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Dannii, Brain Theories and Sneaky Peeks

Guess who was actually in the studio finally this week! Apart from me, Jilly and Molton Brown guest Jemma Forte? None other than the lovely Dannii Minogue. Some people said, ‘she’s taller than I thought she would be, in real life’ :-). She was in for a super blazer and skirt offer, and it was lovely to see her in a studio rather than on a screen somewhere down under! Lots from Dannii Minogue online & if you are a petite person particularly, do go look.

Geeky Science Day Trip

Last weekend I got to be a geek. Celebrating the brainy side of me, I made my brain wake up very early, much earlier than normal, (see vlog below) and go on a fascinating one day seminar up London. ‘Understanding your brain’, run by the new scientist, was a brilliant day packed full of sometimes rather highbrow information.

From modules/talks on sleep, to memory, consciousness, and this one, featuring two very entertaining speakers, (some of the best actually), about development of languages. This is one of the slides! Can you make out what it says?!

The best guy was called Manos, and he talked about communication, including some animal sounds. He mentioned about a seal that was adopted at an early age, called Hoover because it went round the house eating everything, and had only ever heard one human voice saying “come on, Hoover, get out, get out,” – just look on YouTube for Hoover the seal and you will hear it! He also talked about our perception of self and used selfies to illustrate it!

I met a lovely lady called Lucy Clark from up north, who was a doctor, and we both spent the breaks and lunch together, it was nice having someone to talk to. Here’s a pic, look at the people behind, photo bombing us, LOL.

Hopefully we might do it again if there’s another one. Well, every so often the inner geek must come out!

Talking of selfies, I went out with mum and her partner this week to a garden centre café. She was in the best place for the shot, to get us all in the photo. So she took the selfie. Several times. She did make me laugh. Her face was a picture :-). This is the exclusive over on my newsletter which many of you would’ve already got this week. If not, sign up below and you’ll get them every Friday not only with exclusive content but also to let you know that the latest blog is out!

Hopefully I’ll be getting a lot of selfies this weekend with the children. Lauren and Nick are down from Wales and we are all going to Brad and Kari’s so the kids can play together then take a trip up the Kings Road – very appropriate – on Coronation Day. I’m told it’s going to be pouring down with rain. I’m sure it will be fun whatever happens. It’s so rare we all get together.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the little boys playing together for the first time properly! More next week 🙂 



Thanks for this lovely birthday card from Theresa Hanlon, for my birthday which is coming up on the tenth, and which I showed during the three hour Diamonique show. There may still be some of my Bee jewelry online, do go check. We do so many designs, if people like them like I do, there are other choices, not just jewelry! Some lovely plants as well if you search the word be on our website.

Enjoyed the three hours and learnt so much from Alison O’Reilly – did you know diamond jewelry was not really made in modern times until after 1866 when they discovered diamonds in the mine in Kimberley in South Africa! Fascinating :-). If you go here you will see some of the banter on the bee items of jewelry, and plants and things as well 🙂

Water Garden Colours in May

Well, we finally had a lovely sunny day, and I walked around the gardens where I live, taking pictures. Look at these gorgeous colours of the plants in the sunshine. Spring is well and truly swinging by! 

Abdul’s not impressed with perennial Xmas!

Took a trip down to the IT department this week at work, to sort out my new work iPad, and Abdul made me smile with his reaction to the Christmas trees next to his desk! All bedecked and nowhere to go… the trees, not Abdul! Their destination is probably Christmas in July – they’ve got a while to wait yet!


Oooooo so much to choose this week. I must say I have fallen in love with the latest series of ‘Firefly Lane’. I watched it early last year I think. A bit like the outstanding “This Is Us,” but focusing on two best friends, one a hugely successful TV host and the other a TV producer mum with personal-life problems. Really well done, esp with the younger actresses playing the characters in multiple storylines that interweave magically, slowly revealing where the past gave rise to their future.

Plus of course ‘Succession…’ …ahhhh, Succession! Where do I begin?! Well, I began with episodes 1 to 3 back to back! It is so good! Imagine ‘Brothers and Sisters’ crossed with ‘Dirty Sexy Money,’  if you ever saw that program. Absolutely love it. Highly recommended :-).

I’m off to the cinema on my birthday, on Wednesday this week,  not sure exactly what to see but it will probably be ‘Harold Fry’, because Jim Broadbent stars in it! Will keep you informed.


Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week Will talks with Peony founder Julie Bates as the fab faux flower range returns to QVC the last weekend in May!

Vlog – As mentioned above, have a look at this one here, out and about last week when I went ‘up London’ reaaaaaaally early – for me! 

Book of the Week

Okay so I have succumbed to a Kate Atkinson book. It’s a little bit too literary for me, and took a while to get into. ‘Shrines of Gaiety’ (yes, I know…🤪) is however, narrated by the genius Mr Jason Watkins. He kept me listening way past the difficult bit, till I finally cared about the characters. But his narration is so varied and interesting, fabulous accents and not just different accents, different methods of annunciation to denote different characters and perfect comedy timing. It’s not gonna be a laugh a minute, it’s not riveting, but it’s evocative of 1926 London and the slightly nefarious nightlife. Not enough dialogue for my liking, but I’m quite enjoying it.


Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the Carole Hochman Cooling jersey dress in different lengths.

Saturday – time for another fabulous Shark, this time the steam scrubber with steam blast!

Sunday – and Richard Jackson is back with a premium natural lawn feed, with weed and moss preventer.

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– main – ooooo the Neom reed diffuser duo and pillow mist collection, I’ll be getting one of those for my birthday from somebody for sure!

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – M.Asam with a magic care three-piece collection, an eye treatment, and neck treatment, and a fabulous multi-Primer. I will be launching it on Sunday night.

Tuesday – ninja’s foodi Zero-stick incredible pans return in a five piece set, do look out for them going on sale a few days early. And I’m off to the theatre with my son for my birthday treat!

Wednesday – Adesso Lily leather buckle sandals see in the early summer. My actual birthday, I will be going to the cinema in the evening after supper treats!

Thursday – L’occitane’s 4 pc shea summer body care collection

Friday – and cooks essentials chopper with eight slice and dice blades

Friday 9 pm – going on sale earlier in the week is the innovators collapsible Holly bistro set. And a whole weekend of fabulous gardening ideas almost across the whole weekend from 9 pm on Friday!

Next week – big fun with the grandchildren and a bank holiday bonanza weekend. Hope you enjoy it as much as I hope I will! Plus those birthday celebrations :-).  Have a good week!

Best wishes


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