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Ooo that's a big one! My first week helping at Retreats for You
8 December 2016

Had such an amazing time this week helping out at my first ever proper retreat at Retreats for You  in Sheepwash, site of my new home. Deborah and I attacked a huge salmon for one of the evening dinner menus and had enough to last for another meal too. There's some super fishing nearby apparently, so maybe I'll look into helping set up some fishing weekends at RFY or something.

Lots of people are making several suggestions and so far we've had -




just chilling

and many more. Now I'm helping out, and getting a few overhauls done of various areas (main bathroom is next week) it definitely feels like a home from home and the dogs are there most of the time - here they are this week with their new xmas toys and also out on one of their walks - Gracie definitely needs a speech bubble! They were made to feel very welcome too by the four lovely writer guests, Clare, Amber, Becky and Amanda, who didn't mind them waddling around and nosing for a cuddle every so often.

Walking in the Devon countryside has given me some great opportunities to do 'vlogs' - my video blogs - and it's been lovely having such amazing backgrounds to chat in front of. See this week's one here. I'm back to London over the weekend for my QVC shifts, then returning next week to help Handyman Mark with the new bathroom work. HOWEVER I wonder if the resident ghost, 'shower girl' will be miffed we're messing with her fittings and fixtures? As I said on my vlog, it seems there's a ghosty which turns on the taps, full on, in the downstairs shower room every so often - full on, not like someone would leave them. Weird eh! Will keep you informed...

Book of the Week - if you love your Christmassy tales, you'll love Christmas at the Comfort Food Café, more here.

QVC blog includes the big Flint Family get together for Xmas, and links to info about upcoming deals like Dyson V6, Bare Minerals, and much more. it will be here Friday pm, along with an Earlybird order link for Sunday's Bare Minerals 7pc Divine TSV deal. 

Finally - the big reveal of the new cover for my next book, going into WHSmithsTravel and bookshops in January time, courtesy of Choc Lit my publisher, will be posted on here next week - watch out for next week's blog!

have a great week


ps don't forget to go see the latest Early Bird Order links on my QVC tab too! Lulu Guinness currently posted in advance of tonight's midnight launch!

for info about my paperbacks and ebooks for sale now, go here 

for all my social media and to keep in touch go here.

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