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Debbie Flint

Catching up with old flames and fanning new ones..........
12 January 2017

Well it’s another Valentines Day again soon, in QVC terms - we plan ahead, so here’s a little story just for you. See bottom of this blog to read it. Time to get my dose of romance once again by making it all up as usual, eh! Lol.

It’s not been an important day for me for so many years  - has it you? In fact, I ask to work it mostly, and this year is no exception. So do join me when I’m on air if you are in the same boat. And let’s face it, it’s a big boat. Floating above all those fish, staying right there in the sea. Best place for many of them… lol! Hope you have a good one though.

So I was asked this week by QVC if I had an appropriate tale of my own to tell as regards ‘that’ day, and the best I could come up with was that my very first proper Valentine, where I had no idea who it was from, was when I was about 13 or 14. I had a crush on a boy in the cricket team called Steven Whitefoot at the time, I recall, and he talked to me but nothing had happened. Anyway, there it was in the post, a card. All it said inside was ‘from WK’ and a question mark. I had not a clue – nada – nothing. I knew no one called William or Wayne or even Walter. Racked my brains, nothing. Turns out, he told me once we started going out, he was the ‘wicket keeper!!’ Der!!

Then came my married years, and we celebrated it. But since the divorce, in the last 16, I’ve had just two valentine’s days where cards have been received. The first was laced with a bad taste of an awful night. And the second was at last when I was pleased to finally be with someone who I could explain how important the day was to me. And then lo and behold he decided to book a flight and cleared off the day before, leaving a dozen cards in his wake but it fell on hollow ground. Oh well. Never mind. I've got a good feeling about this year, so you never know! Bout time, I hear you say, regulars. Well let's see. A psychic told me someone amazing is coming into my life and it's not anyone around me now. Yay! So if you meet him, point him in my direction will you? But in true Bridget Jones style, he can't be a f***wit, married or a cheater, must be solvent, GSOH etc etc.......... And false starts don't count. But what do we know of the future. So instead, I caught up with the past. 

Revisiting old flames. You know there’s always something very reassuring about being in the company of those who know you well. And Martin – in the pic above in a John Lewis café with me one day last week on the M40 - was my childhood sweetheart for four years, so we have history that can never be replaced – after all, as they say, you can’t make ‘old memories.’ It’s been a couple of years so it was about time we caught up. Well we were chatting about my (usually non-existent) love life, catching up with news and I asked him his story. I love hearing inspirational tales, don’t you? Well my old mate Martin’s got the most amazing relationship with his lovely wife Erica and we chatted about it all. He said that when he first met her things were complicated but that he knew right there and then that she was a hundred per cent the person for him and he would have moved heaven and earth to be with her as he couldn’t live without her and could simply see life no other way! How amazing huh? Isn’t that just perfect and precisely how things should be?

So why not set our bars that high, eh girls? Well we can try – or as the Carpenters say - I can dream can’t I! And so can you. There you go – a fab little ballad for the big day. One of my top tunes from the Carpenters. Have been sorting out old cds and songs and realised that Spotify has most of them! Including the soundtrack for LaLaLand – amaaaaaazing romantic movie I saw this week – big review on new QVC  blog out Friday here Do go see it. And the soundtrack is awesome too.

Also on Spotify and youtube, my fave tunes this week – posted some on Facebook - -

-          Kate Bush’s Snowed in in Wheeler Street from her last album – ft Elton john – incredible song and check out this amazing video to go with it too. Having just had my ancestry DNA chart analysed it’s even more fascinating……….

-          Daniel Bedingfield’s classic – one of my faves of all time

-          And this one from superb country supergroup Lady Antebellum – lovely song. The guy’s voice is my idea of perfect for songs like this and the lyrics are very thought provoking too.

- and allow me a little indulgence? Here's one of the best Adele songs ever, sung by some bird.

There you go! It’s always good to have a good binge-listen every now and then, and then shake yourself down and get back to real life. But if you’re in the mood to read some romance, my short story is below. It’s one I let Choc Lit have for their newsletter last year. Enjoy!

