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All Change! Plus - my book in WHSmith Travel! Plus Garden tips, Champneys and Puppy Party...
2 November 2015

Well you are amongst the first to know - my lovely publisher Lyn from Choc Lit has just told me that my first paperback will be in shops sooner than I thought. The great news is that I need you to look out in your local TRAVEL version of W H Smiths (ie railway stations, airports, service stations) as they will exclusively have my Take a Chance on Me steamy romance on their bookshelves before anyone else. Start looking after November 16th... 

And if you can't wait, the link to it on Amazon (ebook for kindle app) is here. It's kind of based on the adventures I had when I was away from QVC between 2001 and 2006 when I ran a business, travelled a lot, and met some amazing people. Who is Mac the hero based on? In my head it's kind of a Daniel Craig cross with someone else I know... And Sadie my heroine? Well she's a thirty something feisty single mum and determined businesswoman who has 30 days to seal the deal on the opportunity of a lifetime. Will Mac help or hinder? In Hawaii and Monaco and in the fast lane, this is a steamy romance, which is the first 'Hot Choc Lit' imprint. Now 110 x 5* reviews on amazon. And in shops soon! Can't wait for that first moment! Do take a pic if you find one in a WHSmith Travel outlet near you! It goes on general release from Dec 7th but you should be able to get a bookshop to order it in if they don't stock it at first.

I went to Champneys this week and had a nice mini break which involved me zonking out in all sorts of places - mostly on the treatment bed! I just said if I start snoring and dribbling, give me a nudge! Gonna have some pics on this week's friday QVC blog, where you'll also see the second Richard Jackson video of gardening tips. But guess what - you can see it first, here! Fuchsias, begonias, strawberries, roses, big fern, helibores, all mentioned...

I have been doing some of it, but am devoting November to getting my French or Dutch novel underway. It is 'NoNoWriMo' after all! (National Novel Writing Month).

And of course as mentioned last week, here's the full summary of pics from my puppy party last weekend. Loved little Maggie the spaniel next door, she was so good, and the Harringtons new wet dog food was very tasty for them all. Mine lapped it up! Moilly and Red on the other side also posed for a piccie. Nice being surrounded by so many canines - it's like that scene in 101 Dalmations where they do the Twilight Bark sometimes! lol.

go here to see pics

Finally, news on gracie (on right) - having had her stem cells op in her arthritic joints, she seems to be a bit more mobile, now it's two and half weeks on. She even jumped up on her back legs for me earlier today - that's rare. So it's looking promising. Early days tho, but will give you another update soon.

Finally - now that Back to You is a members-only/closed group, you have to join in order to see lovely Fiona from Decleor's super webchat - it will be very well attended now though, since status's can no longer be seen outside the group and everyone's sharing xmas present ideas! (link below) Join us 8-9pm on the group, Mon 3rd, in advance of the big Decleor Today's Special Value bundle on QVC UK on Saturday 7th. And read on for news about the new sister B2U page!

Have a great week!




ps - This week's links and updates - 

Book of the Week blog - Call Nurse Millie by Jean Fullerton - and I've read the second one now too, 'all Change for Nurse Millie' - am just about to read the Christmas one - fab series from a super writer who speaks from personal District Nurse experience and knows London's post-war East End inside out.

QVC BLOG - from Friday 30th - apart from the Hallowe'en fun, there's a link to the whole video of the super Saturday Night show I did last week with Lulu and co - such a brilliant job I've got. Plus a review of the latest Bond outing - Spectre - what did you think?

Back to You Blog and Update - well the group has gone to members-only/closed status and immediately quadrupled the activity on the site - great news and worth giving up the QVC endorsement for. Now there's going to be a new sister 'page' for swaps, and tips and deals too... Plus this week's blog had an interesting article about how cutting back sugar from obese kids' diets made a huge difference in just ten days. Join the group here. And be the first to see the new sister Tips and Deals page here - nb it is a prototype at the mo - any suggestions or thoughts? Plus Fiona from Decleor on webchat Monday 3rd 8pm!

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