Debbie Flint

Bonanza birthday week; plus sneaky peeks!

Birthday cake

Another year another birthday! After a smashing coronation weekend, see below, the festivities continued. Not only did I go to the cinema on my actual birthday night, on Wednesday, with my sis and lovely friend Alison. (see top pic.). We saw ‘Love Again’, starring Outlander hunk Sam Heughan (see below.)

The night before I was at the theatre seeing ‘Lehman Brothers’, an absolutely brilliant theatre production in three acts, looking at the different eras associated with a very successful family-run business going right back to the mid-1800s. But the main star quality was in each of the actors doing lots of different voices and characters. I loved it! Such a shame it finishes on the 20th. We also had a really nice Wagamama’s supper.

Then on the third night it was dinner time with my lovely friend Shyama,  who had driven down from North London specially. We go back more than 30 years, incredibly! and we crammed our latest catch-up into an hour as we gobbled down our supper in the burger restaurant in Banstead High Street.

Nothing like it 🙂 catching up with old friends. You know what they say, you can’t make old Friends!

Had some lovely presents, Lauren, my daughter, has treated me to a Kate Bush concert in Wales in July, and Brad’s present was the theatre tickets (if he remembers to pay me back LOL). A week of culture, and a week of getting some lovely blooms, check out these flowers given to me on my birthday.

Probably had a bit too much cake but hey if you can’t do it on your birthday, when can you?!


Happy Coronation

Obviously Lolly and the kids came down for my birthday as well as the coronation, and it rained down much of the time as most will know! We spent it in Kings Road and had a lovely, if a little hectic, weekend. Lots of other family came down on the Sunday to see me for a little get-together as well, which was really nice. Plus I got to cuddle babies! The exclusive in this week’s newsletter, for subscribers only, is a little focus on youngest grandchild Jasper, what he got up to in a very unusual place! Content you won’t find elsewhere only on the newsletter, (Subscribe here, then reply to the follow up in your email inbox).

Fab furniture for my balcony

Boy was I glad I got the recent furniture set, the one where the L-shaped armchairs go underneath through the main two seater and the little stools tuck under the low coffee table! Lolly and the gang made good use of them as on one of the days in particular that they were down, it was quite warm, thank goodness. When is the sun going to be around more often?! Had such a lovely time with all the family. I feel quite sad when they go home, albeit relieved that the place can get back to normal! I must admit I could have slept for a week!

Ladder larks

How ladder! Why? Because also this week and some of last week, I also fitted in some work as a director here in my block of flats. I have been helping to sort out some leaking balconies in our flats! I think I would’ve been a property manager in another life… Or developer! The key is how to stop persistent leaks in 1930s flats that used to be a hospital block… if anyone knows where the key is, get in touch 🙂

Watch – Sam Heughan has become a bit of a pinup after starring in ‘Outlander’. And his first big lead role in a big screen movie was in ‘Love Again.’ I did enjoy it and I’m glad I went, probably wouldn’t see it again though. He’s a powerful, strong actor, who does comedy relatively well. They’ve allowed him to have too much of the touch of George Clooney. Bit cheesy!

Blooper – Got to tell you about this. I was having my nails done in the pedicure place opposite the Odeon in Epsom on Wednesday and the lady went just a bit too deep with the pincers. Oh my gosh I jumped, squealed, she jumped, and nearly fell off her stool. I was absolutely howling with tears in my eyes for seven minutes and didn’t stop smiling all day! LOL reminded me of the time I did that ‘boo!’ to Mally. If anyone can find the clip online let me know 🙂 X 


Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week, Will speaks to Steve McDonald, about all things tech and innovation and a big offer coming very soon to QVC. Steve is a very funny guy, he used to be a presenter when I was on another channel and he was always one of the most popular and very funny! Should be good 🙂

Vlog – Soaking up the atmosphere on the Kings Road! (See it here).

Book of the Week

Hmm easy one this! Jackie’s new book is out! ‘The Vanishing of Class 3B,’ takes a class on a school trip in the Cotswolds and disappears them. Why? Where have they gone? And what happens next? Can’t wait to read it! It’s on my audiobook waiting for the long journey to Devon early next week! Good luck Jackie and I hope it does really well just like your others 🙂


Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the cooks essentials chopper eight slice and dice blades.

Saturday – already online, a collapsible Holly bistro furniture set from innovators!

Sunday – skinsense return with a multiple brand today’s special value under the umbrella of Abi’s ultrasun, including SBC and ultrasun items, the ultimate hydration face and body collection is here all day. I must say the night cream from the Hydrgonet category from skin sense, really leaves my skin feeling super glossy and smooth in the mornings. Very powerful and such an amazing price for all of this!

Big deals ending Sunday night

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Next week should include:

– style – a linen pintuck top with button detailing from Monsoon and very affordable!

– extra – Julien Macdonald’s, I will touch tulips in confetti, handkerchief vase!

– beauty – Elizabeth Grant collagen reinforce 3-D collection in Pearl edition years of

– main Triforce Vogue luggage duo with packing cubes, very handy!

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – Doll 10 eight piece beauty colour collection – low prices per item for high quality cosmetics!

Tuesday – time to focus on nails with the nails Inc vitamin C seven-piece collection with bag

Wednesday – Kim & co are back with a smocked waist. printed midi dress

Thursday – Kipling return with the Elemgg medium cross body bag

Friday – time for supersoft by cosy home with a textured stripe six-piece duvet set

Friday 9 pm – and going on earlier in the week, Saturday’s deal, the Dyson V 11 total clean with extras; or Sunday’s from Liz Earle skincare – with a four-piece collection. I hope there’s some left when I do it on the Sunday daytime!

Next week, yet more birthday treats this time with my family, siblings and mum, plus down to Devon for another Retreat.

Best wishes


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