Book of the Week this week is two actually – first, the latest from Lucy Dillon – another wonderful heart-wrenching tale of romance and also family drama, so well-written as usual with believable characters and a super audiobook – more here. Then your chance to win a copy of Adrienne Vaughan’s anthology ‘Fur Coat and No Knickers’ – more here on my RiWiSi blogs.

New Flames Ok I’m teasing – the latest news from my new home in Sheepwash Devon is that we’ve decided to get a woodburner instead of an open fire. New flames, get it? (Did you get your hopes up? No, it’s never a good idea to get carried away with any notions of tall dark single hunky handymen walking through the door to fix it a la Mills and Boon – that’s not real life – not the real thing, and if destiny doesn’t have those plans for you, that’s where us authors and our imaginations come in, right?! All my books are here!) Anyway the new place is coming on a treat and the latest bunch of girls really enjoyed their time there. We’ve got a bodyblade group coming to some February ones – 6th and 20th – do email me back if you want to come along – full info here.

More about Retreats for You and how to book is here.

And here’s a facebook vid of a scary river on one of my dog walks this week whilst I was down there, putting some things straight and getting ready for the next phase, whilst the writers did their thing and lovely Deborah looked after us all, and Wendy each morning too.

Anyway enjoy your own planning for Valentine's Day if you celebrate it, and watch QVC if you don't - hehe.

Have a super week and join me on air Fri, Sat and Sun. Hugs



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Deb’s short Story for Valentine’s Day 2017 - another one to follow on the day itself next month


By debbie flint, june 2016


‘I’m sorry ma’am but I’m going to have to confiscate these.’

‘But they’re not meat. They’re pork pies, ’ I whined.

The tall, muscley customs official held one side of my little package, my precious little package, and I held vainly onto the other. It didn’t work. He was shaking his head at me, and with a jerk, tookmy booty slipped away. My heart always pounded as I strolled ‘nonchalantly’ through the airport arrivals. But this time it was pounding for a different reason: he was handsome too. Annoyingly so. It would have been easier if he was overweight and ugly, and he should have been sweating in the warm Florida customs department interview room with its dodgy air conditioning and wilting yucca, but he wasn’t. I was, though – or was it my first hot flush? Or rather, a ‘glowing moment’ as my 75 year old mother called them when she was having hers.

‘They’re for my mum’s birthday. Can’t I keep just one, to take her? She loves them and can’t get them here – not the crunchy crust, Marks and Spencer’s kind anyway. It’d be a lovely surprise for her.’ He didn’t respond, just examined my passport and made some notes, poised and calm.

‘Sorry Ma’am,’ he said. Then he handed it back to me, one eyebrow raised. I took it from him, or tried to, but he held the other side of it till I looked him in the face. What? said my expression, as I tried to act affronted.

He narrowed his eyes at me, but I couldn’t help it. ‘Just one little gesture of goodwill – you can see they are all packaged up, surely you believe me that they’ll be eaten, not used to infect your precious Florida crops?’ Still no sign of compassion. ‘She’ll be really disappointed. Can’t you make them magically vanish into my case again?’

He chewed his lip and took a breath, then spoke. Still the level, calmness, totally at odds with the turmoil I was feeling – for more reasons than one.

‘No. Ma’am.’ And he glanced up into the corner of the room. ‘My wand is at home.’ His eyebrow flickered. ‘I hope the next time I see you,’ he said, leaning towards me and lowering his voice, ‘ I won’t be alerted that your suitcase holds contraband.’ He had a stern expression, but one eyebrow was definitely betraying him. ‘By Draco here.’ The yellow Labrador on the floor wagged its tail.

Now it was my turn to look quizzical. ‘Draco?’

‘It was either that or Weasley,’ he explained. ‘J K Rowling fan.’

‘So it seems,’ I said with a sniff. ‘I prefer Robert Galbraith myself.’ I waited, and the corner of his mouth quirked right on cue. Then he snapped my passport together.

‘Now I ought to file a report, but you say it’s your first offence so …’ he said. I batted my eyelashes very slightly at him, waiting expectantly. And hopefully. He paused a moment, then handed me back my passport. ‘I’ll ‘magically’ let it go. Don’t do it again.’

