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book of the week – Claire Dyer’s The Last Day

A fabulous author who has achieved something quite extraordinary in over 90% of five star reviews on this enchanting tale.

I picked this since Claire is one of our regulars down at Retreats for You in Devon. As one of the professional writers, we look forward to her latest books and it gives us great pleasure to report on this one.

“They say three’s a crowd but when Boyd moves back into the family home with his now amicably estranged wife, Vita, accompanied by his impossibly beautiful twenty-seven-year-old girlfriend, Honey, it seems the perfect solution: Boyd can get his finances back on track while he deals with his difficult, ailing mother; Honey can keep herself safe from her secret, troubled past; and Vita can carry on painting portraits of the pets she dislikes and telling herself she no longer minds her marriage is over.

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