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Clearing out, Eating out & Out Out!

OMG, another whistlestop week in Devon. Completely worn out I am. Anyway… Took a week off doing retreats, because I needed to get so much sorted out, namely featuring a skip! Spent two whole days sorting ready to put stuff in skip, then filling skip, with our miracle worker, my chief helper Chris, who made it all run smoothly. Sian helped me as well in the house, as did my pal Sheena! Still had time to go ‘out out’ though, went to a lovely pub for a delicious dinner with my pal Yoga Jennie in Shebbear; went to the Tors pub with Alix, just inside Dartmoor; and also last week went campaigning and leaflet delivering, and meeting up with some of my association. 

But this week I can’t tell you how much old rubbish we managed to get rid of. Sadly it featured rats, so more got chucked than probably would have done, but at least it’s done now and things look much tidier. All ready for the new season because I’ve got holiday-let guests arriving at the end of March and across Easter. Glad it’s all over though! I’m exhausted! Hopefully I’ll have a nice relax when I get to Wales at the weekend with my lollipop, before going back to work on Sunday night. Hope you had a good week too!


Mum n sis Day

Look at my pretty mummy with my pretty sister, posted by my sis on Mother’s Day. Had to get up really early on Sunday to go and get mum’s present from all of us siblings, a 6 foot faux wisteria! She absolutely loved it! This was her reaction when she got it home. So funny bless her! X 

Grandmother Day

And I hopped off to my son’s for a lovely lunch, which he cooked me, bless him. It was really tasty! We then took the kids out. Little Kaleb absolutely loved Softplay in Wandsworth. The exclusive on this week’s newsletter, is what little Kaleb did – just for subscribers. (**If you don’t subscribe yet, see bottom of this blog!) We had a really lovely afternoon. It was smashing to be part of the day, but very tiring! I went to work for a break LOL!

Derek the Dog – News

It’s years since I did my last ‘Pupdate.’ Regulars will remember my occasional posts about Derek the medical detection dog, whom I named. I raised enough money to name him after my late dad, it made me very proud. This is the latest post. They are quite a private partnership so I’m very pleased that he and his human, Jason, agreed to this little post on the Facebook page of the super charity for which I’m an ambassador. So proud of my little doggy daddy-namesake! 

Watch – ‘Allelujah’ at the cinema. Well, having been enticed in by the trailer, and big names, I was very full of high expectations for an entertaining, funny film – albeit a black comedy, because it was an Alan Bennett.

Great performances, pulled you in, tugged at the heartstrings, very funny in places, then came a twist almost at the end that wasn’t necessary in my opinion, and didn’t seem to prove anything or go anywhere. And the final few frames set in a Covid ward were just peculiar! A scene to camera from one of the main characters, completely out of keeping with the rest of the movie, and more like a party political broadcast. Nothing whatsoever to do with the film either. And not accurate in my experience. Why talk to the audience like that, just no need. Be warned! 8 out of 10 for all but the last few minutes! That got 2 out of 10! LOL

Blooper/funny – If you loved The Traitors, watch this Comic Relief version! (I found it all a bit cheesy this year, the whole approach, especially the presentation which was sadly lacking I think). But this was a highlight!


Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week Will chats to Debbie Flett, brand ambassador for Tova designs. About her early career, when she first met the fabulous late Tova Borgnine, and working in some unusual places!

Vlog – The results of the clear out !! #cleansing!! See it here.

Book of the Week. So I reached the 5th and final in the Gower Street detective series. A very unusual film and since it features extended flashbacks, so we kind of know what happened after this tale ends, even if there’s never a book 5. I have loved every minute of this clever series. I do not know however, if there will be a follow up, even though there theoretically could be. 

The author MRC Kasasian, immediately went on to write a new series, set 50 years later, about the godchild of March Middleton: a character called Betty Church. Set in the late 1930s, ‘Betty Church and the Suffolk vampire,’ follows the fortunes of another feisty female – this time the first woman police inspector in Suffolk, just before the outbreak of the Second World War. Am again enjoying the characters very much. It always takes me a little while to get into a new set of characters, so I’m hoping I will enjoy it as much as the first one. It already features justice for females, so it’s promising! 


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Next week – a weekend with my lollipop and her family in Wales, can’t wait!

Best wishes



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