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What a Difference a Dog Makes... And a tutorial for eye makeup just for this newsletter!
22 July 2015

What a Difference a Dog Makes... And a tutorial for eye makeup just for this newsletter! Deb and Maggie - pog next door!

How amazing if your life could be changed by a dog. I know thousands are, every year. But read the story below - it really hammered home to me how lucky I am to be healthy and how precious health, and life, is. I love mine too but this week Escape Dog has been causing a bit of a problem knowing I need to dog-proof the whole perimeter - it's about 200 feet all round. So I hope I've hit upon a solution - ingenious but rather obvious so I won't congratulate myself too much, apart from knowing I hopefully won't need to now buy electric collar prevention! lol. And anyway, in the pic is little new next door neighbour Maggie the tiny 10 week old spaniel, so, no she's not mine, but I wish she was! Mine will love barking at her through the fence no doubt! Will show you pics next week, once I've moved in...

The Big Move is upon me - I shift the final bits this coming weekend and then will be in my new (bijoux) place - even if much of my furniture won't! It's so tiny there! lol. But 'offspring number one' gave it a kind of seal of approval when he helped me move in much of my peripheral stuff last Sunday (cushions, tiffany lamps, bears, cutlery) - Brad said 'Hey mum, it's nice here isn't it - cosy... nice countryside... if you keep it tidy maybe we'll come and stay one weekend when you're away!'

Haha! How the tables have reversed! It wasn't that long ago I was chastising him for his messy bedroom, and now he's married and will be the one with the messy home once babies start coming along in maybe a couple of years! Eeek! Granny Flint! lol.

I've loved being in pretty Wales this week too, all this week, taking a long-ago-booked writing break at Literature Wales near Porthmadoc on the West coast. More fab advice from my mentor Julie Cohen and also award winning author Rowan Coleman, whose Richard And Judy nominated book I bought on Audible this week for my journey home - more on Riwisi. here - with lots of tips for writers from Katie Fforde, our special guest for the midweek Q&A - very interesting. click here for more.

Well when I'm moved in and the madness has slowed to a dribble, I'll finish French or Dutch - that's for sure! I have big plans for the next ones so it's got to happen! More news soon!

Anyway have a fab week - I'm not on air on QVC much due to the move, just this Sunday (26th) for the fab Elemis TSV skin and bodycare deal 208738 for under £60, and Monday night late including Bobbi Brown makeup deals. 

Then it's my Table Top Sale in Dorking - this week we were donated some raffle prizes of Imedeen (worth over £165) skin supplements, and Alpha H skincare amongst others and don't forget if you live near Wotton Hatch pub and come along on August 8th you can get your collagen levels checked! more about the event here.

It is of course raising money for Medical Detection Dogs, the awesome charity which I've committed to support ongoing, and will enjoy handing over the funds to the team who are bringing their card machine along on the day too. Helping to make stories like Claire's happen - see below. She will be there on the day too, with her lovely dog Pal. You may even see an alert in action. It's quite humbling to be honest, and I'm glad to be involved. btw here is link to get involved early with a donation if you can't come. Next week I'll have news of how you can bid or buy a raffle ticket for, the upcoming mega draw.

Have a fab week and don't forget the exclusive below!



ps here's my Friday QVC blog as promised, for those who find it hard to locate the web links nowadays - go here to read it. including my own Daisy Dog wanting to communicate to me!

And this week's Back to You blog features the webchat with makeup expert June who supports Doll 10 etc. Also here's an exclusive - Doris Dalton telling everyone how to apply her eye makeup pallette! click this link below to watch it - it will go on next week's blog but you are the first to see it!

Doris's eye makeup tutorial - Doll 10 set on QVC sold out! Watch this for more - click here.

And here's Claire's story about her lovely Detection Dog Pal:

“Pal and I have been partnered for 3 years now and how different those years have been. Pal came into my life when things were going down hill fast.I have been a type 1 diabetic for 40 years and my hypo awareness was gradually disappearing, my husband and children were coming home to find me unconscious on almost a daily basis,this was having dire consequences on us all. At the same time I was diagnosed with end stage renal failure, this ended up with me suffering with ptsd, things were pretty grim. 
Pal was introduced to me via an amazing charity called medical detection dogs. Pal was trained to pick up on my blood sugar levels falling and rising and to alert me to test and take appropriate action. 
He is my life saver and life changer, we have come so far together.  He is by my side where ever we go, what ever we do he saves my life on a daily basis.  He is loyal, funny, smart endearing and most importantly my friend for life. 
Pal and I were lucky enough to be Crufts Friends for Life finalists this year, we were nominated by my sons, who opened their hearts to the world about how difficult things had been and how Pal has given us back our lives. We owe Pal and Medical Detection Dogs so much
We are so pleased to represent such an amazing charity 
Ps thank you for the help Debbie xx”

If you can’t come to the event, do feel free to donate on the specially set up page for the bodyblading/table top donations here on Just Giving – five minutes to change so much. Here.


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