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A live vlog by the river in Sheepwash and another free short story!
20 January 2017

Read short story 'A Clever Stunt' below Read short story 'A Clever Stunt' below

Had another wonderful week of peacefulness and discovery in Sheepwash last week - including this fabulous live vlog from the riverbank. 

click here to watch it if you haven't so far. (and do 'like' the Facebook page too if you can, so new posts update on your newsfeed automatically)

It was also the week when the last of my plants came down - I've posted the pics and a short vid of the courtyard now it's done, on my QVC blog here. Do go look. 

Thanks to those of you who posted nice comments about the Bodyblade show with Bruce and yes, it is what I've been using to get more trim since Xmas, along with my Freedom Eating system as laid out in my Till the Fat Lady Slims books

TTFLs update  - another fab five star review on Amazon here, for my latest book, 2017 version, which helps with the mindset of successful weightloss - 

Twinkle writes - 

"Debbie knows her stuff. Read the book, take it all in and watch the weight fall off. In my case I lost 3 stone almost effortlessly. I pretty soon didn't have to even think about food. I eat when I'm hungry, I stop when I'm satisfied and that's pretty much it for me. The moment that it clicked in my mind that there was no obligation to finish everything on my plate was my turning point. I just save what's left for later. No waste, no going without. There's no sense of having to stuff myself today for tomorrow I diet because I'm not on a diet. I now eat the way I used to eat before I lobbed on the weight.

Three stone down within around 6 months. I never even realised I had that much to lose, but I am delighted. Thank you, Debbie!"

She's also uploaded a before and after pic to Amazon's reviews so do go look!


Plus I did an interview on the radio with one of my old colleagues and friends, Eric Wiltsher, which was on an international digital radio platform and it was good fun. Listen back here.

It makes me very proud that so many people are gaining insights from the simple six principles of Freedom Eating which are discussed at length in these books, and in this latest one, new chapters that have never before been seen elsewhere, and I bare my soul a little bit so get it if you can and let me know what you think... from all platforms via publisher Choc Lit.


Book of the Week is from my lovely writing group pal and successful author Merryn Allingham, plus I talk about the latest John Grisham too - go to my Read it Write it Sell it website to find out more here.

Also on this week's QVC blog here - discussions about my awful cough, and any tips for me? It made me have to have two days off work this weekend, which I've never done before - boo! And Chris James the yoga guy's remedy seems to have had the most impact - ginger, lemon, manuka honey and cayenne pepper - so far anyway. Plus we discuss the upcoming deals across the next seven days on QVC. Plus a look at the revamp of the courtyard at my new base (living nearby helping out regularly) Retreats for You in Devon.

By the way we have a couple of spaces left for 6th Feb (four nights, £80 full board inc wine at dinner per person per night) - if you are a bodyblader in particular you might like to come as there are a couple of others attending that week too. email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss. More info about the retreats here.

Don't forget any Early Bird order links I get sent will make there way onto my web page post here, so you can buy them before they go live on air. helps if you're not a night owl!

Whilst staying at my brothers and having a duvet day in my PJs (all day long - and I mean all day - I needed the rest, let me tell you! Sorry if you missed me on air this weekend but I had to call in sick for the first time in my life) he began learning the sheet music on piano, to LaLa Land's main tune, City of Stars - it's adorable, an amazing melody, and it was lovely hearing him play. Listen to it here if you haven't heard it - incredible voice too huh? Ryan Gosling is talented for sure. And it got me to thinking, bearing in mine my recent rant about dismal Valentine's Days (sorry about that!) A couple of boyfriends over the years have been able to play the piano and have on different occasions serenaded me - once was with a guy called Nick when I was about 18 in the rehearsal rooms at the top of Wimbledon Theatre - when I was doing a drama school course. And all I can say is, well, it worked... Another more long term boyfriend and band member and now twenty-odd years later, good friend, Kevski, was/is a talented piano player and we made up some dozens of songs together. Mostly rubbish, on my behalf - lyrics - ('the ones that get the flowers ain't the ones that wait for hours by the phone...') rather than Kev's, but when I hear them now it brings back lovely memories. Ditto with Martin, who I spoke about last week, whose first big birthday pressie to me was amongst other things a romantic tune on the guitar, which I can remember even now, altho it had no lyrics. I just wish I played/Anything. Well, not the triangle clearly, but you know what I mean. There is a piano down at Retreats for You so you never know, maybe I'll learn a few tunes just to be able to play something when the need arises. I still know one tune from my short lived piano lessons back when I was 12, well, some of it, and the usual chopsticks rubbish too, naturally. But maybe one day... Shall I put it on the list for 2017>!

