Debbie Flint

Catching up with friends and a look ahead at next week on QVC!

Had my usual trip away to conference this week, a tough time currently but took the enjoyment where it came, which was in the form of catching up with friends. Firstly, Pru and Helen and I had the most fabulous dinner at a place called Iguanas in Birmingham Broadstreet area. So nice to have a laugh and they had a cocktail or two. (I was driving that night so none for me!) 

Spent lots of time with lovely Margaret, one of my mates from Plymouth, she works with Johnny Mercer. We shared a hotel called the Aston Tavern, which was run by quite a character called Paul, who was relatively interested in politics and also told us all about his antics with his family and his businesses, I said he should get his own TV show, he would be hilarious!

Was lovely to spend some time with my good friend John Grey who I called Bossman, he is the chairman of our Association, and at the Southwest reception we saw the other officer, Andrew. John is one of the funniest guys I know in our area and it’s a pleasure to work alongside him. He also took this picture outside, which I thought was quite funny!

Had lots of other lovely catch ups including good pal Alison Cork, she runs a business group and she and I went off to have the most amazing evening buffet at the Hyatt hotel, not cheap but very nice to spend an evening having a good old chinwag with my friend. Alison’s range on QVC is going great because obviously it’s Christmas time. She’s got some wonderful Christmas ornaments and things on offer right now. And she’s looking great, this is just before we went to dinner when she was introducing me to her friend Mims.

I particularly liked Suella Braverman’s speech this year, about reinforcing strength in dealing with boats and James cleverly was very good as well about supporting Ukraine. It makes me a little sad that there’s so much time spent on distracting things, some justified but many not. And really important changes are missed. Plus I’ve got no time for anybody who generalises about what the party is all about. I know incredibly hard-working councillors for instance, who think about others tirelessly. I don’t have any plans myself in politics though, I thought I might a few years ago, but now I’m quite content to play with a three-year-old on the carpet, or write my book! But I do love events like this for catching up with people. And this weekend I will be doing lots of the playing with the youngsters as Lauren is coming down including with baby Jasper, for a little party for Phoebe! Squeee!


Kaleb meets Snowman Table

My eldest grandson who is 13 months, now has little teeth coming through finally, and is walking really well.  You should’ve seen his little face, when he first came into the lounge and the little table was sitting there waiting for him! He waved to it and pointed his finger at it and then went over with trepidation! He is so cute. This is the gardening pic of the month and already selling well so don’t miss out! Item 730348 (Find it here). There’s also a super nutcracker as well as a reindeer, Santa and a tree. They call it a festive stool! Kids will love eating their dinner of it at Christmas and before! Looking forward to seeing Kaleb meet Jasper and take some pictures of all of them together. Blake will be with Phoebe at the party too. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some appropriate pics to send you next week! And if you get my newsletter you will see an extra little video that I have been given permission by my son and granddaughter to put on there. It will come by email so check your inbox or your spam. (If you are reading this on the website and you are not yet a subscriber, you won’t have got it so just email me the address at the top and I will send it to you but you need to subscribe as well by clicking here.)

Double Deb

To celebrate 90 years of Gatineau, the team asked a talented caricaturist to do a pic of all of us! Take a look at some of our social media to see some of the alternatives. We all agree they are very, very flattering even though they look like us 10 years ago! I do love the new supersize AHA cream from Gatineau, super size of the month, it’s a litre! It will probably keep you going till this time next year! Really good for helping to give you smooth skin all over the body. And of course my neck would not be what it is without their amazing neck and throat gel. Plus some of the other key products are also my favourites, the Gatineau anti-aging gommage exfoliator, as well as the Melatogenine mask and eye cream. Go here to shop their whole range on our website including some brilliant deals. 

View from a Bridge

Saw this sight as I was walking across to the Broadstreet area in Birmingham this week, I do love a night scene with illumination, so, hot on the tail of the recent one I did in France, here’s another beautiful view I caught when we were at conference this week! Lovely.

Watch – Blonde, based on the story of Norma Jean. The little girl who became Marilyn Monroe, and some dramatised events from her early life, as well as some made-up stuff. Very entertaining though. A brilliant performance from  Ana de Armas, a relative unknown, in the title role, quite uncanny. Loved it. 8.5 out of ten (lost a little for the made-up bits…!) Highly recommended.

Funny – This made me laugh online this week, I remember this character from The Muppets!

Plus I saw this (here) from Catherine this week it really made me laugh! What are the chances!?

Podcast – New one every Monday… Go here to find out about top fashion stylist Gemma Shepherd and her range of fashion called ‘out of office.’

And go back to Monday when my lovely and talented colleague Will Gowing talks about the new Liz Earle offers with brand ambassador Sarah Carr and a fantastic upcoming Christmas deal on Sunday the 16th!

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Book of the Week – whilst I’m starting ‘Remarkable Creatures’, about the legendary fossil hunter of Lyme Regis, Mary Anning, thought I’d mention the one being lined up… 

‘The Lantern Men’ is the next Ruth Galloway novel in the long series of Elly Griffiths tales about the Norfolk-based forensic archaeologist. I’m loving these novels, more for the development of the relationships amongst the key figures, than the crime plots! Loved finishing ‘Stone Circle’, and whilst there are recurring themes – inevitable after 13 books – there’s always something new to learn too. After all, I love me a bit of history! In this one, Ruth’s fresh start is threatened by a sinister deal from a mass murderer… intriguing!


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Next week – What happens at this weekend’s party for little Phoebe when Lauren brings my granddaughter down along with grandson baby Jasper. I can’t wait! Back on QVC myself on Sunday teatime. I will probably need a rest by then haha. Have a lovely week 🙂

Best wishes