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Bodyblade videos – links to youtube clips, SHOWS, sites, groups, as at March 2016

The Bodyblade Video Links – 

Full Super6 Workouts –

Beach Super6 – LA beach basic routine – Nov ‘14

Mobility Super6 – extra variation – QVC Studio – Jan 2015

Hampton Court Super6 Circuits – ten second bursts

Simon Biagi show – June ’15

Here is the recording of some of the girls as featured doing the Super6 on simon biagi’s Sunday show with Bruce 28th June – click here.

September show – 8th – ft four customers a very popular airing, a whole hour show, very informative – click here.


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Variations – Mix it up! –

Belly Blaster Richmond Park – extra movements to target the abs – Feb 2015

Willow Tree Bodyblade Sequence – shorter, intense, balletic

 Here is the new Chiswick Stretch and Flow video – click here. – June 2015

SUPERB! Bodyblade qvc ohana – the virtual wall chart – full 30 exercises – by facebook ohana! click here – march 2016 (JOIN GROUP FIRST)

Bruce in the QVC Studios –

Bodyblade Basics: how to grip, plus advanced positions – inc Bruce on the Floor

Hip and Thigh for beginners – w Gisella – how to do Number 6 vertical side to side motion

Tips for the Abdominals – Bruce solo in studio

Wide Side and Narrow Side – explanation – Bruce solo in the studio

Flex intensity – how to increase resistance – Bruce solo in studio

What to do if you have to be seated

Newbie? Never seen Bodyblade before? Watch this

original studio show January 2014

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