which was what Retreats for You was during most of the 1800s. She only recalls that it stopped being a pub when the landlord died and it reverted to a home instead. Don’t know why. If you do, let me know? Cynthia doesn’t have pics, sadly, but it makes me happy to hear about those old days.

Turns out if you didn’t buy the house you were in, from the Clinton Estate in the 1930s, it was sold off, you were turfed out and someone else bought it. My next door neighbour Caroline’s hubby Keith’s mum and dad were two such new arrivals, as it happens. Another family called the Jones’s are well known in the village and Brian Jones who is in his 80s now, and lives up the road in East Street, and they must have taken over this house, The Court, when the Dufty family moved up North Street in the early 1940s just before Cynthia was born.

Then I went along to pancake night at the village hall this week and spotted more old pics of Sheepwash on the wall – INCLUDING the back of The Court in the centre of this shot -

One of them shows the back of The Court in the early 1960s – before the new roof was put on what is now the kitchen area but what shows as being an old out building in this photo. And the garden at the back is much bigger too. The old pig farm to the east is still there, of course, that was only made into a new housing development within the last 20 years. And you can still see the little petrol pumps which used to be in the square opposite RFy. Amazing how so much is the same yet so much is different.

All in all, it’s so wonderful to be integrating into a place with so much history now. I’ve never lived in a village so old, and I really appreciate all its foibles and idiosyncrasies.

Hence keeping the kitchen floor – this week my son-in-law-to-be, Handyman Nick, came down with a soda crystal blasting machine, to get the tiles clean, so they can be re-grouted then sealed and then hopefully easier to keep clean longer term. That’s the theory anyway. Pics next week!

Other news –

If you missed my updates from the last couple of weeks, apologies, I had a change to my web set up so here are the links to the new blogs I posted in case you wanted to catch up!

Click here to read about the MDD weekend and see some fab videos and here to read Derek the dog (my little sponsor puppy) latest update about his progress on the way to becoming a medical detection dog for a diabetic owner who is yet to be chosen.

Click here to read ‘Less clutter more joy’, last week’s news update including a link to the little blog ‘escaping the inescapable’ which I did as I hope it might help some people who are suffering from emotional abuse, written after a chat with a lovely lady at one of my retreats.

*Click here to see the latest news about coming down to Retreats for You and booking some me-time away from day-to-day life whether you’re a writer, a carer, or just a busy mum in need of a break!

And click here to read about a brilliant book called The Girl Before – I’m still reading it but it’s going to be a film apparently, by Ron Howard, it’s that good!

Hope you have a good week!

I’m off to a writing retreat of my own in Bristol with ace mentor Julie Cohen this weekend – then back to welcome another batch of writers to Retreats for You here in Sheepwash. Not back on QVC till the week after as I’m using up annual leave. Getting lots done and learning how to do a bit of plastering too! Lol. Loving life at the moment, and to be honest, even though there are things going on that I wish weren’t, it’s all about focussing on what makes you happy and gives you joy – happiness is a choice after all.

Best wishes



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