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Debbie Flint

LA Jolly Hollywood Hols - Part Two
21 November 2014

lovely host Kate and me, Raintree Circle, LA lovely host Kate and me, Raintree Circle, LA

As promised, more from my Culver City holiday in LA - incl pics galore!

Continuing from last week's blog...

Culver City Hummingbirds

If you didn’t know already, there’s a growing trend nowadays to use Air B&B to book a place to stay when you’re travelling. It’s a site featuring tons of options to book rooms - not in a hotel but in someone’s house, (see website – local hosts in 190 countries.)

Last week I told you about the wonderful place I stayed in in LA. It was an en-suite room in a 2 bed luxury apartment in a fabulous complex in Culver City – a place quite central to the rest of the sprawling metropolis that is LA, and only 20 mins from LAX airport. It was built on the old back-lot #3 of MGM studios – there are old pics in the leisure club, mentioning old Hollywood stars who filmed there. They built the complex around the beautiful man-made lake where Tarzan swam and Showboat was made, and classics like Gone With the Wind were filmed. How stunning! Go here for a little mini-tour!

The estate is quite expansive and some of the areas are names after the shows that were filmed there - Tara Lane etc - how quaint is that! It's lovely being somewhere so significant - if you love old movies like I do. Pics like this make it so lovely an environment.


The wide balcony has lots of plants, and a year-round sofa (it hardly rains here remember.) But most unique experience I had there? Being within four feet of a hummingbird. What an unusual sound their wings make. They fly to the nectar fountain, specially designed for their long thin beaks. Can you see it buzzing around on this clip?


Apparently if Kate sleeps out there, sometimes they come investigate and hover close to her as if they’re checking she’s ok! (She’s undergoing medical treatment atm and has an amazing story of courage, more on my new Back to You blog from Monday.) So - several TiFFTs* in one, this week, courtesy of lovely Kate at 8301 Raintree Circle! Do book her place if it’s available – it’s a complex including a heated pool, Jacuzzi, gym, little lake with small park, and gated security, it’s fab! In fact, when I’m a grown up and living in LA writing movies, that’s where I’d like to live! And it proved a good base for going gallivanting!

absolutely loved it and will definitely go again!



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