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Debbie Flint

whoopsy in the waves on beach near bude!
10 February 2017


What a lovely day by the seaside with Daisy dog and Gracie!

Yes it was the pogs first ever trip to see the sea this week and what an incredible day it was. I am very happy to report they loved it!

Here’s the moment they first saw the sea (click this sentence.)-


Then unfortunately we had a bit of a mishap when Alix and I got caught by a particularly long wave – funny blooper watch this! click here 

And here are some other pics showing how wonderful the scenery is down there in Cornwall. Our gang brought their bodyblades too! 


Book blog looks at the new RNA RoNA award nominees – a great way to choose a new author to read. If you love romances, go here to see some of the shortlist and also great news for kids’ reading habits! More here.

And here's the latest news about Retreats for You - complete with new bookings - it'll be great if you'd like to come down sometime and have a week's stay - full board at only £80 per night, per person - including wine. Can you come Monday 20th Feb - I have two last minute spaces popped up! email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are free. If you are one of my QVC peeps I may be able to arrange a free taxi from Exeter Station (normally £45), to first come first served.

have a great week! I've got my blind date on Valentine's Day - at least I've got a date this year! lol! Enjoy yours, whatever you do. (short story to follow)




Ps my new Till the Fat Lady Slims book is now out on Amazon here, and there’s such an amazing support system on Facebook on theTTFLS group here - do come join us!

New QVC - featuring sneaky peeks and pics of deals from the next seven days so do go look! NB any Early Bird order links will appear first on my blog page here - do go look on a regular basis!

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