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Debbie Flint

Play the cards, right?
16 February 2017

Have you ever seen a deck of cards like this? This week I went to a friend of mine who does readings as a hobby. She said she had never seen a spread of cards like this before, apparently I have all the good ones! She told me I had picked the one that means all my wishes would come true, then she said there is a lot of money cards in there, and everything is going to work out. Have you ever had yours done? Obviously I take it all with a pinch of salt but I do love the fun element of it.

So maybe I should start planning my round the world cruise now then! Ha ha.

There is no doubt that being more financially secure gives you freedom though. And freedom is a big part of my life. I have had lots of times where I haven't had that element especially in the years I was away from QVC. So I am very grateful to qvc for allowing me to lump all my days together, otherwise I would never have been able to make the move to Devon in the first place.

She also told me that my love life is going to experience a massive uplift with a new man appearing on the horizon. Or it may be someone who I have already met. But yea, which ever!

This week I went on a blind date on Valentine's Day for the first time ever! And I cannot tell you more but I will just say it was fun. And along with the other two people that I have met/am meeting for lunch/coffee, I think there may be a good vibe about my chances of finding someone perfect for me this year :-)... I wish! Well, at least it's a start to have had the first Valentine's Day in 11 years where something actually happened! And meeting someone new is always fraught isn't it. I also got a big delivery to Qvc Which was flowers and a Prosecco gift. Very thoughtful and very pleasing to have my boss deliver it with much ceremony to my dressing room :-)

So in the end this year's valentines turned out not to be so bad!

The thing I have to say though is this. Although I share quite a lot on social media, please don't expect a blow by blow account of my romance. Because it's really important not to be bearing all in public at such a delicate early stage. And maybe not at such a less delicate later stage either. I know it irks some of you who wish to know more, but I really cannot divulge what is going on in my love life. It may be tumbleweed! But whatever is meant to be will be, that's for sure. lol........!

Book of the week is the fab book, soon-to-be-film, The Girl Before – looking forward to this one! Another intriguing thriller in the vein of Gone Girl and Girl on the Train etc! more here.

Derek the dog update
Do click here to read the latest fabulous update I’ve been sent from Medical Detection dogs about little Derek the soon-to-be detector dog! I love my little sponsor dog!

QVC Blog this week will have a great Doll10 competition - go here to find it from Friday late pm onwards.

Have a fab week. Things have been a little bit upside down for me of late – but I’m really pleased to be off air for eight days on the trot now, to go do the super vintage teas pop up weekend on behalf of Medical Detection Dogs charity at the retreat in Sheepwash (EX215NE if you can come Sat and Sun afternoons, 18&19th Feb) Hope to see you there! more here

Best wishes



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Debbie Flint
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  • Comment Link Carole GOURLAY 1 March 2017 posted by Carole GOURLAY

    Well, Debbie, you remember me, I came and met you in chagford a few years ago, and at the beauty bash. I, too read tarot and they look like good cards to me too. Hope you are well with live

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