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Countdown is on! Geller and Elemis. And funny blooper!

Well, time for the first of my Christmas trees of the week! In the countdown to Christmas from now on I’ll try to find one every single week and we can see which one is the best at the end! This week I went to the spa in West Croft in Carshalton for my regular nail visit and my sister has done this fabulous tree! Yes, it’s the end of November but who cares! When do you put your tree up? Usually after bonfire night, a lot of people say…

Well that was last weekend and boy did I have a nice time. Got a ticket for the Carshalton fireworks and there were some spectacular ones! Check out my YouTube videos including this one… The grand finale 🙂 

Had a smashing evening with everybody, nieces were there, sister was there, brother-in-law was there, yes it drizzled a bit, and the queues for the snacks and hot food were 50 deep. But the atmosphere was great and there’s always something magical about fireworks isn’t there!

Apart from that, as usual with me, it’s been a busy week…


Rylan returns!

Such a switched on cookie! Clever Rylan brought his own range of home fragrance items to QVC last week, and they are really amazing aromas, believe me. We had a good chat and there were several outtakes especially when I asked him, considering his knowledge of fragrance, whether he was a super sniffer! I explained, as regular on QVC, 5% of all people have a really good ‘nose’. And he said yes he’s always recognised scents vividly. Well his range does him proud. Check out the Luxenoa brand on

Newsletter Exclusive!

And for fans of Rylan, and our very own Charlie Farley, my fellow presenter on QVC, the exclusive photo this week is of the three of us together! Charlie was over the moon, he said, when I asked him to come be in the picture, I just wanted to see the two of them together! Guess who is tallest! Well if you subscribe to my newsletter you will see exclusive pictures and videos each week! (Click on the newsletter link at the bottom of the page)

On Location Shoot

Unusually this week I was out and about on a location shoot, for an oppose your way. The team were lovely, we had a great time and I still had an hour at work in the evening. Really made a nice change though I must admit. This was the view from the other way round, so when you finally see the video of what the team were looking at, you’ll know what it look like from my way round! Just talking about our own menopause experiences et cetera. It’s nice that everyone is sharing nowadays isn’t it! My top tip was… Wear viscose! (check out menopause your way by searching it on our website, lots of tips and interviews and things to help. And don’t forget to watch the Davina program on channel 5 called something like sex, menopause and me- it can be life changing!)

Dinner Do

Was also very pleased to be properly ‘out out’ this week! I didn’t get a photo of the outfit alone, unfortunately :-), but I wore a slightly sparkly jumpsuit and slightly sparkly black jacket with a little red poppy on! Had a really good chat to some great people, and best of all, I was not organising it! LOL. David Frost was an excellent speaker as usual. Hope it goes as well when I put on the equivalent do in Devon at the end of November!

100 years ago…

Recently we talked about the BBC being 100 years old, well lovely Andi Peters mentioned this week on his food fest that he had talked about me with Philip on ‘This Morning’ because I was also one of the first presenters on Children’s BBC. They were all on, talking about the time in the Broom Cupboard. (Mine was very short as I had my son, as I mentioned in a previous blog). But also 100 years old is the discovery of Tutankhamun! Look at this cake that somebody made – wow – ! – and I liked the headline in the newspaper! I feel a special affinity – because, when I was eight years old I used to get books about Tutankhamun out of the children’s library. I should’ve known there was something weird about me back then ha ha. My only story with Egypt though is that after waiting all those years to arrange a nice trip down the Nile, in 2010, I finally took the plunge, and ended up having to cancel it because the foreign office said not to go – trust me – it was the weekend of the Egyptian riots! We went to Gran Canaria instead. Not very satisfying but there you are. So I have yet to go and explore the delights of the valley of the kings et cetera. I shall watch a couple of documentaries to mark the occasion. 


However I did make a blooper whilst doing an Egyptian jewelry show many years ago, a proper howler, and one of the few times I’ve ever lost it!

And here’s another funny, worth waiting for the ending!

Watch – Staying with things to watch apparently ‘The Devil‘s Hour’ is brilliant according to my brother Glen. I had a day this week when I didn’t want him to go back to the airport to return to Sweden after a flying visit for mum‘s birthday, and pay £70 for a cab. The M25 jokers were fouling things up, so we had to take the long way round, and I decided to take him and nice and early to avoid being late. However, what this meant was that I arrived at work at one and was not on until 11 o’clock at night! So I caught up with some TV. Of course, the main story of the week apart from the usual mainstream headliners, is the return of The Crown. I cannot wait to binge watch this on my next day off! 

