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Commemorations and celebrations! Plus sneaky peeks for next week!

Well it came and went and we had a blast! Our 30th anniversary of being on air in the UK, yes QVC celebrated our Pearl anniversary. Of course apart from lots of messages from lots of people, (thank you all), four of us launched our first QVC presenter designs! Many of the sizes and colours all sold out by the end of our special launch shows on the Monday. These were my twin packs in two colours!

You can find them online, just search our names – Debbie Flint, Julia Roberts, Jackie Kabler and Katie Pullinger – assuming there’s some left! Julia’s was a lovely dress in two colours, Jackie’s was a super comfortable denim jacket with a removable collar, and Katie’s was an amazingly smart blazer with a dramatic lining and cuffs. 

Get what’s left of mine (if you’re an extra small or a small), in the berry duo or the teal duo (which comes with a black plain one as well), two tops like this for under £37! There won’t be many left, I looked yesterday and the medium was still available – and now it’s gone. The fabric is so soft, it’s a flattering cut, lovely pockets, the V at the front is not too deep, and it’s very stretchy. Not as much tummy room as I would have liked and the seam is not a princess seam, that I originally suggested, but still quite flattering! And the value is simply amazing! Find them here.

Whilst you’re online check out some of the other anniversary offers including five easy pays still on several hundred items. And watch out as soon we will have the Christmas decorations up as the Christmas season kicks off this weekend!

Thank you to so many people who had reminiscences.

And of course lovely Julia commemorated exactly the moment when, 30 years ago, this happened (here), with her special show on Sunday afternoon…

QVC Originals

Guess who I spoke to online as well! If you are an original! You will remember Katie John, Suzanne Evett, as well as Paul Lavers! We had a lovely chat on WhatsApp this week and they sent some nice messages to say hello to everybody! They were remembering in the original auditions that they were asked which soup they would be! I’ve relayed some of the conversations in the newsletter that is coming out this weekend! (Subscribe where it says newsletter below, for a weekly inbox update including exclusive content and the link to the brand-new blog each week!) They feature here:

Who’d Have Thought It…

Katie Pullinger’s mum believe it or not, happened to be the journalist who wrote a report in the Daily Express, the day before QVC went live; who would have thought all these years later, her 13-year-old daughter would be working on the channel!

Fun times, and lots of years ahead with even more fun, to come, I’m sure! Thank you if you were part of it, and if you bought my tops, let me know what you think!


Friday night and Sunday evening I had two other anniversary/birthday celebrations! See below. Plus one from my radio days.

40th Anniversary Meet Up

Around about 40 years ago, my friend and QVC colleague, producer Andrew Collins, and I, were on a three month radio presenting course in Greek Street, Soho! We had the best time ever! And it led to the career I have today, I think! So we got together just off Greek Street for a lovely Italian supper and had a good hour and a half before I had to go to work! Andrew is the best producer we’ve got and a lovely friend. How time flies. (Another pic on the newsletter this week.)

50th – Piccadilly radio

And going back even further in time, how about this! Piccadilly radio ex-colleagues have produced this book of reminiscences looking back on five decades, yes five! But focusing on the first few. I was there 1985 to 86, and it’s where I met my husband. So technically, that’s where my children began! Had the most lovely times, including working as a ‘Timmy helper’ for Timmy Mallett, taking the radio car out on my own and everything! I was a broadcast tech op back then, and did some overnight shows as well. And from there I went straight into Children’s BBC. Even more memories! And tons of nostalgia in this book. Not including me, I was just a blip on the timeline, but it mentions many of the people I worked with including Mike Sweeney, Susie Mathis, Dave Ward, Tim Grundy, Andy Crane et cetera. Available now apparently :-). Looking forward to the big 50 year anniversary get together in Manchester, next year in March.

Phoebe’s birthday – she’s five already!

And of course right the way down the other end of the age-scale now, with my trip to Wales. My lovely little Phoebe, my five-year-old youngest granddaughter, had her birthday celebrations at the weekend as well. It’s all about the celebrations this week! Phoebe is the most adorable redhead, so intelligent and observant. Very sensitive and caring. And funny! Had the most lovely time again on a flying visit after finishing the retreat last weekend, and going to Wales briefly to see them. Had lots of cuddles with Jasper who is 1 1/2 now as well. And of course with my lovely lollipop. Went next door to see Annie, Nick’s mum, and Phoebe drew these alpacas! Clever girl! Can’t wait for the next time to see them! The kids I mean, not the alpacas! LOL. Check out their place if you love glamping, and need a couples romantic holiday rental – ‘The Hiveaway Glamping.’ 

Lovely reflections

Reflections of a different kind outside QVC last week, with these beautiful lights reflecting in the stillness of the pond/lake. Thought it was so pretty I would include it this week. Bit like the one from France this week.

Watch – it’s got to be the Thursday night Bantz from France hasn’t it! This time on my own in the gite so I didn’t have to be quiet!! #facebookLive

Blooper – another quick funny from years gone by! If you find any online send me the links and I’ll put them on here!


Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

Hope you saw the current one, with myself and Julia explaining all about why we chose our particular designs, and reminiscing about 30 years on QVC! Then on Monday it will be a brand-new one! On Monday, Will speaks to the stylist and broadcaster Emma Gordon about starting her own business back in 2015 and her love of fashion!

Vlog – check this out (here) from when I was outside the broadcasting school in Greek Street, how it’s changed!

Book of the Week – Boy have I been enjoying ‘The Running Grave’, the latest from Robert Galbraith (J K Rowling). Cormoran Strike and his sidekick Robyn are back in the seventh outing, soon to appear on TV as a series as well. Can’t wait. This time Robyn goes undercover at the HQ of a renowned cult. And Strike is beginning to see that he cannot deny his feelings for her… Superb writing, really enjoying it!


I finished the final book in the series about renegade barrister Will Benson and his sidekick, Tess De Vere. This had caught my eye, actually because it had been described as John Grisham meets Cormoran Strike! And it was amazing. So glad I started reading this incredible series by John Fairfax. Really highly recommended. Would make a great TV series, but then wouldn’t they all!

We authors (!) all hope that ours will hit the screen at some stage, obvs! But first I have to get it written, hence being in France this week.

More next week about that trip, but follow me on all my social media for regular updates meanwhile :-); back on QVC on Monday night.


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Next week – France, France and more France! Yay!

Best wishes


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