Debbie Flint

Look what happened when I visited Dartmoor this week! And QVC sneaky peeks…

My daughter loves this photo so I thought I would send it to you this week! QVC make-up Junkie Becky (also my niece) did this fabulous updo with the Dyson air wrap for a show last Friday, very grown-up!

Then I did my shifts and on Monday it was off to Devon for another lovely trip and a retreat looking after a group of writers with a smashing tutor Alison May. A very lovely group they were too. On one of the days I ventured out to see my friend Alix… 

Oh my goodness you certainly see some sights when you are in Dartmoor! Not only was the whole area full of sheep, but her tiny village, just inside Dartmoor National Park, had a more unusual sight too… Go here to see the whole video in my Vlog of the week over on Facebook! So funny 🙂

She also made me laugh when her family dog Basil made an appearance then made himself comfortable when she wasn’t looking! So she said to him shall I put you near the fire sir? Very funny :-). (If you subscribe to my newsletter you will see the little video! (#Newsletterexclusive.) If you don’t yet subscribe, just click on the newsletter button at the bottom of this page!)

But it wasn’t as funny as when I said okay I had better go, I’ve got to go home and ‘massage me kale’ and she thought I had a steamy appointment with a new boyfriend called Mikhail!!! Lol. The kale went down very well though…!

And I proudly excelled myself I thought, with a coconut milk rice pudding, with figs and strawberries and macaroons… It tasted delicious I can tell you (don’t tell anybody but I had second helpings!)

Then it was off to Wales to see the babies and bread with his as well, for his trip down there. Cannot wait! More news on that next week 🙂


When Alison Cork Achieved the Ambition of a Lifetime

Would you like to do this? Look at this tweet from Alison Cork. She scaled the mountain! Not only has she got superfit and stayed that way, she’s gone up a flipping mountain! So inspirational. Follow her for more information and updates! Click here.


I also caught up with my super friend Caitlynne who happens to be wearing exactly the same type of Mac as I had on from Joules!! I loved her green one! We needed it considering some of the weather in Devon this week! Ps see below for news of the latest Joules deal if you’re an early bird reader of this blog!


I saw this online this week and it really made me smile. Yes, I was one of those people and I do remember the old currencies. It makes me realise how old I am when I know I have memories of spending thruppence in the shops and feeling rich if I had a sixpence. And the bubblegum machines that were one old p and you put them in and turned it round really hard and a couple of little bubble gums dropped at the bottom. Probably covered in bacteria. Would never be allowed nowadays. But we survived didn’t we!

Watch – There’s not much at the cinema I fancy, so I’ve got my eye on The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix. Based on Michael Connolly‘s bestselling books, it follows Los Angeles defence lawyer, Mickey Haller. Following a personal and professional spiral, he gets a second chance. Yes, there was a film in 2011, but the series are always so much truer to the book than the films because they can pack more in. Case in point, Outlander, series 7, due to be airing in the spring next year. It’s been so long since the last one!

Funny – omg, when a Sainsbury’s order goes wrong. Look what they delivered. That’ll teach me for thinking I was getting a packet of mushrooms… Ended up with a single one! What a waste of time! LOL. Wouldn’t be the last time either. I remember years ago when I first started doing these deliveries to the retreat, I did it the other way round. Ended up with 8 kg of carrots rather than eight carrots! We made a lot of soup that week I can tell you! LOL

Podcast – Till Monday it’s Kim n co-founder Kim Mendelson – definitely want to hear. Then from Monday Will Gowing speaks to the founder and owner of Kirks Folly, Jenniefer Kirk. She tells Will about the early days of her quirky angels, moons and stardust jewellery brand, some really important lessons she learned along the way, and her international friendships. Sounds good!

Book – Okay so I have really got into the Jeffrey Archer series. Read the first few and have now downloaded the fourth one in the William Warwick series. The thing is with his books, I really want to find out what happens, more than with most of the authors I read. So much so that I was actually up late one night cause I kept pressing extend on the audiobook in bed! Check out the William Warwick series by Jeffrey Archer, start at the beginning, and you’ll be able to follow his adventures from being a student right the way through, Harry Clifton style. I’m also just reading ‘The Nighthawks’ by Elly Griffiths. Sorry I’m being so boring with my choices but you know what it’s like when you get into an author!

Mind you I was so tired working down at the retreat this week, it didn’t take much to get to sleep! Especially in my lovely comfortable barn bedroom with the electric blanket! Cosy and toasty, just the way I like it!


Friday (today) – Go to QVC to see and buy what’s left of the Joules Canterbury Long padded coat.

Saturday – ooooo I love me a bit of Neom, they are back with a well-being air fragrancer pod , family size, +3 of the little 10 ml oils, Choice of two colours. It’s already online if you go here:

247118 Neom Wellbeing POD Bundle with 3 10ml Essential Oils

Sunday – Shark are back with the cordless Vac, with their clever dirt sensor technology

Big deals ending Sunday night

Go to this section of our website each week to discover the current ones which often end on Sunday nights if there are any stocks left!

This week it includes:

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. Occasionally they last a couple of weeks but there are new ones every Sunday night so come back again and see them on the link above. 

Next week should include:

– Super secure bright set of 4 sliding magnifiers on QVC extra

– The Loccitane four piece fragrance gift collection on beauty

– Molton Brown four piece hand wash collection with gift box, this should be really popular so don’t miss it! And some lovely fashions

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – On Sunday at 9 pm I will be here to launch the new Le Creuset deal, with a lovely kitchen hour, do join me Sunday 9 pm and midnight. It is a 26 cm casserole dish at a great price.

Tuesday – A really handy set of little Christmas presents that will work out to around £3.50 per one, nearly. Prices candles bring us a set of 10 gift boxed jar candles. No tea lights, all individual jars.

Wednesday – winter boots with emu and the-all weather Birdwood waterproof boot.

Thursday – JM fashion is back with Julien Macdonald and his mid length drummer coat, should be very smart!

Friday – A rare today’s special value from kitchen aid, the one to 5 artisan 4.8 L bowl stand mixer

Friday 9 pm – The amazing new age benefit five piece 90th anniversary luxury collection from Gatineau featuring their new farm cleanser. Look out for my write-up about it next week and for everything being announced on social media where there will be much more than the above!

Next week – A weekend I’ve been looking forward to for ages, my son and daughter together down in Wales with all four babies. Proper family time all day on Saturday. Can’t wait! Think of me! See you on QVC on Sunday.

Best wishes