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Fraudster Dating Alert! And links to other blogs...
21 June 2015

Watch out there's a fraudster about! How annoying is it to keep getting news from strangers asking me ‘are you on a dating site, cos there’s someone pretending to be you, talking to me on there.’ Not just mistakenly pretending, it’s a complete fake, who emails them my pics too, claiming to be me! Idiots!

So be assured, I do NOT belong to ANY sites! And am NOT talking to ANYONE about meeting up for a date. Nor do I need £210 to help pay my rent… yeh, that’s what they then ask for! Madness! When the penny drops, for some – sadly I’m sure others are taken in – they then decide to research me and of course immediately find my website where the first line on the home page is – I am NOT on any dating sites!

So spread the word, there’s a fraudster about! And if you hear of anyone being targeted, ask them to email me copy of the correspondence and report it immediately to the dating site. BORING!

NOW WHAT? So if I was ever going to find a man by going on the internet I won’t now. So … what next? Any suggestions? Haha! Do you know any eligible, funny, sane, solvent, non-psycho, non-loser, kind, intelligent, healthy, family-orientated, passably-ok-looking, easy-going, creative, loyal, NICE men around late 40s early 50s? Hmmm quite a list – and you wonder why I’m single? LOL. You get my drift?

What else?

Didn’t send a newsletter last week, so a quick mention of the QVC blog last week – with funnies from Chloe, Craigy and Charlie, plus pics from my hols in France! – click here

And this week’s new one is a weight loss special – with some humbling quotes from people managing to share their secrets. To read it and see some sneaky peeks of upcoming TSV products – and a couple of funny bloopers – plus news of the Detector Dogs for Breast Cancer event - click here.

Book of the Week ‘Truly Madly Greekly’ by talented author Mandy Baggot is this week’s choice set in picturesque Corfu – riding high in the Amazon Kindle charts at the moment – well done her - fab title! To read my interview with Mandy and see the first part for free, click here.

And Back to You blog this week included Marv’s webchat Q&A talking about beauty for darker skins. And it was mainly all about Bodyblade so if you know you need to get fit, start here – Bruce is back on QVC 27/28th – join me on the Sunday night. We’re probably going to have a wobble in Chiswick that afternoon, with several Bodybladers, for a new VT. We’ve done lots now and so many are toning up their arms and tums and backs nicely for summer and for a healthier life. Back in stock now – get yours here in time to join in with us on TV. And let me know if you’d like to come along too!

Finally - the house move continues. If you’d like to see my regular updates with the Debbie’s Moving Diary here on my open Facebook page – it’s not a closed group so you should be able to see it! Tons of pics and ‘Find of the Day’ – eg a fab book by a now-deceased icon is today’s find, amongst many I’d like to mention (apart from mice poo from an undiscovered corner from when I had an infestation. Eeoouw! Yuk.) Plus am still endeavouring to write my next novel amidst all this. The countdown is on till I move on around 1st August, so another 40 days to go – wish me luck!

Best wishes



ps August 8th is the day to come to meet Patrick Quacker and Abi ultrasun and me, plus bodybladers, plus afternoon tea, table top sale etc in aid of the detector dogs for breast cancer charity. Do go here for more, and click on 'going' if you can come - near Dorking surrey! x

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