Actually I think that list is quite long enough!

The big thing I MUST get done this side of Summer is to complete my French or Dutch novel. Yes, yes, regulars, I know I've been banging on about this for aaaages, but I really really must. No seriously, I must. Now the retreat is sorting itself out, and the regular routine is settling down and other little 'up in the air' things seem to be resolving, it's truly time to get 'back to me' and just write...

Along those lines, here's a nice story I did a while back, another short story, in the lead up to Valentine's Day in a few week's time. See bottom of this blog - enjoy!

Have a great week and speak soon, back on QVC on Friday night.

Best wishes




Ps my new Till the Fat Lady Slims book is now out on Amazon here, and there’s such an amazing support system on Facebook on theTTFLS group here - do come join us!

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 'A Clever Stunt' - first published by Choc Lit 2016


Denise stopped outside the steamed-up door to the coffee shop. She shouldn’t be here. Meeting a man from your past just because you hit it off online is never a recipe for a happy ending. But god knows she needed one. Christmas was stressful at the best of times, so she was glad to escape the twins’ teenage tantrums – it was about time their lazy dad took a turn. The recent flurry of illicit online banter had been her saviour – keeping her sane – just. And anyway, it was only a coffee... Wasn’t it? She laughed at herself – of course it was. She took a deep slow breath to calm her nerves, trying to peer past the vivid LED lights creating starbursts through the condensation inside the window panes. She checked her lipstick in the reflection in the glass, checked her breath by breathing into her hand - just in case - and hesitated. She swallowed hard before going in, her mittened fingers gripping around the handle of the door. Come on girl, go in, just go in.

There was a sudden bleep from her bag.

Denise sighed, and whipped out her mobile phone and scrolled through. Enjoy your book group, will pick you up after if you like… Just text me if you want picking up, OK? … My meeting finished early, going home first, meet you after book group, yes? … Or no? Finger poised over the delete button, she furrowed her brow, then began typing a hasty reply.

I told you, no change to my plans she texted back, and nearly sent it, but stopped and added ‘xx’ to the message before jabbing at the send button.

The door of the coffee shop suddenly opened, surprising her, and a laughing couple came out, tucking themselves in each other’s arms before scurrying off down the busy road shrouded in winter mist, in a bubble of love so bright she could feel its warmth. Or maybe she was coming over all unnecessary. Shaking her head, she stuffed the mobile back into her bag and stepped inside. Cinnamon and gingerbread aromas filled the air, carried along on an arabica warmth that immediately made her regret wearing five layers. She felt like an arctic explorer. A curvaceous one. Then she saw him.


Looking nothing like he had when they were at school together, of course. But sitting on his own and looking slightly nervous, she was thrilled to see him in a whole new light. Still handsome. A bit of a brown-eyed Daniel Craig. She was surprised to feel her stomach churn. Long time since it had done that and the feeling was refreshingly welcome. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all…

As she approached him, their eyes met. The way he looked at her took her back twenty years and she felt her heart beat to the rhythm of the soul music playing over the speakers. They’re playing ‘our song,’ surely he couldn’t have arranged it? But this was Stephan – he used to be game for anything. Almost. She wondered if he still was. She wondered if SHE still was.

Then just as she was almost at his table, as Stephan looked up to greet her, Denise’s bag caught on the chair nearby and all hopes of a Hollywood entrance went out the window – unless it was one from Dumb and Dumber. The contents spilt onto the floor including her mobile. As she reached down for it, his hand beat her to it. As he picked it up, to give it back to her, a message from ‘hubby’ appeared on the screen. ‘Hope you enjoy yourself sweetheart. Love you,’ it said. Stephan grimaced as he handed it back. ‘Hi Denise,’ he said, simply, and leaned forward to kiss her on the cheek.

‘Hi,’ she replied and his hand lingered on hers ever so slightly longer than it should have as he passed her the phone. Then he stood up, beaming, and gestured to the seat opposite his. She sat down slowly and found herself slightly red-faced, slightly hot under the collar, slightly breathless. It was years since they’d last been in this very coffee shop, in this very corner – although it had been a wine bar then. She beamed back, unable to think of what to say.

