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Debbie Flint

Easily pleased by little things! Plus cute pups and patchy clip!
13 October 2016


I have to say I’m easily pleased. A cosy tea room and a tasty cuppa, a good audio book on a long journey, or a cuddle with the pogs. But this week I got another kind of ‘happy’ when my Smeg accessories arrived from QVC. OK I know it takes little to make me glad, they say I’m not only ‘glass half full’ I’m ‘glass-filled-up-by-a-magic-genie-every-time-some-disappears’! Well there are worse things to be! Lol.

I got the toaster and the kettle to go with my lovely duck egg mint colour fridge.

Well I do love this retro look. Hope I can make my new kitchen look colour coordinated like this when I move end of October! Missed news of the move? Go here for more info…

Plus, after my old dog passed away last week, after a nasty debilitating illness at age 15, I made myself feel happier watching some early youtube clips. Just look at this amazing video of how gentle and loveable Patchy dog was, seen here in her prime, when Gracie and Daisy first arrived, as puppies around May 2010 – click here.

Four dog formation – funny!

Patch with toy – around Feb 2012

Patch’s toys stand no chance! Daisy gets mean

Pogs Daisy and Gracie play with my grand’pog Baloo and Patch

And finally – Patchy plays with the pups when they first arrive at ours

RIWISI blog this week – well I’m still really enjoying the Nurse Connie books on audio, plus I finished The Day of Second Chances, aka ‘Falling’ by Julie Cohen, my recent book of the week. If you’d like to win one, there’s still time – just go here and enter asap by leaving a comment – closes tomorrow.

This weekend – lots of sneaky peeks including for the Samsung big 4k smart TV on Sunday 16th Oct on QVC. Plus I’m launching the Tarte TSV – early bird order links are here. Plus on the new blog – coming out Fri pm you’ll see another update on the Devon project, and what happened at the Apprentice – going live here Fri pm.

Have a fab week!




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