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Big News - Times three! And exclusive look round my new home.
14 August 2015

Chris, Claire, and gang at Wotton Village Hall fundraiser for MDD Chris, Claire, and gang at Wotton Village Hall fundraiser for MDD

This week I had some exciting news, really exciting news! It will involve me having an incredible try it for the first time club event, but I can't tell you yet or I will have to kill you ha ha ha X! Seriously, it relates to the charity medical detection dogs, for which at the weekend, we raised nearly £1200 on the day at my table top event. It went with a swing and thank you everyone who attended. But when you add to the online ordering when you add the online donations and private donations we have reached an amazing £5000. I do want to achieve £11,000 in the next 12 months, and I'm thinking of doing something like an online virtual pub quiz one night up-and-down the country in people’s homes or where ever they want to get together to join in and pay a little fee to take part and win a nice prize. What do you think - are you game?

The great news is that if someone donates £2000 you can name a puppy, so we get to do two! And now we just have to wait for a new puppy to arrive, or be donated.

Here’s the founder of the charity, Dr Claire Guest talking about what’s involved as far as the dog is concerned, just in case you have some puppies and you’d like to donate one. I saw mostly Labradors when I was there.  Watch this – click here.

Then when they get the next appropriate pup ready for training, we can name it yay! I've had some great suggestions already, like Bruce or BB for the Bodyblade team, della or Dell or Derek after my dad, and lots of regular dog names. If I get to 11,000 we can name five puppies which would be fantastic because there are two people I would name them after if we have more than two. I'm sure you can guess who if you are QVC are regular.

Also as promised this week here is the exclusive look around my new home, enjoy this video of the new ground floor told you the lounge was Bijoux! 

Yes the house move is done, everything is installed now, just a curtain pole left to put up and the garden to do… Richard Jackson where are you?!!!  : - )

If you'd like to find out more about what happened at the weekend in the sunshine in Wotton, and see some faces you may recognise from QVC and from Facebook, there are tons of pictures and links to some fascinating news articles on my Back to You QVC Facebook Group blog (links to groups below – do join us.) And videos about the medical detection dogs and their work, do go here to see the question and answer web chat with me on Monday, featuring lots and lots of photos and information. And here is one of the four ambassadors, Lesley Nicol, aka Mrs Patmore in Downton Abbey, on Loose Women last summer, explaining more about how the dogs do their magic and about the upstairs downstairs rivalry on our fave drama. click here.

Onto other news … My book of the week is a lovely Beryl Kingston period saga, Off the Rails which I’m listening to on audiobook – as usual! More on my RiWiSi writing blog, where you will also find out what happened when ‘till the fat lady slims 2.0’ was free on ebook for the weekend. It went to number one in the kindle ‘diets and weight loss’ free chart, and I was very pleased. Well done if you got yours. Just click here to read all about it.

Here it is! Exclusive Webchat News! So I promised an exclusive about what will happen in September with the web chats on back to you group on Facebook. Well the big news is that we are going to extend them onto the main QVC page on Facebook between seven and eight, just before our weekly web chat at 8-9pm Mondays on back to you group. I have been planning this most of the year because back to you show is not on in September but will return for a very special event in January. So instead when I went to visit the web team up in Liverpool in July, we sorted out how I can reach QVC customers with some extra fun chats.  Basically we will be running them the same way we do on the back to you group, only for four weeks in September they will be hosted on the actual main QVC page, which has over 90,000 likes, so I hope we get a lot of people asking questions. The first one will be with me, and another special guest to be announced. We will also be announcing a very big competition to win a superb product at the end of the four weeks and letting you know about the fabulous ‘Juicemaster’ himself, Jason Vale who will be joining us at the end of September to launch a brand-new slow juicer. His DVD ‘super juice me’ is brilliant, (look on youtube) yet more proof that not eating rubbish and eating really good stuff and exercising does wonders for your body. Anyway even more reasons to put in your diary Monday nights with Debbie he he.

This week’s webchat had tons of info about Medical Detection Dogs and where they’ve been featured eg on the BBC. The whole of my Q&A plus Bruce’s bodyblade webchat from Monday – and some videos from the Table Top sale! – are on my Back to You blog. More here.

CBBC Finally I have an amazing event coming up, I've been asked to take part in the 30th anniversary celebrations of CBBC, having been the first girl in the BBC broom cupboard when I took over from Phillip Schofield in 1986, then had babies! Nothing to do with Philip! Ha ha but it meant that my pal from Piccadilly radio in Manchester, Andy Crane, was the one who sat in the hot seat the next time Philip was off. Anyway on 9 September this year on CBBC channel between six and 7 PM there will be a whole hour celebrating and looking back, featuring many of the past and present presenters. I'm chuffed to be there and I'm looking forward to it enormously. The last time I went was to the ten years anniversary when I was at QVC the first time round (1994-2000). Time flies – next month I’ve been back at QVC as long as I was here the first time!

Finally if you wanted to see last weeks QVC blog it's here including a funny with Dominic ‘the voice’ from Aurora, and if you still had a few pounds to donate to my totaliser, you can still use the Bodyblade event just giving page here. If you do thank you so much.

Mini Retreat – coming? Well lots going on including thinking about running a mini retreat at a quality bed and breakfast which also does dinners for people who want to learn freedom eating, brush up on their skills, and do a bit of bodyblading and stretching. Maybe in the spring. Let me know if you are interested. Not sure of any more details than that at the moment but it will be for a long weekend and will be the cost of staying at the B&B, food and a little bit extra for me to put towards the charity, if you want a one-to-one with me too.

Have a lovely week I will, in my new home. Back to work properly this week, and I am on all over the weekend. If you are one of my friends who regularly reads this as a way of keeping up with me, I apologise for being out of touch over the last month or so. The craziness has ended. Now I will get on with the very very important job of finishing my next novel French or Dutch... And being back in the land of the living, instead of away with the fairies with a head full of candy floss – and checklists of vital ‘things to do’ as I had so much on my plate. Exciting times though eh?

Best wishes

debs X

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  • Comment Link Pat Clover 2 September 2015 posted by Pat Clover

    Hi Debbie , I think you said you were looking for a duck egg microwave, well they haven one at Dunhelm it's proper duck egg (not blue , not green)

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