He responded by nodding and indicating a second frothy drink in a massive cup and saucer. ‘Skinny latte, one sugar?’ he said, one eyebrow quirking above those mesmerising eyes – she’d always loved his eyes. They were unlike anything she’d seen for as long as she could remember with their mischievous glint.

‘Same old me,’ she said.

He pushed the cup across to her. ‘Hardly. You’re … glowing.’

 ‘Thanks, I think. It’s been … a long time. You look good.’ Then she sat back to give her pounding heart a rest as he got on with some slightly stilted small talk. She didn’t take in a word. She surprised herself by admitting he was truly still gorgeous.

Denise wondered if she should do the whole routine she'd rehearsed in her head whilst discussing the book group evening with hubby earlier. Yes, just come out with hit, surely.  She could hear the words rattling around in her head - 'I'm married – come clean right at the start – not good to keep secrets, least of all when they involve a husband...' But her mobile bleeped in that instant, and she reached into her bag, saw who it was and put it on silent. ‘So, what are we supposed to do now?’ she asked, trying to be playful but feeling for all the world like a gawky teenager on a first date – one wearing braces – yes, that gawky. ‘Talk about the weather? Or what we’ve been doing since we last saw each other?’

‘Seems like yesterday,’ he said, softly, and his hand reached across the table and he ran his finger down her palm. A thrill of warmth rushed through her from her fingertips to her stomach. She instinctively looked around and withdrew it, self-consciously. Then changed her mind and put it back again, and patted his. If she was going to make this happen she had to at least make an effort. ‘You nervous too? That’s understandable,’ he countered, ‘Neither of us has done anything like this before – we’re bound to be nervous.’

'I can’t believe you’re nervous, Stephan,’ Denise laughed then coughed and announced, ‘How can you be a stunt man and still be nervous about meeting little old me, I’m a mere French teacher?’

‘Ah but I am. You’re daunting. Tall buildings in a single bound are a doddle compared to meeting you like this in a coffee shop. After all these years. THIS coffee shop.’

‘What part is scary, indulging in full fat milk and a biscotti?’ she joked.

‘You know what I mean,’ he said, and his voice got deeper, more serious. She swallowed hard. Then he turned her palm back over and waved his fingers in the air theatrically, pretending to read her fortune. ‘Hmmm – says here you’ll have a passionate love affair with a tall dark handsome stranger. Very passionate…’ As he said the last words, he gazed into her eyes and gave her that look – the one she hadn’t seen for years. The one that always turned her knees to jelly.

She ignored it and ploughed on. ‘So – done any dangerous stunts lately?’ He began telling her about a supercar rally scene in a new movie that had just finished filming at Pinewood studios and showing her footage which was all over the internet already.

‘Come closer and you’ll be able to see it better,’ he said. She leaned over towards him to look at his little iPhone screen and caught a whiff of a familiar scent. ‘Gosh you smell nice,’ she whispered, their faces almost touching, ‘Takes me back…’

‘That’s the idea,’ he said, and suddenly his lips were on hers, and they were kissing.

Later that night in bed, Denise turned to Stephan and fondly pushed his hair back from his face. ‘You've always had the most mesmerising brown eyes you know. One glance and I was putty in your hands.’

‘Had? Still have, haven’t I? The old magic worked pretty well tonight.’ He sat back, slightly red faced, both satisfied with their love-making in a way they hadn’t been in so long. ‘That counsellor was right – those role plays really work well. Let's see what else we can find on the internet as inspiration. Next time you can be the stunt woman and I’ll be a film director. Maybe I’ll even make a video…’

Denise kissed his nose. ‘One step at a time, darling. And yes, you were wonderful,’ she said, as she laid back in the bed and reached into her bag, remembering the text from earlier. Checking who it was and keeping the mobile out of sight of Stephan, she shook her head. Then she surreptitiously slid a green metallic business card out of a pocket in her handbag and straight into the bottom of the bin by the bed. 'Divorce Solicitor, and Conciliation Services' it read, 'secrecy and speed a speciality.' She wouldn't be needing his services any time soon. Anyone using that much alliteration oughtn’t to be trusted anyway, she thought. And then Denise turned out the light, gave a big, satisfied yawn, and fell asleep, dreaming of a sexy, successful stunt man called Stephan, with the biggest deep brown eyes, her hubby already gently snoring happily beside her, his fingers entwined in hers. Tonight was a success. And the first of many, she hoped. They could worry about the twins tomorrow....





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