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Moving Times
27 October 2016

Fab couple of days down in Retreats for You in Devon. Sheepwash is so pretty in the autumn sunshine! Some of my furniture is going into the main house. I will be living nearby so i can help out half the week! (Other half in qvc land!) #NewEra!

Here's a few pics so you can see the kind of place people can come to to relax and unwind and just focus on their writing. Or whatever else they want to focus on!


Here's a comfy room which will be a TV room or a bedroom for someone who can't 'do' stairs, as required. I added some finishing touches - can you spot the Peony ones? lol.



And of course the essential supper in the huge country kitchen with aga!

And finally after a long day's work, here's the way I like to spend the evening - in front of a roaring open fire...

 The family stayed at the Retreat and mum was watching Strictly on Catch Up, her partner was snoring and I was doing social media - what else! hehe!

There is a video of one of the bedrooms, decked out with much of my stuff, on my new QVC blog - it''s here. -where you will also see lots of sneaky peeks for the week ahead! ANd info about this weekend's (tonight Friday and Sat and Sun) bargains, incl a superb Amazon Fire tablet twin pack for around £100 on 4 x EZ! buy it now by going to my Early Bird order link page, here, - where you'll find all the deals! Plus a really funny old blooper - possibly the only time I've completely lost it on live TV from early QVC days! Also info about the new Amazon Echo which will revolutionize your home situation, Lee will tell all over the weekend...

other news -

 - Book of the week - is one from Rowan Coleman. Having just finished an earlier one from one of my favourites, Lucy Dillon ( the Ballroom Class - and yes, she made me cry again - several times!) it's time for another. Rowan's 'Lessons in Laughing Out Loud' is my next entertainment on the way down to Devon again on Monday (half the week there, half at QVC). Read more about it here on Read it Write it Sell it blog!

- Finally if you've ever been stuck somewhere in a single lane road has it been due to this? :-) Only in Devon eh! lol.

By the way next week on this blog I will be adding my first rehearsal for the concert I'll be performing at in Chiswick in three weeks time on 18th at the church, up to 270 people will be watching and I'm rather nervous! See what I'm singing by popping back next week!

Have a lovely week I will send updates and give you regular blogs and also the 'vlogs,' my video blogs

here on my Facebook page so do you go like the page and you'll be the 1st to see them - you will see all of them, I don't always share them everywhere else. Also follow me for updates on Twitter if you prefer, @debbieflint and Instagram @debbieflintauthorqvc

Have a lovely week!



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  • Comment Link Jill 28 October 2016 posted by Jill

    Glad to see you've got my no stairs room ready, Lol ! Fab blog, as usual. :-) x x x

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