Debbie Flint


Happy place, yoga retreat in Somerset! Family fun, and sneaky peeks!

I love Amchara, the health retreat in Somerset where I have come every year since 2022 when I spent three weeks here and had a bit of an epiphany. Decided to come last minute on Sunday, so my visit was Monday to Friday this time. Juice fasting, yoga, swimming, really good sleeping 🙂 and the […]

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A publishing seminar by the Thames & sneaky peeks!

Lovely to take two days out of my busy schedule and different this week. The self publishing formula, self publishing show 2024, in London with my lovely friend Carolyn with whom I’ve been going to writing workshops since 2009! She’s successfully self published several novels, the main ones are a detective series, all on Amazon. […]

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Al Fresco Retreat Lunch and sneaky peeks

Been busy socialising this week, (amidst masses of online minutes, sorting out leaflets and people to deliver them in Devon!) Following on from last week, the rest of the weekend retreat went really well, and I ended up having a first: the group got on so well, they took themselves off to the beach together, […]

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Time in France with the new Rory and Co!

France continued… Guess what happened last week! We fell in love with the new puppy who is only about six months old. If that. They got him as a rescue this year and he’s very intelligent. Doesn’t quite know everybody yet, so can be shy especially with experiences he obviously anchors into something from his […]

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French Stick Heaven! Off on hols. And 7 days’ Sneaky peeks

Can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to the break this week on a proper holiday nr Bordeaux in France. Regulars will know I go here every year and I see all my writing friends. Lovely weather, great food, excellent company, and I am relaxed by about halfway through the second day. Such […]

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Weddings, Ryan Gosling and sneaky peeks…!

What a week. I know I say that all the time, but Friday was a smashing day, remember what the weather was like? Well that’s the day that my niece Stephanie got married to her new hubby Alex in the beautiful surroundings of Denbies Vineyard and Hotel in Dorking near where I used to live. […]

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