Plus I got to go to cinema with mum, for Bill Nighy’s new masterpiece, called ‘Living’, and it’s still staying with me now. It’s all about making the best of your life and not letting it slip by, and what happened to somebody who nearly did, based in the 50s. A beautiful period piece. Totally intense emotionally… Mum thought it was a bit ponderous and slow, but I really liked it. Would I watch it again? I didn’t think so when I came out of there, but I possibly would, depending what else I was doing at the time. It really was a thought-provoking movie. 

I also binge watched ‘SAS, Rogue Heroes’ on BBC iPlayer. Set in the Second World War and based around the true story of the founding of the SAS, it was immensely entertaining, jaw-dropping in places, and highly recommended.

Podcast – Time for the big Laura Geller today’s special value and that’s why lovely will is interviewing Laura herself this week, starting Monday on the new podcast. Keeley from Elemis is obviously on the current one as well. And don’t forget before that Ralph Rossini is back on our screens, ex Honora pearls guest, back with Lara pearl! Find the QVC podcasts here

Vlog – Has to be this one – ft. the most unusual location for one of my #ThursdayBantz – at Reigate Manor hotel during the recent dinner event. Go here to see it and don’t forget to join me every Thursday live on my Facebook page, I usually post early evening to say roughly when it will be that night.)

And here’s an extra for you, when I was live on QVC‘s Facebook page talking about Christmas presents and bargain deals!

Book – I roared through Julia Roberts’s ‘The Dilemma’ – very good Jules. And then got stuck into ‘The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle’. It took a little while to get into it, but once I returned to it, having started it sometime back, I have really been enjoying it! Based around a mystery at a remote country house in the early 1900s, where one character has to solve a murder and inhabits the bodies of seven of the guests to do so. It’s very cleverly written, and some of the turns of phrase are delicious. There’s no other word for it! Enjoying it very much indeed, try it!


Friday (today) – Go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of The denim and co printed Sherpa lined fleece zip and snap coat.

Saturday – Join me at nine and midnight on Friday for the latest deal from ninja – this time it’s a five piece pan set, from the foodi range with zero stick. But more importantly please make sure you search for the air fryers which should now be back online! (Depending when you read this – they may already be gone!)

Sunday – The most wonderful time of the year brings us the most wonderful annual offer from Elemis – the six piece Christmas collection, on five easy pays, buy more save more, over £200 worth, for under £60. Well over 70,000 had already gone long before the launch! My goodness me 🙂 two new fragrances to choose from and one old favourite. And a different cleansing balm depending on which option you go for. Well worth a look. Check out my Insta post for the unboxing timelapse! And follow me on social media for many product updates throughout the week!

Big deals ending Sunday night

Go to this section of our website each week to discover the current ones which often end on Sunday nights if there are any stocks left!

This week it includes

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. Occasionally they last a couple of weeks but there are new ones every Sunday night so come back again and see them on the link above.

Next week should include:

– Dannii Minogue sequin velvet biker jacket on style

– Liz Earle 4 pc day to night supercharged regime on Beauty

– Sabatier 5 piece knife set with wooden storage block, gift box, unbelievable price! on main, as well as a rechargeable table lamp from Bell and Howell

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Monday – silent night bring us the air max anti-allergen bundle featuring a mattress topper and a pair of pillows, to get ready for those seasonal visitors!

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Thursday – current body are here with the LED eye Perfector complete with silicon eyepatches, if it’s your eyes that are letting you down

Friday – and SFIXX go back with a set of two telescopic COB, LED, torches

Friday 9 pm – but I’m really looking forward to my 9 pm show because the Laura Geller holiday collection is here! Featuring balance n brighten foundation, a blusher, a lovely lipstick, and a beautiful 12 colour eye palette! Looking forward to doing this immensely and don’t forget to find out more from Laura on the recent inside QVC podcast.

Plus going on sale earlier in the week, Sundays bargain from L’occitane – The six piece luxury festive gift collection, they always do a brilliant bundle for Yule tide! Looking forward to it.

Next week – Dotty’s afternoon tea! And it’s still not too late if you want to come this Sunday 13th, just call.

Dotty’s Tea House in the High Street in Carshalton, and find out more, pay for your tea and turn up on the Sunday at 2 pm. Full details over on my personal Facebook. We will be doing a raffle for medical detection dogs and selling some of their trinkets! Hope to see you there! Email me if you want to find out more and you can’t locate the details, info@

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