I breathed a sigh of relief. ‘Thank you,’ I said, and smiled at him. ‘I won’t.’

He beamed back at me. ‘Now, you may go on your way. Have a safe journey home and I hope your mother has a wonderful birthday. Are you celebrating somewhere special tonight?’

So he was being conversational now? I tucked the passport into my bag and took one last lingering look at the package on the table, being investigated by that damned efficient black nose. I bet I knew exactly where that would end up as soon as I walked out the door. ‘Tomorrow night. Just a party at her house – with jelly and ice cream … and no pork pies,’ I said, petulantly.

He smiled. ‘Well jelly and pork pies never went well together,’ he replied. ‘Goodbye ma’am.’

‘Goodbye, Mister…’ I looked at the name badge on his jacket, ‘… Christoff.’ And with that he led Draco out the door to pick on the next poor victim of over-zealous sniffing, leaving me to repack my suitcase in front of his disinterested colleagues excavating someone else’s suitcase on the other side of the room. Then I made the walk of shame back out of the exit door.


‘What a lovely thought,’ my mum said the next night as she caught her breath. ‘When you said you were bringing a surprise I thought it would have been my pork pies again, not a big cake like this! It’s far too much for just us. I’ll have to go cut it up to share it with the neighbours,’ she said with a sigh, removing the candles she’d just blown out. I felt a pang of regret that her so called creative daughter hadn’t come up with the customary cunning gift.  She hadn’t said anything, but I knew she was disappointed. Oh well, maybe next year, when perhaps I’d stuff them in my bra and challenge the dog to sniff them out of that hiding place.

Mum headed off to the kitchen with the cake just as the door bell rang and mum’s little spaniel started yapping loudly. ‘Get that would you? If it’s Albie next door, tell him he’s twenty minutes early,’ she called over her shoulder. ‘Hermione, shut up,’ she shouted at the dog, who paid no notice and as soon as I opened the door to the hall, the bundle of black fluff sped past me towards the dark figure just visible through the opaque glass in the front door.

‘Hang on!’ I called, picking the dog up. Suddenly in a break in her yapping I heard an answering deep ‘woof’ outside the door. I released the catch on the door and the little dog practically jumped out of my arms trying to get to whomever was on the other side. I struggled to get the spaniel back under my arm. ‘Quiet Hermione!’ I hissed. Only then did I see the owner, and the yellow Labrador wagging its tail energetically on the doorstep.

‘Quiet, Draco,’ the dog’s owner said, and the yellow Labrador shut up.

Suddenly all the stress in my body was replaced with a different kind of tension. I opened my mouth but no sound came out so I shut it again. ‘Hi,’ he said, somewhat sheepishly. The authoritarian tone was nowhere to be seen. Instead, Mister Harry Christoff stood there in a leather jacket looking every inch the biker type. With the dog. Oh my god, had he discovered I’d lied about it being my first time? I could see the headlines now – ‘Serial Pork Pie Smuggler gets Deported to the UK.’ My mother would be mortified. I managed a ‘hi’ back.

Then I saw something familiar in his hand. ‘This is for your next of kin.’ I must have looked blank ‘cos he added, ‘Your mother?’ He presented the pork pies towards me, still cold – he’d even put them in a fridge or something. Then he produced a bunch of flowers from behind his back. ‘These are also for the birthday girl,’ he added.

‘How?’ I asked. It seemed I was only capable of uttering one word replies – it was like he’d bewitched me or something.

‘Turns out a sniffer dog will sometimes rescue a package from the trash can at the end of a shift. Completely unbeknown to me,’ he said and the tell-tale eyebrow-flickering flashed across his tanned face, and his blue eyes glinting at me. ‘And I thought I’d help rescue a birthday party. Bit like a magic trick,’ he said. ‘See, turns out we do have a heart.’ Then hesitating, he added. ‘I hear this is the place to get jelly and ice cream?’

‘And pork pies, as it happens. Thank you.’ I said, a big beam spreading across my face. ‘Magic.’


copyright Debbie Flint 2016





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