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Get the Liz Earle TSV early - and... I move today!
21 October 2016

Well it's happening this weekend wish me luck! The big move down to Devon. Here is what my house looks like right now as I write this. I will be spending half the week down in Devon helping to run the fabulous writers' retreat centre in Sheepwash called retreats for you - more info here.

For those who missed it the last couple of weeks' blogs have explained more. (see archive, bottom left)

I'm not dropping any QVC days just coming back an forth once a week, once everything is up and running, but the next month or so will be very intense as I settle in nearby, hopefully making plans amidst all of it to get a vintage tea rooms up and running next year! And all sorts of other retreats, not just writing ones. Do you know anyone who runs a regular retreat and needs a venue? Or are you looking to just get away from it all? Email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Now I am a patron for Linda magistrates good grief trust, as well as an ambassador for medical detection dogs. I can do as much as I can to help fundraising - but from my new base.

One of the things I may be able to facilitate from retreats for you, is a getaway for the bereaved and greiving people to come and feel supported, talk about their experience and maybe get some counselling from some experts. Considering Deborah who runs it only charges about £90 a night including all meals - And wine at dinner! And afternoon tea coffee cake! - it's always booked out. But maybe something in March - what do you think?

So the dogs are not coming down just yet. They are little bit bemused by all the activity going on in my house, but they will be very happy in their new home in a few weeks time. I rent where I am now so there is an overlap but it will be good to get back on the property ladder. Plus it will be great to have the sunshine into early evening again, as I do not get any at my current place, so as nice as the garden is, I don't think I could face another summer in the shady hollow between hills and trees. I'm also looking forward to getting sky-go including broadband and phone - what a deal, only £46 - I've persuaded them to get it at the new place :-) which also means better broadband, my other big bugbear about where I've been living for the last year. It'll mean less shouting at the screen, and less time spent looking at the little icon going round and around whilst making a 'buffer face...'

Yay! Will keep you informed - wish me luck!

Book of the week - it's a Christmas one! The first one! Sounds brilliant too - from Sue Moorcroft who has released her e-book of The Christmas surprise - click here to find out more.

The health update on my website Back to You blog this week is all about the update on my rare genetic skin condition, I went in the week to see the expert at the Lister Hospital to find out that I am one of only 250 people in the country to have EPP. What is it? Find out more here. But at least not going in the sun most of my life has meant my skin is reaping the reward now, aged 54! Mind you I would have probably preferred to have some fun in the sun over the years... :-)

In my QVC blog this week I will be discussing there are some fabulous funnies, and I look ahead at sneaky peeks to come. If you like buying early, do you go see the Liz Earle today's special value from this Sunday, already available via my earlybird order link here plus the Skechers one from tonight (Fri 21st midnight) if you're quick :-)

So this time next week everything will be gone from my house apart from the bare minimum and I have a question. I'm spending 10 more days at my place before I hand back the keys, and I just need to keep the barest essentials there for popping back. Until we go lock stock and barrel.

So apart from the obvious kettle coffee tea, somewhere to sleep and toiletries, what must I make sure I have not forgotten? I have a Niggly feeling there will be something :-)

Have a lovely week I will send updates and give you regular blogs and also the 'vlogs,' my video blogs here on my Facebook page so do you go like the page and you'll be the 1st to see them - you will see all of them, I don't always share them everywhere else. Also follow me for updates on Twitter if you prefer, @debbieflint and Instagram @debbieflintauthorqvc

Have a lovely week!



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  • Comment Link Myfanwy 21 December 2016 posted by Myfanwy

    How on earth are you going to be involved with charities, run tea rooms, retreats including writers??? I admire your stamina!! Then still travelling and working at QVC, never mind writing? What's your secret Debs?

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