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This brought a tear to my eye and made me realise how lucky we are... And check out fundraising update for MDD!
23 December 2015

- OMG what a humbling experience I had this week in response to a thank you email from a lady I'd helped out, having been in touch with her for some time. it was just a little gift, when I heard of her situation. But her words reduced me to tears. She said:

"I don't know what to say. Thank you doesn't seem enough.
You have just proved that Guardian Angels do exist. Debbie, your kindness and generosity means more to me than you will ever know. Thanks to you, I will now be able to get my personal Christmas cards for my brother and family, instead of giving them cards from a 20 cards for £1.99 box. Thanks to you, I can top up my gas meter and be able to put the heating on instead of sitting with cardigans and socks on to keep warm. 
God Bless you Debbie. I will never, ever forget what you have done for me. My Mum & Dad will be looking down, smiling, knowing someone, a stranger, took care of me, when they couldn't. 

Have a very Merry Christmas."

OMG talk about a leveller. Imagine if everyone took time out, this Christmas, to help someone worse off than themselves. Some tiny act of kindness could have a huge impact - you never know. Unless you try.   

Xmas Eve Eve - here's an idea of what to get up to if you're not going 'out out'... exclusively here first! lol.

click here to see video of gommage removal - WARNING - GROSS BUT GRIPPING! LOL. I know, I should get out more! Haha! (Gatineau anti ageing gommage). Just getting ready for Xmas Eve get together with my kids - we're doing 'xmas' tonight since Lauren's at Nick's parents on Xmas day this year. Looking forward to it but realised today that blimmin Riverford delivered me ANOTHER five kilo bag of flippin carrots again this week - means I've still got 9kg of the blighters. I know we have about 15 coming to my sister's for Xmas dinner but this is ridiculous! Whatever you're doing I hope it goes well!


Regulars may have been eagle-eyed and spotted that my QVC blog is ALREADY out - well early this week - for obvious reasons! Go here to read it - click here.

Funnies and Bloopers - there you'll also see no less than FOUR bloopers and funnies from the past week on QVC UK. Do go read it! Also check out the video of what happened when loads of lovely facebookers and me went to afternoon tea at Harrods - and how many copies of my Take a Chance on Me were left in the Harrods bookshop afterwards? I'm so so proud, it goes without saying that I'm very grateful to anyone who has left kind comments about my fiction. Not long to go now and it'll be time for the next cover reveal on TTFLS 3.0 - the next weight loss book, version 3! Some super stories from members at the mo - including on the QVC Blog - go here to see - especially if you panic about food and dieting and weight at this time of year.


Derek the MDD Dog will be on New Year's Show!

Talking of such subjects, yes my Back to You show returns on Jan 1st at 3pm and will feature none other than little Derek the pup whom I named after my late dad, following successful fundraising in the summer. I'm not sure exactly how he'll feature just yet but it'll be wonderful to have him in! This week my running total reached around £19,000 - how fab! Means we can pay for TWO industrial freezers to help keep the hospital urine samples from prostate cancer patients down to minus 80 degrees, essential for their crucial three year studies. Actually if you're not too sure what they do, there was a super write up by a Mail journalist this week. Find it on my new QVC Blog - click here

And if you're feeling super-kind, no matter how small, text a little donation to help boost it for xmas? info here - is your mobile handy? Only takes two mins! Thank you!


More news -

RiWiSi - Have you read any Ken Follett? I liked Pillars of the Earth and now I'm listening to/reading his second tome, this time set amongst the monks and villagers of 1300s community, 'Kingsbridge' - Plus I finished The Martian - it's my AudioBook of the Week. To find out more and see the latest book news on Read it Write it Sell it blog, here. Or order TACOM in your local bookshop, or just go to Amazon here for eBook or paperback. Have you read it by the way? Any comments? I'm about to begin getting the follow up ready to submit to Choc Lit in February so any feedback let me know! Just email if you're not on my facebook or twitter.

Alone on Xmas Day? Finally - if you know someone who's at home alone this xmas and they can chat on Facebook to others in the same situation, let them know to join in on our little facebook event page - email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can't find it, but firstly ask them to click on this link - and state you'd like to join in and hopefully someone will join them to the event page. Several lovely people are solo surfers on Xmas day so I thought iit'd be nice to all chat about what's on telly etc and have a good old banter. 

Have a super time all! Hugs





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